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Tips for people who want to switch to standing desk

30 October 2018

Sitting is a new smoking. Sitting is killing us. To some extent, these words are a little bit biased. However, to those who work nine to five, they may suffer from long time sitting work. Even worse, if people do not spend time doing some exercise. The sitting problem can be a big problem. But what if we don’t have time for gym? You can do some light exercise during your daily work, for example, don’t sitting too much time and move more during your work day. But of course, you and your body itself shall make an adjustment before you get used in using a standing desk. Here are some tips you may consider if you want to switch to a standing desk converter or height adjustable desk.

D – o some research
E – xperiment, Examine, Evaluate
S – acrifice
K – now your posture

1. Before anything else, do some research about standing desk, i.e. what is standing desk? Which standing desk is best for you? What are the benefits of a standing desk? What else do I need if you switch to a standing desk? And to sum it up, is it all worth it to use a standing desk?

You can’t just gamble a penny if it’s not worth it, right? So, I strongly suggest to know more about the product and make sure that it’s convenient for you and your health too!

2. Once you already know the answers to your questions about the product, why not experiment before trying an actual standing desk? Create your own DIY standing desk! Keep in mind that it’s only for a short of time cause maybe you’ll need those things you stacked up to build that DIY standing desk of yours.

“Nothing else can teach us better than experience.”

Test it so that you’ll know how it feels to use a standing desk and you can answer your own questions about it.

And lastly, evaluate! What are the adjustments you’ll feel while using a standing desk, does it increase your productivity, for how long you need to stand or sit, determine the perfect height for your standing desk, and you’ll also know what to buy to perfectly fit with your standing desk.

3. Since you’re giving your all for a standing desk, start sacrificing your fashion sense because heels or boots is not a good idea to pair with a standing desk. Sacrifice your heels or sacrifice your health? You choose.

You may also want to sacrifice that well-designed floor mat and start using an anti-fatigue mat to best fit with your standing desk. FlexiSpot offers an anti-fatigue mat that encourages movement and makes standing less tedious. Its comfort and durability will help you get through a long day on your feet.

4. Knowing your body’s natural posture is one of the important things that you need to consider if you want to switch to a standing desk. You are not a hunchback so stop slouching and practice your natural posture until you get used to it. You may try this advice from Esther Gokhale for a start.

Knowledge about body posture is a big factor.

First, the keyboard and your mouse should be 2 inches above your thighs when sitting, make sure that your elbows stay to your side and your arms are at 90 degrees or parallel to the floor, make sure that your wrists are comfortable to avoid or at least reduce strain. Standing desks have its own keyboard tray where you can lay your wrists with comfort whether you’re sitting or standing.

Second, your monitor should be placed at arm’s length in front of you to avoid eyestrain and prevent slouching. Ensure that the address bar is at your eye level. Be aware of placing your monitor near your windows, it can cause an uncomfortable viewing position.

And of course, your choice of chair. It should make you feel comfortable all the time. Choose a chair that your body will comfortably fit and supports your back. You should be able to flatten your feet on the ground and feel relaxed with the height of your armrests.

If you are considering to get a standing desk, you may want to add some longer cable wires to your shopping list, since the height of your desk will be adjustable. Be OC, keep your cable wires organized. Also, set a timer to remind you if you already need to sit or stand so that you can still balance your sitting and standing habit. This is one of the features of Electric Height Adjustable Desk. These tips are all about keeping you healthy while using a standing desk and the importance of responding to our body.