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Top 3 Small Standing Desks that Will Fit Right into Your Space

29 November 2022

Putting together an office can sometimes be more challenging than it looks, especially if this is your first time doing it. When brainstorming how to organize your office, one of the things you should consider first is the amount of space you are working with. It is crucial to have an idea of the available room which will give you a heads up regarding the number of pieces of equipment you can fit, their respective sizes, and even the arrangement style. Without a proper scope of the space, you can easily be left stranded in a cramped room as the supplies you got turn out to be more than can be accommodated.

It is also essential to do so because in the event of a shared workspace, getting a desk that is too big means inconvenience to the other party. A well-scoped and defined office space will let you properly prepare so that the outcome of the setting-up process is as expected. One of the essential office equipment is your desk which is typically also the focal point due to taking up most of the room. As such, it is crucial to understand how much space you are working with before deciding on the size of the desk, or else end up with a crowded office. The space issue is even more critical for those who prioritize ergonomics by using standing office desks. The height adjustment feature of standing desks is highly convenient but can sometimes be troublesome as they may take up more space when you raise them. In addition, most standing desks are designed for users with dual displays because the extra room enables them to place them easily. However, the spare room can be more harmful than good if your office is small because there might be little room left for other supplies.

Regardless, the benefits of using standing desks at your office far outweigh the detriments, and the solution lies in ensuring the one you select is perfect for the available space. Be it an extra room in the house, a studio apartment, or a dorm room; several small standing desks let you maximize your office's space. Essentially, prioritize a desk that will enable you to leave at least three feet between it and any surrounding furniture or walls, preventing obstruction during adjustment or things falling over. The desks listed below are well-scouted to ensure you will optimize your office space while adding some aesthetic flair to the workstation. They include:

Comhar 48" All-in-One Glass-Top Standing Desk

From its name, the Comhar is a fun-sized standing desk 48 inches wide that is made for that small corner of the house you've wanted to turn into an office. It also has a tempered glass top that gives off a sleek appearance which will undoubtedly blend in with the rest of your stylish décor. In typical standing-desk fashion, it can be adjusted across several heights ranging from 28.3" to 47.6", allowing both short and tall people to use it. It also means you can still incorporate office ergonomics even in cramped spaces.

The desk is electric, meaning you use nearly no effort to adjust it because a few touches of its buttons will get you at the preferred height. A button for safe-lock is also present, which lets you ensure privacy because no one else can access its controls without authorization. It also keeps the desk safe from your kids' tampering, which is prevalent in home offices. In the same breadth, an anti-collision feature is present in the Comhar standing desk, effectively ensuring it doesn't crash into items or even children beneath it while you lower it. Additionally, Flexispot has put in three USB charging ports, including 2 type-A and 1 type-C, that are convenient for enabling you to connect your devices while charging. For a small standing desk that is highly elegant yet functional, the 48" Comhar should be your first option.

E1 42" Standard Standing Desk

Another product from Flexispot, the E1 standing desk, is similarly designed for offices on the smaller side. The desk is 42" wide and perfect for any nook and cranny you wish to convert into a workstation. The desktop is made from bamboo, which means that if you care about environmental sustainability, this is the desk for you. The bamboo top is elegant regarding finishing and strong enough to support most items you would want close to your workstation. The desktops come in different colors, meaning you can accommodate your taste at work.

It is motorized, meaning you only need to tap a button to raise or lower it as desired. The frame is just as strong, with the small desk able to support your workstation even at maximum height effortlessly. The height adjustment mechanism is also smooth and quiet, so you can shift between different heights without knocking items over or distracting other workers. As evidenced by an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approval, this and other Flexispot standing desks meet the highest standards to ensure they serve you effectively and for a long time. Check out the Flexispot website for more information.

Height Adjustable Overbed Table

This Overbed Table offers a reliable and convenient desktop surface for anyone to use near furniture like beds, couches, and recliners. It features a "C" shaped base that allows for closer access from a chair or a bed. It can also be used as a breakfast tray for bedridden patients and the elderly (e.g. eating, reading, working) without having to get off their beds.

Flexispot standing desk overbed table is equipped with 4 hidden casters to easily maneuver it anywhere you like. It's an ideal portable workstation for any home or office! A low-profile base with smooth rolling wheels eases and tucks beneath furniture a minimum of 1.2" high to save space.

The overbed table built-in gas spring offers smooth one-hand height adjustment from 25.6" to 40.5". No need to bend down or use force to adjust the height. With pneumatic lifting, it's easy to adjust with one hand.

The spacious desktop (27.6" W x 15.7" D) fits almost any size laptop or tablet with a keyboard. Making it a great choice for a home office or study. Say goodbye to long sitting and enjoy the health benefits of a standing desk.

All tools required for assembly are included in the package. The instructions are easy to follow and you can assemble the table effortlessly within 10 minutes.

So, if you wish to turn a small space in your house into a functional office, any of the desks mentioned above will effectively let you do this with compact designs that enable you to save seriously on square footage. Visit the Flexispot website to get yourself one today.