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Top 10 Parisian Decor Hacks That'll Inspire You

10 November 2022

Whether you're working remotely or from the regular workplace, we understand that you desire to make your space more elegant and friendly to efficiency.

That's why we're bringing Parisian-inspired decor to your knowledge today. It's one of the most affordable and stylish ways to rebrand your office. No doubt, here is a goody bag of sophistication and class.

Gotten from the inspiration of ancient Paris life, this theme uses architectural materials such as parquet flooring, high windows, and fireplaces to beautify your space. Meanwhile, the icing on the cake is that these ideas also work for your apartment.

So if you're truly in love with contemporary home office ideas, creating a Parisian home office for yourself should be an amazing experience. However, the question that pops up next is how to build Parisian-themed decor in the workplace.

We are glad to inform you that we have the most fantastic and reliable Paris decor tips curated for you in this article. All you have to do is read between the lines as you unearth how to spice up your home office with the uniqueness of Paris-inspired decor.

List of the Topmost and Inspiring Parisian Decor Ideas

Go for a Monochromatic White Theme

If you take the time to critically examine Parisian decor, you'll agree with us that its goal is to create and maintain elegance minimally. Isn't it?

So that leads us to the question of what is the best technique for the maintenance of minimalism? The answer lies in a monochromatic white theme.

The white theme resonates deeply with the refined vibes that Paris-inspired decor offers. Besides, it'll also give your home office a uniform and regal look.

Imagine that a co-worker visits you at home and checks out your home office, the monochromatic white theme is enough to capture his attention. And when he gets back to the office, that becomes the topic for the day.

Going further, styling your apartment after the order of the Parisian decors, especially with white-colored walls, will play a huge role in the beautification of the ornaments in the house.

Go for the Jewel-toned Style

Reasonably, we don't expect everyone to be a fan of the monochromatic white theme. So in place of the monochromatic white, we have a more contrasting theme for you - any style jewel-toned.

These styles cover colors like citrine yellow, emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red, among others. Meanwhile, these colors are the most common and vibrant in the Paris-inspired style.

To make the home office looks more radiant and creative, we'll advise that you use these above-named colors to include accents such as armchairs, sofas, cushions, lamps, and center rugs in the room.

You can also use these sleek cushions to create a comfy reading book for yourself. Another advantage here's that the accents are in perfect oppositeness with the white colored walls.

Give Your Doors and Windows Some Contrast: Use Dark Colors

Instead of limiting yourself to bright colors, why not give the dark colors a trial as well? Yes, this idea will help you achieve a warm and alluring contrast with the monochromatic theme.

The best colors that'll do the magic here are black, blue-gray, and beige-gray. You can also choose any of these tones to design the panels of your doors and windows. Including the wall panels.

Choose a Room with Big Windows

The Parisian style design is the absolute definition of what makes up a special architecture. Little wonder why large ceilings and high windows are the major features of Paris-themed decor.

Therefore, the easiest way to introduce the decor is by going for a room that has large windows. Why big windows?

The windows will be more receptive to natural light. And don't forget, natural light is the fundamental attribute of a Parisian decor style.

Invest in a Parquet Flooring

Your Paris-inspired home office or workstation is not complete until you add parquet flooring. These floorings are the powerhouse of the Parisian theme.

There are hundreds of patterns on the market. So you need to be on the lookout for genuine ones such as Chantilly, Chevron parquet, Bordeaux, parquet de Versailles, and herringbone. Since they're quite famous, it shouldn't be difficult to get them in the stores.

However, you don't have to overdo it. That is, it's recommended that you go for only one of these parquet flooring patterns. And the good side is that it'll help you maintain the glistening look of that contemporary home office you've always wanted.

Invoke a Combo of the Contemporary and Classic Office Furniture Style

The Parisian style primarily deals with combining modern vibes with the classic to give a more special and detailed ambiance. So it's highly welcome to bring vintage furniture pieces into the room.

You can also blend vintage elements with contemporary office realities. This includes investing in ergonomic office chairs, height-adjustable standing desks, gaming chairs, storage units, and other office accessories that'll make your work life easier and more productive.

If you're wondering why mixing these two varieties, you need to ask yourself why to restrict yourself to one part of the narrative when you can have a taste of the two sides at a time.

Light Up the Room with Chandeliers

Do you want to give your home office a Paris-themed decor and chandeliers are not on your list of priorities? You need to start all over.

Historically, chandeliers have a close affinity with the city of Paris. Therefore, you'll experience a complete package of this decor style when you get at least one shimmering chandelier in the room.

Depending on your preference, you can choose to stay with the mid-century chandelier designs to give your home office an antique look or opt for the more modern ones too.

Build a Reading Corner for Yourself

Do you remember that we earlier talked about adding accents to the setup? Yes, that's another ingenious way to spice up how you want the home office to look.

You can replicate the same idea by building a comfortable reading corner in the office. After that, you can deck the corner with jewel-toned accents to enhance the aesthetics of the home office.

It'll also give your office a more cozy aura and activate the actual blend you've been searching for.

Hang Some Mirrors and Murals Around the Room

Amazing artworks are quite peculiar to the Paris-inspired office decor. So you need to invest in artworks such as fancy mirrors and murals.

You can also rebrand the walls of the office using attractive wallpapers and luxurious decorative panels.

If you're a fan of antique designs, we'll advise that you get some middle-age and 18th-century wallpapers. Other practical ways are introducing sculptures, modern art, travel souvenirs, and photographs into the room.

Deck the Interior of the Home Office with Floral Plants

A Parisian home office is not exclusively made for green plants. What we're trying to say is that green plants are a vital component of the Paris-inspired theme but that shouldn't be the end.

You need to introduce the floral elements as well to birth forth an ideal and irresistible touch to the decor. For instance, if your budget allows an outdoor office spot, why not transform the balcony and give it some dazzling Parisian balcony vibes?

And if your office is indoors, you're also covered. All you have to do is set up an in-house floral garden. For example, you can strategically place flower bouquets around the home office.

This idea will give your workstation a signature touch using foliage and flowers. Check it out today.

Bottom Line

At this juncture, we hope that this article has vested you with the relevant technical know-how and expertise required to build a Parisian-themed home office.

Building the classic and modern blend alongside contemporary ergonomic office furniture to create a Paris-inspired office theme is now a walk in the park!

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