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Tips On Choosing the Right Home Office Color

12 October 2020

Oh, colors. There are so many to choose from. They come in different hues and shades. As house paint, colors can relax or instantly brighten up a room.

Changing your wall's paint is also a more affordable house renovation option if you want to spruce up your space with a limited budget. But then again, you would need to make a wise decision as colors can have different effects on your overall psychology.

Knowing yourself by colors

In the late 1970s/early 1980s, Angela Wright, a psychologist, wrote a study called "The Colour Affects System." Through her years of studying, she was able to develop the tenets of the Wright Theory:

1. There are four color families, within which every color naturally harmonizes with every other color in the family. Colors from different families do not truly harmonize.

2. There are also four basic personality types.

3. Each personality type has a natural affinity with one color family.

4. Each color family expresses a personality type.

5. Her theory has been applied by many brands to increase sales, boost popularity, and even reduce staff absenteeism.

6. If you want to know more, you can take these Colour Affect system courses.

How to apply it in your home office

But if you do not have the time and budget to undergo classes, we have you covered. We will provide you with a cheat sheet on how to choose the right colors to enhance your energy, creativity, and focus. The key is to know the right colors that will speak to your inner man without sacrificing function.

So here are some colors ideas that you might want to explore:

1. Black -- Ohhh, you might want something a little bold and daring for your home office? You can try to paint your wall a rich black so you can cast this Victorian tone in the office. And because it is neutral, this color goes with nearly any color palette. This color is perfect if you want to achieve an artsy space for your workstation.

2. Yellow -- Choose a sunny yellow with a warm gold undertone to help boost your productivity. Pick a shade that is not too bright or overwhelming. A color that is too bright can affect your focus, as this HuffPost article said.

3. Purple -- If you want something more unique and regal, you can go for purple, too. But be careful to choose a medium dusty purple. If you desire to go up a notch, you can do a softer purple so it can cast a calming effect on your space.

4. Gray -- A warm shade of gray can bring a mellow tone to your home office. It is a neutral color but be wary not to go overboard as it could trigger an episode of melancholia.

5. Off-white -- This kind of color is best for when you want to create a minimal and modern design in your home office. Select one that is creamy enough for that sense of calm. Likewise, this color can create an illusion of a bigger space.

6. Blue-gray -- The color blue is known to stimulate the mind. If you have a repetitive job, you can use blue paint to keep yourself focused on your work. A blue-gray color will help you to stay regal and professional without being too mellow.

7. Green -- When you think about green -- what do you see? Money? Plants? Either way, it projects balance, calmness, and reassurance. A green that is earthy and bold gives off a power leader vibe.

8. Red -- Red is known to promote a sense of urgency. Choose a reddish-orange if you want a more subtle shade. With this kind of backdrop, you can power through your day as it boosts your mood and stimulates your energy level.

9. Teal or light blue -- When two powerhouse colors combine, you can have a productivity factory right in the middle of your home. Green and blue are primary colors that have a powerful effect on your psyche.

Other reminders

Now you know the colors that are the best for your home office, you can go ahead and paint your walls. But even so, be careful not to go too bright or too dark.

If you choose to paint your walls, remember to buy only the best paint for your home office. Opt for eco-friendly paint brands that will not bring toxic substances into your home. Per this article, some paint materials have volatile organic compounds (VOC) that evaporate at room temperature.

Long-term exposure to VOC can trigger eye, nose, and throat irritation, headaches, nausea or vomiting, and asthma symptoms.

Tell a story with your color palette

Let your home office be an extension of yourself. Pick the right color, and you will find yourself with a happier disposition.