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Tissue Free or Not: A Choice to Make With Intelligent Bidet Seat at home

15 April 2021

For centuries, the evolution of latrines and toilets have been remarkable. Since the early civilization, people had made ways to create the perfect seat- from the communal latrines of the Ancient Egyptians and Harappans (people who used to live in Harrapa, Pakistan and is now considered an archaeological site in the modern times) which was a carved limestone sat atop a simple drainage gullies. In the modern times, this kind of latrine system is called a pit latrine which is used in most countries in Africa. In a research article back 2016, it was found by the team of researchers from BMC Public Health that 36 million people in the Sub-Saharan Africa preferred using the system since 2007. Most of the families that adopted the latrine system were mostly from the low-income families because of the affordable construction cost of this type of toilet which works like this:


-          A deep hole would be dug on the ground. Then, all the human waste will be dropped there by all the household members. Once it gets full, then that’s the time

That the waste would get collected

-          These latrines are placed outside the houses but is a breeding ground for all the pathogens and disease-carrying insects.


Unfortunately, they found this system unsatisfactory and turned out to be it didn’t make the situation better but just worse. Even up to these days, there more people who are not getting the access to a good sanitation facility. As a result, more and more people die in African regions because of the lack of proper hygiene practices. And even in other regions of Asia, there are a lot of people who are deprived of proper sanitation facility. In other first-world country, on the other hand, most people are given the chance to access proper and sufficient latrine system. However, there are still problems that take place especially when it comes to toilet practice. Taking for example is the use of toilet paper. This practice has been observed for many years yet it brought consequences because of the rise in the toilet paper consumption. In 2018, it was reported that 141 rolls per year could be consumed by an American with the Germans being on the second; showing that every individual could consume 134 rolls per year and are being flushed down the toilet.

If we imagine the possibility of over-consumption of the toilet paper, we could say that it somehow added to the ratio of pollutants especially that these go straight to the sewage systems. More rolls of toilet paper used would also mean accumulation of garbage. It is also a factor that using just a toilet paper is not guaranteed hygienic; cleansing is still the key to prevention of virus and germ spread. Another is toilet papers aren’t guaranteed to be really suitable for the skin especially for particular brands that have the rough texture. Imagine using it on the area which is pretty sensitive hence thorough cleaning will absolutely be needed. It’s because the possibility of acquiring germs and bacteria on the area such as the buttocks is really possible if proper cleaning would not be observed. Hence, water-borne viruses that cause Cholera, Typhoid Fever, and Diarrhea are present in the toilet area. Another possibility is the irritation. As mentioned earlier, the buttock’s area is one sensitive part. Most toilet paper brands are perfumed or infused with chemicals that could trigger irritation. It might be fragrant but we cannot be sure if it’s natural and really good for human skin. So, thinking about these factors, one may consider switching to a new method of cleansing that sensitive part of the body and maintaining a good hygiene.

In other first world country, the use of Bidet has been considered. Every household would have a Bidet Seat for convenience and to assure total hygiene practice. However, there are some problems still that occur in the usage of a Bidet hose for example. Stains are still left on the toilet seat which may lead to accumulation of germs. Some find it difficult to comfortably use the Bidet for some reasons. Thus, the hose attached to the toilet seat may possibly be a breeding ground for pathogens and viruses. Given this fact, what could you do consider an efficient and effective brand to be used? Would you stick to using the toilet paper, a traditional Bidet product that is a potential breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and viruses, or a product that is made with the combination of sophistication and advanced technology? What are the things that you’d like to consider of? Is it the price, the comfort that it may give, or its effectiveness in aiding you in cleansing? As we go continue with this blog, allow me to show you a brand that is highly recommended. It also has parts that are manufactured well. Some of the its parts like the intelligent Bidet Seat which is perfectly fit and suits the shape of the buttocks area. Its soft-closing lid is a convenience in the making; imagine using it without creating noise when you’re in the toilet. A brand that ensures absolute cleaning and cleansing because of its Self-Cleaning nozzle which you don’t have to press with your bare hand compared to the usual Bidet hose. Moreover, it’s a brand that has the eight-fold protections against leakage, pressure and even fire protection. As a customer, would you settle for anything less? If the answer is no, Flexispot’s Toilet Paper FREE丨Intelligent Bidet Toilet Seat ESB101/201 is the best choice for you. These qualities mentioned above could really ensure cleanliness in the toilet area which has been proven to be an easy breeding ground if not properly maintained. It’s also been created for the whole family. With its features you got nothing to worry even you have a family member who is pregnant or an elderly because of its one-touch auto mode. Plus, it has feminine wash function which would be also convenient to the female members of the family. It’s a product that cares for you and your loved ones.