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Tips to Boost Your Wellness and Productivity

07 January 2022

Have you been feeling stressed out and unwell at work? Perhaps you've noticed that your productivity levels are quite low, and you haven't been performing at your best. These factors can result in people dreading having to go to work each morning. What a terrible way to start your day!

Most people across the world spend an average of 8 hours a day at work. This makes up most of our 'awake' time, and nobody wants to spend it all feeling low and dreary.

It is quite easy to get so caught up with work, meetings, and deadlines that you forget to take care of yourself during these 8 hours. People often get so stressed out and anxious about performing well that they skip lunch and spend the entire workday glued to their desks. You might think this is a great way to eliminate distractions and work well, but it could actually be the reason behind your low productivity levels recently!

Research has shown that people who don't prioritize their health and wellness don't perform as well at work. In fact, poor health is the leading cause of low engagement in the office and the inability to produce high-quality work.

Don't worry; we have all been there, and the way to get out of this slump isn't difficult. You just need to be willing to make a few lifestyle changes, along with prioritizing your health and wellness over all else. Remember, you can only work as well as you feel. Here are some excellent tips to boost your wellness and productivity in the workplace.

Balance Work's Ups and Downs with Meditation

Balance Work's Ups and Downs with Meditation

People nowadays are faced with more stress and anxiety in the workplace than ever before. There is increasing competition while results in businesses are expecting better performances from their employees. Moreover, lots of companies are now choosing to have open plans in their offices. While this is a great way to encourage collaboration, teamwork, and welcoming work culture, it has its downsides too.

Employees often end up feeling exhausted and overstimulated at work. This can result in needless conflicts within the office and low productivity. What you need in such circumstances is a way to blow off your steam.

Most people enjoy going for a run or even working out to release their stress. Unfortunately, neither of those activities is possible during your workday. What is possible is practicing meditation to become more mindful of yourself and others in the office.

If your office has a quiet room, sit in it for a few minutes any time you feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Try to focus on the silence and gather your thoughts. Clear your mind of any negative thoughts or feelings, and do your favorite meditation exercises to improve focus. All you need is a few minutes away from the computer and hustle-bustle of your main office space to feel much better and harness your productivity.

P.S. If your office doesn't have a quiet room, you can simply practice meditation on your own desk. Turn off the screen for a few minutes and spend some technology-free time. It will do wonders to help you feel and perform better!

Stay Active during the Work Week

Stay Active during the Work Week

Finding some time to exercise and be active during a workweek can be difficult, but it is essential for your wellness and productivity. The healthier your body is, the better your mind will function so you can perform to your best capacity at work.

Consider signing up for weekly yoga classes during your lunch break. You can also cycle to and from work or go for a run later at night. It doesn't matter how you choose to stay active, as long as you get some exercise in and use your muscles well.

If you work long hours and simply have no time to hit the gym or go for a jog after work, FlexiSpot has the perfect solution for you. They have designed the perfect way for you to exercise in your office, and you won't even need to take a break from work to do it!

These under desk bikes will pair up perfectly with your new whiteboard standing desk. They help incorporate wellness into your day and allow you the ideal way to stay fit while also meeting all your deadlines. The chairs are highly mobile, so you can place them where ever you like and even move them around if needed. Also, they require no installation efforts and come with a height-adjustable, superior seat for maximum comfort.

All you need to do is bring the chair into your office and start pedaling away as you work. What a creative way to do your leg day!

Eat Healthier At Lunch

Eat Healthier At Lunch

Have you been skipping lunch or eating at your desk in hopes of finishing all the tasks and meeting your deadlines? That needs to end today!

Taking some time away from the computer to focus on your food and truly enjoy lunch will freshen up your brain. It is a great way to increase productivity and work more efficiently. You might even notice that the task you've been trying to complete for the past two hours gets done in less than 15 minutes after you've enjoyed a nice lunch break with your colleagues!

Another important rule is to eat a healthy and fulfilling meal. Healthy eating is directly correlated to higher productivity and performance in the workplace and outside it. The food you eat offers you the energy to work, influences how you feel, and even improves your mental capabilities.

So, instead of opting for some quick fries or PB&J, pick up a hearty salad or some delicious chicken and rice instead. This healthy lunch will offer your body exactly what it needs to power through the day and accomplish all of your goals.

Develop a Stress Management Strategy

Develop a Stress Management Strategy

High-stress levels and anxiety will reduce your ability to focus on work and perform well. If you've noticed feeling anxious and overwhelmed at work by any of the issues mentioned below, you need to develop a stress management strategy for yourself ASAP.

Poor time management
Headaches and sleeping issues
Weight loss (or gain!)
Strained interactions

All of these factors arise from high-stress levels and will limit how well your mind works. Therefore, you need to come up with your own way to handle your anxiety, so you feel and work better. Try to pause and take a few deep breaths from your belly anytime you feel like the stress is getting to you. You can also use lavender oil and other gentle concoctions to feel calm and relaxed as you work.

Upgrade Your Office Desk and Chair

Upgrade Your Office Desk and Chair

You might find it rather surprising, but poor posture is directly linked to lowered productivity levels. Your slouched shoulders and hunched position while working on the computer might just be the reason you aren't able to perform at your best!

Poor posture can quickly lead to shoulder pains and backaches. It also causes lowered self-esteem and an unwillingness to engage or collaborate with your fellow team members. If you're getting regular headaches and not feeling your best at work, it is time to upgrade your office furniture.

You need to bring in the best standing desk along with an ergonomic standing desk chair to offer your spine better support. The Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk from FlexiSpot is an ideal choice as it offers you plenty of room to sit or stand with your shoulders, back, and neck as straight as possible.

Additionally, this ergonomic office chair will improve the alignment of your body and spine. Hence, your body won't be under strain as you work. You will notice an instant reduction in any chronic back pain and find yourself concentrating better in the office!

Mobile File Cabinet 026

Declutter the Workspace

Hold on; there is one more little tip that will have an immense impact on your wellness and productivity levels at work - decluttering!

You have probably seen all those YouTube videos of people decluttering their closets and basements. There are thousands of blogs and articles online that take you through the steps of this process. But, they all leave the viewer wondering how getting rid of stuff could possibly affect their mental health and wellness.

A messy space results in a messy mind, that's how. As clichéd as it may sound, the physical act of decluttering does help your mind work through all those tabs opened in it, and perhaps even close a few. Once you're done, not only will you feel accomplished physically but also mentally. Your mind will naturally feel lighter due to the lack of messiness around you that triggers your senses and causes them to work in overdrive.

So grab this File Cabinet from FlexiSpot and get to work on clearing out all those documents and stationary laying on your standing desk. Your mind will thank you once your office looks open and airy.