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Tips to Make Your Workplace Look Chic & Luxurious

27 December 2021

Are you tired of entering your office, only to instantly be surrounded by dull grey walls and an interior that makes you want to leave immediately? Don't worry; you aren't the only one!

Way too often, employers assume that all a professional workplace needs are a big American desk, some chairs, and carpeting to complete the look. They focus on increasing the functionality of the workplace and ensuring that every table, chair, or even accessory is practical rather than aesthetic. Unfortunately, they don't realize that aesthetics play just as essential a role in increasing workplace productivity as functionality does.

Some simple changes like nicer wall color or a modern desk can make all the difference to your workplace. So, if you've been looking for a way to make your office look chic and luxurious, without causing any workflow interruptions, you're at the perfect place! Here are our tried-and-tested tips to make any workplace look absolutely glamorous!

 Let Go of Standard Office Lighting

1. Let Go of Standard Office Lighting

Most offices come with typical bulbs or tube lights that whitewash everything in sight with their glaring bright light. While most people think these are the best options due to the high visibility they offer, the truth is that you don't need such a harsh lighting option to go over all the paperwork.

Instead of focusing on typical office lighting, expert interior designers recommend opting for fancier, more complex options. Think of the kind of lighting you'd see in restaurants or fancy stores. Pendants and modern chandeliers work great in offices. You should further layer up your lighting with a statement table lamp, some delicate wall lights, and maybe even a bookshelf lighting strip to further illuminate the room.

This type of layered lighting allows different parts of your workspace to shine without casting a white glare on everything in sight. It creates subtle shadows and teases different areas with just enough light to get the work done while still looking absolutely luxurious.

Standing Desk

2. Bring in a Standing Desk

Looking for a way to make the best use of your limited office space? You need to consider some amazing standing desk options!

Designers believe standing desks are the way of the future. Gone are the days when you'd bring in a massive mahogany desk into your office and let it eat up all the space. Those office tables make offices look congested and stuffy; you're better off without them!

Instead, you should look into different kinds of office standing desks at Flexispot. These desks have been specially designed to help you work better and in a more comfortable space that truly feels like your office. Most of the desks at Flexispot come with different desktop options, including bamboo, solid wood, and even laminated. So, if you want to stick to the traditional look, you can simply opt for a wood-standing desk!

These desks improve work efficiency by offering amazing and highly advanced features like:

Advanced control panels
Improved load capacity
Dual-motor lifting systems
Anti-collision technology
'Storagement' systems with cable management trays

Feature Pieces is a Favorite

3. Feature Pieces is a Favorite

Now that your new standing desk is assembled and ready, let's consider some other aspects of the office space. A simple desk and chair simply won't do! You need the workplace to look inviting while also exuding an aura of modernity.

Try to include a few statements or feature pieces in the office. Since you're saving so much space by not bringing in a huge desk, you can now use this space to make the office look professional yet luxurious. Look at different bookshelves, wall shelving options, or even some fake plants. You can place these pieces artfully around the office to break the monotony of the professional office look and bring in some homely warmth into the space. Remember, the more comfortable your employees feel in the workplace, the better they'll perform!

Comfort is Key

4. Comfort is Key

Speaking of comfortable employees, we also need to consider your comfort!

Sure, a modern, luxurious-looking office is a wonderful sight to come to every morning, but how can you add a touch of comfort into this mix without taking away from the overall look? Those black, cushiony office chairs simply won't do! What you need is a white, ergonomic office chair that blends in perfectly with your new office look.

Comfort truly is an underrated luxury when it comes to the time spent in your office. You're going to spend at least 8 hours or more in this space every single day; it better be comfortable enough for you! These ergonomic chairs from Flexispot are designed specifically for better comfort as you get your work done. They offer luxurious cushioning with great flexibility wrapped up in an exquisite frame that perfectly matches your upgraded office decor!

Clean, Consistent Furnishing

5. Clean, Consistent Furnishing

When it comes to the rest of your office furniture, experts recommend clean, crisp furnishing. Stay consistent with the styles you've picked for your table and desk, and maintain a similar color scheme to prevent your office from looking too busy.

You should also keep in mind that intricate patterns or embellishments will be overly distracting in the workspace. They can interrupt workflow and become a major source of distraction, so it's best to stay away from them! Pick out a particular theme that exudes luxury while still staying true to your personal office style and following the same pattern all across the office.

P.S. We also recommend arranging the furnishing with a sense of symmetry and organization to ensure it looks highly professional.

Revel in the Spaciousness

6. Revel in the Spaciousness

Just because you have space doesn't mean it needs to be filled!

You should keep in mind that empty space is in no way your enemy. It will help your office space look bigger and better. Luxurious offices mostly give the impression that they're large and more expansive than they actually are. Making this possible within a smaller office space can be tricky, but it's not impossible!

Do your best to declutter your office and get rid of any piece of furniture or equipment that you don't use regularly. Remove any piles of paperwork that may have been lying around for months and get rid of random dangling wires. The cleaner, more open space will offer a pristine look to your office and make it appear to be stretching out in a larger area.

Add Some Soft Underfoot

7. Add Some Soft Underfoot

We're back to making the office more comfortable for you, this time with some soft foot resting options.

When you're spending long evenings and maybe even nights in the office, you're bound to kick off your shoes in hopes of relaxing for a bit. Imagine if your feet landed on some super soft and plush carpeting; how amazing would that feel?

There are few things quite as comforting as soft underfoot for you to relax your tensed feet. You've been running around all day, getting your daily tasks done, so you definitely deserve a fuzzy rug that not only feels great but also looks super chic in your office. Remember to stay within the chosen color palette for your office rug and opt for darker colors that compliment the overlook workplace look. Dark rugs do an excellent job of tying together an office area, and they don't get dirty too fast, which is an added plus!

Welcome Texture with Wallpapers

8. Welcome Texture with Wallpapers

Last, but definitely not least, a tip is to introduce some texture to your office.

You should start by getting rid of any weird wall colors and instead opt for a pristine white or a neutral beige shade. These colors add a touch of warmth to balance the contemporary look of your new office and have an instantly relaxing effect.

Once your walls are ready, you can add some textured wallpaper to create a statement wall. Instead of going all across the room with the wallpaper, we recommend sticking to one wall and letting it stand out. This could be the wall behind your desk. Add your wallpaper in a paneling effect to create a super eye-catching look that emanates luxury and grandeur.

Final Words

A luxurious yet comfortable office is the perfect way to add a sense of professionalism to your workplace. But, the benefits don't end there. Your new office will also do wonders to improve employee productivity. Moreover, you will no longer feel drained and exhausted by the end of each workday!

Sounds like an absolute dream, does it not?

While these new changes might sound like a rather expensive undertaking, you can make it all possible within your own budget. Look for statement pieces that speak to you, and add the lighting yourself. You don't need a contractor or expensive designers to bring your new office to life!

So what are you waiting for? Follow our tips and enjoy your lavish new workspace from next week!