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Top 11 things not to buy during Black Friday sales

16 November 2021

The biggest shopping holiday is here! Guess what? You can expect an avalanche of mouthwatering deals. Well, this could also be a problem. 

While like last year, 2021 Black Friday may tilt in favor of the virtual shopping world, brands aren’t holding back. You’d encounter an overwhelming number of deals everywhere. All offers may seem attractive, but not all are worth taking. 

Regardless of how showy some offers are, you should see them as a bad investment during black Friday sales. So, how can you differentiate the best deals from the ones you should avoid? 

We’ll answer this question in detail. We’ve compiled a list of things not to buy this Black Friday. Ensure you read this before you launch your shopping for this season! 

Is Black Friday worth the rush?

Everyone loves a good deal. Since black Friday offers assurance that you’d get the best deals on almost any product, it’s sure worth the rush! Some people believe Black Friday is out of control, understandably so. If you aren’t disciplined, this season will inspire you to buy things you can’t afford or don’t need. 

People become uncultured during sales. Thankfully, online shopping has reduced the chances of people engaging in a scuffle over favorable deals. 

Things to avoid buying during Black Friday sales

Black Friday is an incredible shopping time. You can tell by the excitement that fills the atmosphere as it draws near. Black Friday is also met by a series of plans on how to maximize the opportunity it affords. Of course, there’s no denying that it’s time to save big on products but knowing which product to purchase is a hassle.

A not-so-smart shopper can easily fall for all enticing deals and end up buying unnecessary things. How can you tell when a seemingly attractive discount is only a financial trap? Start with avoiding things like:



This year has been a year of shortages. Undoubtedly, you’ve heard shortages of school supplies, toys, and other things. But we’ll take a wild guess. The diamond shortage is news to you. A Fortune magazine article predicted customers might experience a shortage of diamonds during this holiday season.  

We wouldn’t recommend that you buy diamonds on black Fridays because the deals are average at best. But this year, we expect unfavorable deals. If the shortage prediction is accurate, you may end up overspending during diamond sales this year. You’d likely get a sticker shocker.

So, now is not the time to shop for a diamond engagement ring!



Believe it or not, Black Friday deals for toys aren’t exceptional. If you want to get your kid a holiday gift, don’t buy it now. You may find impressive deals during this season, but the prices will drop two weeks before Christmas. 

Waiting is the best decision when shopping for toys! The best toy deals show up shortly before you tell your kids Feliz Navidad on Christmas day.



If you have beddings to host your Christmas guests, then you have no reason to go beddings shopping during Black Friday. We agree that a day after thanksgiving will offer a price reduction on beddings. But you are better off waiting a month later when you can save up to 15% during White Sales. 

During white sales, retailers offer discounts on their comforter sets, sheets, towels, etc. That’s the best time to change your bedding.



We’ve got some bad news. You may have to delay your plans to renovate your guest house floorings till after the New year. On the brighter side, you’d get better deals on floorings by late December or January. Brands often delay sales because construction projects would be on hold this season, and new versions will likely fall. 

Sound Systems

Sound Systems 

We get it. You’ve been eying a sound system for months, and you believe the day after thanksgiving is perfect timing. Sorry to disappoint you, that’s not true. Most gadgets have mediocre deals during Black Fridays. Buying them weeks ago is almost the same as buying Black Friday. 

Latest Apple iPhone

Latest Apple iPhone 

Avid Apple users are keen on keeping track with the trendiest Apple generation. You probably hope this sale is timely for acquiring the latest iPhone 13. We have a different opinion. 

Apple is notorious for not offering Black Friday sales. The best you can land from the Apple store is a gift card. Other popular retailers may offer slight discounts; you’d get some discount on previous-generation iPhone 12. Additionally, enticing offers that allow you to switch from an old generation to a newer one would be rampant.

Gift cards

Gift Cards

Gift cards are the most reliable gifts for your loved ones. With retailers predicting shortages on some items, this is one gift that can’t disappoint. But we’d advise you to hold off till December. You’ll get gift card deals now but expect it to get better by December. 

