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Top 3 Productivity Tips: Best Home Office Setup

21 May 2020

With nearly everyone under quarantine, working from home has become the New Normal for so many. What does this mean for the modern-day office employee? When the office is traded in for a laptop and your home, how much work can you really get when you’re outside of the office?

With productivity being the main goal of more employers, many people find it difficult to deliver. The problem lies the sudden blurred line between their personal life and their professional life. An office is the environment where “In-person collaboration is necessary for creativity and innovation”. With the absence of an office many feel the need to over work to compensate for not being at the office, this leads to overworked and burned out employees.

This has a lot of people wondering, how can you increase productivity and decrease stress when working from home?

Here are our Top 3 Productivity Tips. We’ll show you how you can achieve the best home office set up in just 3 simple steps. Before we get into it, remember that the key is an efficient home office setup and the goal is less stress and more productivity. Part of addressing the problem is understanding what your body is going through daily when you’re working from home. When the line between work and rest is blurred, you might not be feeling rested. With an increase in stress and pressure you can become at risk for anxiety and depression. By creating the best home office setup, you can improve your motivation, organization and in some cases even your health.     

Tip #1: Organize your space. When it comes to your home office, always remember that dedicating a space especially for your work is an important way to stay productive. Avoid working in places where you usually rest such as a bed or your couch. By physically distancing yourself from spaces that your body recognizes as places of rest, you can improve your productivity. Next is assuring that your space is organized. This means having your area filled with items that you’ll need, your devices, chargers and notebooks should find their space so that you can work quickly and efficiently. A great way to do this is by installing simple office accessories in your home office. Weather it’s untangling chords or organizing files, keeping things in order helps you keep work running smoothly and efficiently.     

Tip #2: Customize your space. Now that everything is in place, it’s time for you to consider customizing your space. Add something personal to keep you motivated like pictures of your family and friends. Keeping plants in your work area has also been proven to reduce stress. It’s important to make this workspace work for you so that you can stay focused. If you’re an active type you can opt for a home office desk bike to boost your energy and to help relieve your stress. It’s important for you to really make this space your own. With majority of people spending more than a quarter of their day in front of their desks, its important you have the right one that works for you.

Tip# 3: Optimize your space. While the first two tips cover important aspects to ensure the best workspace, optimizing your workspace is about truly making most of the space you have. Whether you’re the type who likes moving from one space to the next or the type to who has a very limited amount of it, optimizing your workspace is all about making room for your productivity and the things you have to do. A simple hack is with the use of standing desk converters. Move from a sitting position to a standing stance with ease to relieve stress and backpain. Transform your workspace and elevate your levels of productivity. With an optimized workspace you can truly make a workspace that works for you.

These are just a few tips that you can try to achieve the best home office setup for your productivity, your health and ultimately your overall wellbeing! Remember that your workspace is about you, you have to own it to help you achieve your tasks and your goals. For more tips on maintaining your health while working from home check out the Flexiwellness Center.