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Tips And Top 5 Products To Fight Against Novel Coronavirus At The Workplace

01 March 2020

As you may well know, the novel coronavirus is spreading like wildfire. The virus started in Wuhan and thousands of Coronavirus cases have now been reported in China. Today, it is on every continent except Antarctica. Thankfully, the virus isn't very lethal and has only about 3% mortality rate. But since it spreads very quickly, it is important that you learn to protect yourself and your loved ones. Now that the Coronavirus is in the US, you need to be extra careful.

Anywhere many people are congregated, like schools, stadiums and workspaces, there is an increased chance of the virus spreading sporadically. However, it isn't all doom and gloom.

In our Coronavirus update, we'll be sharing five products that will help limit your exposure to Coronavirus in the workplace.


The first product that you should get is a disinfectant. Viruses spread through particles, and since coronavirus is airborne, it is easy for it to move from an infected person to someone who is not. However, thoroughly disinfecting your workplace (or at the very least your workstation) immediately you get to work and before you leave should kill any floating germs or viruses in the area.

If you cannot get a disinfectant, you can make a sanitizing solution by adding 1/3 cup bleach to a gallon of water or two tablespoons bleach to a quart of water. Using this in sanitizing surfaces will ward off the germs or viruses living on that surface.

Hand Soap

One of the easiest ways for viruses to spread is through contact. By getting on your hands, a virus is somewhat assured that it would get on your face at some point. When it gets on your face, then getting into your mouth, nose or eyes becomes extremely likely. But with a block of hand soap, you can stop the virus right on its tracks. Washing your hands thoroughly for at least twenty seconds with hand soap will certainly help protect you.

Hand Sanitizer

In the fight against Coronavirus, your hands are what you should take care of the most. Make sure to have a hand sanitizer handy when you can't get a hand soap. It will ward off whatever germs are on your hands, including coronavirus, and will help you stay free from infection.

Disinfecting Wipes

These wipes can be the difference between getting infected and staying free from the virus. The wipes are formulated to help fight bacteria, germs and viruses. Using these wipes to clean your work area before settling down drastically reduces your chances of getting infected at work.

Monitor stand With UV Sterilisation

If you can't go through the trouble of all that, it's safer to buy a monitor stand that sterilizes your desk for you. You should consider getting a MonitorStand Workstation that comes with UV sterilization. That way, you're certain of thoroughly sterilizing your work area, and at the same time organizing your desk.

It's also great for your home office setup, as you need to be safe both at home and at work.

In addition to getting these five products, you should also take care by following these five tips.

  • Wear a mask on your way to work
  • Avoid taking public transportation. Go to work on foot or on a bike. If you must take public transportation, ensure that you're up to two meters away from the next person.
  • When you go to your office, try to take the stairs if possible. If you have to take an elevator, avoid touching anything in the elevator. Also, try to make sure you're up to 2 meters away from the person standing by your side in the elevator.
  • Before starting with your day's work, try to disinfect your work area. This includes tables, chairs, computers and everything you might get in contact with. If you work from home, you should also make sure to disinfect your home office as well.