December gift card sales often offer gift cards to compliment your purchase. Waiting isn’t a bad idea; imagine buying one and getting one free (worth a lesser amount).

Beauty Products

Beauty Products

Retailers offer juicy holiday deals on Beauty Products during Black Friday sales. However, the best offer on Beauty Products comes during Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday. That’s the best time to get huge reductions. 

Airfare Deal

Airfare Deal

Contrary to what you believe, you don’t always get the best deals when you book your airline ticket ahead of time. Don’t buy tickets for your spring travels yet; you may get better offers by January.



For work productivity, your sleep is invaluable. We’d always advise you to invest in mattresses and beddings because it influences your good night's sleep. But matrasses cost an arm and a leg even during black Friday sales. 

However, the three-day deals during Presidents Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day offer better discounts.

Fitness Equipment

Fitness Equipment

Although fitness equipment deals aren’t popular, you’d encounter a few. Now is not the best them to buy your Yoga mats and treadmills. The best time to purchase these products is during the New year's sales. 

Retailers are familiar with the new year resolution trends when people decide to keep fit and stay healthy for the first few days of a new year. Consequently, they offer discounts on these products to entice customers. You are sure to get equipment like weight, rowing machine, resistant bands at lower prices. 

Black Friday

Why you should shop FlexiSpot during Black Friday

Office furniture is an essential product that improves your work efficiency. You need the best office furniture you can afford in this WFH era. Flexispot Black Friday deal seeks to make all the crème de la crème furniture within our reach affordable. 

Black Friday is known for the massive discounts, but shopping with Flexispot means you’d get quality even while saving more. Moreover, we have some Black Friday activities to make shopping more fun than usual!

Relish the exhilarating feeling these following activities present:

Free order: Fastest fingers get free orders as a reward on November 26th, and 29th by 9 am and 2 pm. You’d better get your carts ready!

4.99s Challenge: This challenge takes the Black Friday discounts a notch higher. It introduces the grand lottery and gifts like Standing desks.

Points & Rewards: Accumulate as many points as possible. It would come in handy! It works as an additional discount for the discounted products. 

Besides these exciting Black Friday offers, you can shop with Flexispot based on other reasons.

Healthy Office Furniture 

FlexiSpot makes it a duty to help customers achieve the peak of healthiness through ergonomic furniture. Buying our product equals purchasing quality, convenience, and well-being. We’ll help you create a workspace geared at enhancing productivity and work effectiveness. Shopping with FlexiSpot this holiday season is a plus to your work life. 

Impressive shipping arrangements

Our shipping arrangements are detailed and reliable. Immediately you buy your new office furniture or accessories, sit back, and relax. Consult our shipping information to discover more about our shipping charges. 

Our doorstep delivery service is top-notch. You’d have your order at your doorstep at the appropriate time. 

A variety that fits your needs

From Sit-stand desks to Adjustable Ergonomic chairs to office accessories, we manufacture variations. The best part is we deliberately create different products to suit various needs. So, if you are a minimalist, gamer, or environmentalist, FlexiSpot has something for everyone. 

What’s more?

All these products are currently on sale at the lowest prices ever. We could give a million reasons why you should shop with FlexiSpot on Black Friday. Don’t miss the opportunity!

Why you should buy a FlexiSpot Standing Desk during black Friday?

FlexiSpot Standing desks are an excellent choice of Investment anytime and particularly during Black Friday sales. It’s also an interesting choice of gift for WFH workers who cherish their well-being. With the ability to eradicate fixed work posture and encourage active work life, FlexiSpot Adjustable Standing Desk is a remarkable idea to consider for Black Friday. 


Increases work motivation 
Benefits your health positively
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Reduces fatigue and body pain
Maintains focus and keeps your body active during work

In a Nutshell

The key to avoiding unnecessary spending is to shop with purpose despite numerous enticing deals. By doing this, you’d save more on your holiday investments and get reductions. Another beneficial decision would be looking out for FlexiSpot Black Friday deals. That’s a real catch this season!