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Top 10 Therapeutic Office Chairs to Relieve Back Pain in 2022

29 March 2022

There's no doubt that the environment you work in has a great deal of influence on you. It can psychologically and emotionally make or mar your work-life.

Just imagine this. An employee is working in a large comfy office with a therapeutic office chair, therapeutic keyboard and monitor, soundproof door, colored wall lights, soft furnishings, and a pot of plants at the window.

On the other hand, an employee works with the regular wooden table and chair in a hot, clumsy, and noisy environment.

If asked which of these two folks will most likely work better, we're sure the answer is there staring at you.

It's simple logic. Employees working with ergonomic chairs tend to work more efficiently when compared to their counterparts using regular chairs.

10 Therapeutic Office Chairs

Meanwhile, don't be caught with the impression that getting yourself a therapeutic office chair is majorly for aesthetics or style. It goes farther than that.

They'll give you back and neck support, improved blood circulation, and the best sitting posture.

Let's enjoy the read together as you check out the top therapeutic office chairs by Flexispot.

1. Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

1. Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Talk about a list of therapeutic office chairs, and you'll always find our soutien ergo office chair at the top.

This chair is specially built to give you the most comforting and relieving work experience you might ever get out there.

It brings your arm into perfect alignment with the well-cushioned 4D armrest by positioning your neck into the fitted headrest.

With the 45° backrest tilt, the office chair neutralizes any traces of back pain as you can comfortably recline to your preferred degree during recess.

This chair will even be a perfect fit in your office break room.

The 3D lumbar support system and the curved backrest will also conform to your spine and neck. Through that, your head will conveniently fit into the headrest, and the load on your lumbar structure will reduce.

The most amazing part of the deal is that Soutien ergonomic office chair is built to fit into your sitting posture irrespective of your body shape.

Invest in soutien ergonomic office chair today and experience the magical touch that comes with it.

2. Back Support Office Chair OC13

2. Back Support Office Chair OC13

Another therapeutic office chair you can use to express appreciation to your employees for a job well done so far is the Back Support Office Chair OC13.

It's like a trigger that'll accelerate the pace of their work efficiency.

The chair is built by the best minds as it affords you the grace to tilt the headrest as high as 2.36 inches.

You can further adjust it to your preferred level as it perfectly relaxes all the muscles around your neck.

How about when you want to move it from one section of the office to another?

Our Back Support OC13 is designed with five multipurpose castors and 360° wheels that'll help you move it quietly and quickly around with ease.

Even your lumbar structure and spine are in safe hands here.

The chair gives your entire body a high level of flexibility, and that's a route you can explore to escape from back pain permanently. And again, you can adjust the height of the mobile lumbar support up to 3.4 inches.

Isn't that exciting and cozy enough for you? Check it out.

3. Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 6579

3. Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 6579

You should always keep in mind that it's not until your work demands sitting all day that you should get an ergonomic office chair for yourself or your employees.

Anything that stretches beyond sitting in the same position for more than 4 hours needs a therapeutic office chair. Don't even stress it.

In light of the above, we recommend that you opt for our Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 6579. It has all the answers to your questions on how you can finally bid farewell to back pain.

This swivel desk chair is designed with a breathable mesh material that doesn't just put your leg and back in perfect harmony with each other: it also makes them warm and relieving.

The chair has many characteristics that give you a "home-away-from-home" feeling. It's like sitting on your sofa in the living room; there's almost no difference.

You can lean the backrest forward or backward; it all depends on your choice. Same with the seat pad itself, you can adjust it to fit your body shape and curves perfectly.

Are you worried about installing it even if you get the chair?

Fkexispot has you covered as well. The chair comes with a manual guide in the box - more like installation instructions, and it's very simple to assemble.

The chair is strong enough to accommodate as much as 300 pounds on a final note.

4. Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

4. Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

With an S-shaped curve for the backrest, ergonomic office chair OC7 gives your back the necessary support it needs to enjoy optimal support from your lumbar structure.

You can also adjust the chair's height to any degree that conforms with your height and sitting posture.

Unlike the traditional chairs out there, our ergonomic office chair OC7 not only supports your lower back but also energizes you all through the day.

