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Top 11 Design Trends for Home Offices

21 April 2021

Whether your home office is a space for running a business or a remote workplace during the pandemic, it is safe to say that you deserve much more than just an old desk and a chair crammed into the bedroom. But what’s the problem, you ask? After all, you’ve been sitting on that chair for years!

Well, an office is a place where you work. At home, especially, it needs to be a space that’s separate from the rest of your home – if not in terms of space, then at least in terms of décor. Such a space that reflects the design and ambiance of a real work environment coupled with the comfort of home will be a sanctuary where you won’t mind burning the midnight oil.

A home office is usually the last thing that crosses our minds while designing and setting up a home. Although they are created with good intentions, like starting your day with a sip of hot coffee and conquering the world, they become so tarnished with all of the mismatched and tainted furniture and, let’s be real, a lot of scraps that would never motivate anyone to settle in and get some work done.  

So we decided to turn to Flexispot for some inspiration and help. Here, you will find all sorts of high-quality, luxury décor that you can use to create the perfect functional office to start your day. Here is a list of the top 11 design trends for home offices:

1. The Perfect Desk

Creating a home office that feels more lavish than it really is may appear to be a challenging task, but once you find the best desk, everything else is pretty much what revolves around it. However, working from home does not mean that you should sit at your desk all day and work for six to eight hours straight. No, because sitting all day can not only escalate your level of stress, it can also increase the risk of several health-related issues, such as heart disease. 

Therefore, you should consider a more convenient and improved option than a traditional desk. We present to you - the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series – designed for comfort and wellness. This particular desk utilizes less space and is easy to move around. More importantly, you can adjust it according to your comfort level while working so you won’t strain your back, neck, or shoulders.

2. Accessorize Smartly

It is important to include several items that are often overlooked when crafting a home office. So instead of throwing together a bunch of office stuff, you should focus on quality and appeal. For instance, backrests for your chair, a paper holder, a printer, or a file cabinet are some essential things that are often left out. Having the right office supplies and accessories is necessary to run day-to-day operations at home. 

Even the smallest items, such as pens, pencils, and paper, can make a big difference to your day because you won’t have to run around to fetch them. Your productivity levels will also remain consistent when you know that you have everything you need to stay on track.

3, Get the Best Chair

It has been proven that a comfortable work environment makes employees more productive and happy. When it comes to optimum performance and high productivity levels, it is essential to have the best chair that provides comfort and back support and reduces the number of breaks you have to take. This implies that your chair should be as comfortable as possible so that you don’t have to worry about constantly standing up to straighten yourself.

4. Change the Lighting

The type of lighting you have plays a vital role in your motivation to work. Don’t rely on your room’s existing set of lights. Instead, try to add a practical set of lights in similar shades as your work lights (but obviously more stylish and classy) to create the perfect ambiance. You can also choose to add a lamp in the room for more close-up work. Find out what works best for you and strike a balance. So whether you are working inside an actual office or at home, the right type of lighting can make all of your tasks much easier. Bad lighting with too much glare and shadows can cause eye strain and headaches.

5. Add a Backdrop

This is pretty obvious as you probably have to attend several video calls and online corporate meetings while working from home. You can create a wonderful backdrop that is engaging and looks more appropriate and formal as opposed to a cluttered background or a boring plain wall. For example, you can add a bookshelf or colorful paintings that look elegant and not too demanding for attention. 

A good backdrop sets the tone for every interaction you have, whether at the office or online. From video conferences to digital interviews, the right backdrop can create a great impression. A poor background demonstrates a lack of professionalism and work ethic.

6. Keep Clutter at Bay  

There is bound to be clutter in almost every home office if it is not managed properly. You would be surprised to know how much more attractive, comfortable, and professional your home office environment can look if you know how to manage clutter and keep it at bay. If you leave our excess papers, unnecessary files, and documents, your office space will look and feel too overwhelming. 

Tucking away the extra things at the end of any task not only makes you more productive but also does wonders to the room. Most importantly, it will add to the overall aesthetics of the place, and the illusion of a professional work environment will prevail and triumph.

7. Paint the Room

Painting an office is not just about splashing colors all across a room. It is much more than that. The quality of the indoor paints you use and the shades you pick can make a big difference in how your home office looks. Nobody would enjoy working at a dull office with an old paint that looks too unappealing and uninviting. 

High-quality paint and a combination of soft pastel and vibrant hues will give the room a fresh perspective and a welcoming tone. It will also increase your motivation to work and focus; otherwise, you would just be distracted. You can consider painting your office in the shade of deep blue or dark grey and white. The ideas and combinations are endless.

8. Add Something Soft under your Feet

This may not seem like a very popular opinion, but your feet should also be comfortable while working. Most people (or perhaps everyone) who work from home don’t really wear formal shoes while working. So being able to take off your shoes and enjoy the feel of a soft and plush carpet or rug makes working and spending time at the home office more worthwhile. If you hardly ever work with your shoes on, you will definitely enjoy and appreciate something comfortable under the feet while working.

9. Bring In Some Music

Nothing elevates a home office than some dynamic or soft music. Although this suggestion may seem pointless to people who don’t prefer listening to music while working, it can be an exception at home. That is because music is a great distraction at times when you feel unfocused and when there is a lot of commotion at home. 

You don’t have to listen to the usual genre or songs you often play; you could try listening to something new or different. For instance, some people feel more focused at work while listening to the sound of birds chirping, wind blowing or waves crashing. Music does not have to be dynamic or with lyrics. Try playing instrumental music while working on a task; you will feel more focused and less distracted.

10. Give Yourself a Nice View

Place your desk at an angle that allows you to have a nice view of the outside when you look up from the computer. A view of the outside is better than staring at a plain wall (even if the color is pretty). The natural light emerging from the window makes the work environment more productive and helps lift up the mood. Plus, you will have an added advantage because the natural light will illuminate the room, thus, preventing additional eye strain from the back-lit computer monitor.

11. Add Cushions and Mats

You can also consider adding some extra cushions and a small mat in the room to give your home office a more homey and comfy appeal. Besides, cushions provide great comfort and are ideal for back support and help keep the posture straight and upright. If your room is not carpeted, you can add a small mat in the center of the room to enhance the aesthetics.


The pandemic has changed the way of life for many people around the world. The new design trends for home offices have widely been influenced by what people have begun to call “the new normal” that allows you to have a dedicated workspace with an adjustable desk that will enable you to remain productive throughout the day.