The chair's seat pad is designed with a breathable mesh material that absorbs your sweat and body moisture. So you can be at peace that the seat will not start wearing out anytime soon.

Since it comes with elastic cushions that relieve your body, your body structure will be well supported while sitting and working.

5. Adjustable Ergonomic Leather Office Chair OC8N/OC8B

5. Adjustable Ergonomic Leather Office Chair OC8N/OC8B

As a world-renowned brand whose reputation precedes it, Flexispot took time to design Adjustable Leather Office Chair OC8N/OC8B with breathable and fluffy leather.

This makes the seat pad very smooth, and you can easily clean it once it gets dirty. No stress at all.

The chair has a very strong set of five legs which can carry up to 330 lbs. This makes it pretty easy to give you full-body support while sitting on it.

There's also an adjustable pneumatic seat height lever attached to the chair. Hold onto it and keep adjusting.

As you do that, check out how you feel while sitting on it until you finally discover the perfect sitting position for you.

6. Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 1388

6. Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 1388

You must have experienced back pain and spine fatigue at one point due to the chair you use(d) in the office. But, guess what? Your wait is over.

Thi chair gives you a perfectly healthy work-life through the backrest, multipurpose headrest, and 3D armrest.

Going further, ergonomic office mesh chair 1388 is built for your lumbar support as it ensures that the seat pad is broad enough to accommodate your natural curves fully.

Most importantly, the see-through mesh material used in designing the entire backrest will prevent your back from getting exposed to heat. How possible is that?

It is built with ultra-breathable elements like a double mesh pad cushion that allows proper ventilation.

This explains why Flexispot has so much confidence in its products to have given them a 5-year warranty and a free return within 30 days.

7. Herman Miller Sayl Office Chair

7. Herman Miller Sayl Office Chair

You should have known by now that your choice of how you want your office to be seen largely depends on your choice of chair.

In other words, it's not a bad idea to adorn your office with a therapeutic chair that not only brings relief to your body but also class and style to the office.

That's like a two-in-one piece. Fret not, that's exactly why Herman Miller Sayl Office Chair is designed.

The chair will give your office a stylish look that'll send your customers mouth-watering.

8. Embody by Herman Miller

8. Embody by Herman Miller

Made from graphite, this chair by Herman Miller is ergonomically designed to give you the best experience while working in the office.

Your body contours and shapes don't matter here as the chair evenly distributes the pressure to every joint and hinge, thus making it more durable.

You can manually adjust the fit to your back. However, this can only be done when you're sure the matrix of the pixels for the seat pad and the backrest are in sync with your bodily movements.

Not only that, it wipes out pressure and stress buildup. This explains why it remains one of the best-rated chairs in the ergonomics industry.

9. Steelcase Gesture Chair

9. Steelcase Gesture Chair

Because it is priced up to $1,000, the Steelcase gesture chair seems to be a very heavy investment, but we assure you it's worth every cent you spend on it.

The therapeutic office chair has a supportive and flexible back that makes it seamless as it gives you a nice back posture.

All you need to do is unlock the sitting position that works best for you and flow with it.

Amazingly, the Steelcase gesture chair is so sensitive to the point that it moves every time you also shift your sitting position. Very simple but efficient!

10. Nouhaus 3D Ergonomic Chair

10. Nouhaus 3D Ergonomic Chair

Neuhaus Ergo3D chair is another top-rated therapeutic office chair worth mentioning. It sits so well with wall designs in the office.

Very simple but efficient!

The chair is designed with breathable ElastoMesh that gives you access to enough airflow: thus protecting your back from profuse sweats and the chair itself from sticking.

Built with the understanding that taste differs, you can adjust the mesh headrest as low or high as you want it. The same applies to the 3D arms.

You also get to decide how tight you want the 3D lumbar support to cling onto your back.

Check out the Neuhaus Ergo3D chair today and see how perfectly it'll fit into your workspace.

Parting Words

Discussed above are the best-rated ten therapeutic office chairs in the ergonomics industry.

We hope this article is helpful enough for you to give your workspace a new look it deserves: not just for you but also for your employees and customers.