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Top Backyard Office Pod Ideas for Remote Workers

21 December 2021

A few decades ago, everyone needed to be at the office to get any productive work done. All necessary work equipment was situated in the office building, and no one would have believed a time would come when you could do your office work from the comfort of your home. Today remote work is fast becoming the new normal. It started with the tech industry and gradually encompassed all other professions that do not necessarily require workers to be physically present to carry out their work.

Following the pandemic, remote work has become more popular than barely two years ago. More and more employees are opting to work from home to be closer to family and loved ones. The need for social distancing has made it compulsory for certain industries.

Asides from time spent with family, remote work also saves you time. All the long hours spent in traffic commuting to and from the office are removed from the list of your worries. You can now enjoy a smooth and seamless transition from work hours to family time.

Although there are numerous other advantages to working remotely, it has its downsides. It is way easier to get distracted from home than when working at the office. With family and friends all around you and proximity to your home entertainment facilities, you might be tempted to procrastinate on office work. And this could eventually lead to a reduction in productivity.

Does this mean we have to go back to working from our offices to stay productive? Not at all. A backyard work pod is an answer to your productivity struggles. It offers you a distraction-free workspace for higher productivity without taking you away from your home. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds. That’s some exciting news.

We know you're thrilled and might already be looking out for available work pod options but slow down. Before you purchase a backyard work pod, you need to understand the basic features to look out for. We've outlined these features for you, and in addition to that, we have made a list of the best backyard work pod choices for you.

Backyard Office Pods

What are Features Necessary for Backyard Office Pods?

When choosing a backyard office pod, you should make your comfort a top priority. A well-constructed but uncomfortable office pod will not do much to boost your productivity; it will only reduce it further. While some of the features set to look out for are subjective to your needs, you should not compromise basic features. Here's the list.


There are many visual styles of home office pods. You should choose one that's not just appealing but also suits your location. A work pod that fits into a dirt-based backyard might not fit well in a garden.


You must check the dimensions of the office pod you want to purchase to know if it aligns with your office needs. You should consider the type and amount of office equipment you will need and if you’ll be working with others in the office. These will determine how much space you need in a work pod.

Generally, work pods are designed to accommodate a desk and chair comfortably. Once the pod can accommodate all your office equipment, you’re good to go.

Weather Resistance

Your backyard office pod is a semi-permanent structure outside your home and does not need additional protection. This means it will have to stand up to the elements of weather. You do not want your work pod destroyed by a little rough weather. It is recommended you look out for weather-resistant designs when purchasing one.


In choosing an office work pod, you must consider your budget. No matter how many home office trends reviews you read, you won’t be able to get one if you can’t afford it. What to do now? Determine what price range you can afford and find the work pod that will offer you the best combination of value and cost.


Your choice of work pod material can either be influenced by aesthetics or durability, or both. Whichever one you choose, ensure it aligns with your goals.

Best Backyard Work Pod Choices

Now that you know the basic features to look out for when selecting your backyard office pod, it is time to look at the best choices available for you. Let's give you an overview of some of the best choices of work pods you can choose from.


Source: YardPods


YardPods are one of the most customizable backyard office pod designs. You can customize all of its elements from its style material, foundation insulation, flooring, and accessories to suit your unique needs. Plus, all the modern office pod design options are also available.

YardPods are optimized for the San Francisco Bay Area, and if you live around there, you might enjoy less cost of delivery and installation.

Small Sphere Pods

As the name implies, this backyard pod is uniquely spherical. It’s almost as though you’re working from within a premium giant globe. It brings a welcome diversion from the squares and rectangles of regular pods. It comes in material and color choices that exude elegance.

The sphere pod has a rotatable entrance and is well suited for small spaces.

Rolling Prefab House

Imagine working in an office that's shaped like a cylinder. That's exactly what the Rolling Prefab House looks and feels like. The cylindrical-shaped pod is designed so that you can switch between office needs and leather structures meant for relaxation by rotating the pod.

Construction efficiency and mobile space were key considerations in the design of this pod. It was built by German college students and is not necessarily available for purchase. Another option is great for those interested in taking up a DIY home office project.

Igloo Pod

Source: Hypedome

Igloo Pod

The igloo pod gives an interesting visual. You get the dome shape structure of an igloo in a transparent design that’s way stronger than it looks. It is built with a glass-like material that is both impact and weather-resistant. It makes for an appealing, unique backyard office pod.

The igloo pod features a frameless design with an incredibly large workspace that speaks class and beauty. You can use it for alternate purposes other than work, such as a mini dinner. Eight people can fit around a table in the igloo pod.

Tetra Shed

This oddly-shaped backyard office pod is great for those interested in DIY home office kits. It is more of a concept art intended for mass adoption and usage. The pod has a strange shape because the pieces were designed to lock into adjacent ones seamlessly, just like puzzle pieces, rather than regular screws and nuts.

Although oddly shaped, the Tetra shed has an attractive and appealing look when put together. It is one of the closest alternatives to an office cubicle.

Rattan Lounger

Unlike the closed-up designs of most backyard office pods, the Rattan lounger features an open space in its design. The apple-shaped backyard pod is a great choice for those that love to enjoy the constant fresh air as they work. It has a very comfortable interior with plush cushions to maximize comfort. Although open, a cover is included for shielding when necessary.

Ten-seater Glass Sphere Pod

Source: Rotating Pod

Ten-seater Glass Sphere Pod

The name already tells you how much workspace this pod offers. The ten-seater glass pod option provides more than sufficient space for a home office, even when you need to meet with your team. As if that’s not good enough, this amazing spherical pod comes with some very useful integrations like LED lighting, a Bluetooth audio system, and even a heater with a fan.

Both the exterior and interior of this backyard office pod are completely customizable. You’ll have no problems fitting it into your backyard.

Rotating Luxury Pod

Although this is not the only pod that rotates, it is unique in that it rotates to a full 360 degrees. It allows you to adjust the position consistently to meet your current needs, like when you want a different view or when the sun is in your eyes.

It has sufficient space and can seat up to seven people comfortably. Adding a winter cover will provide additional protection during winter.


The Archibald is a beautiful and perfect blend of traditional and contemporary designs. No other work pod pulls it off better. This office pod has a spherical design with a door that uniquely opens upwards to create a stunning visual.

This desk saves you the time and cost of shopping for a home office desk as it comes with a lovely semi-circular desk inside of it. All you need to do is get yourself a good ergonomic chair, and you’re all set.

The Bunkie: Premier Deluxe

The Bunkie: Premier Deluxe

At first, The Bunkie was launched as a living space extension in Canada. Its aesthetics, however, makes it very suitable for use as a backyard work studio which it has become known for. It has a townhouse shape that gives it a homely feel and an internal design that promotes productivity.

The best part is that you are not required to obtain a permit to install this home extension in your backyard as a North American resident.


The OfficePod is arguably the only garden office pod to fully express the "pod" description. It looks like a pod in every sense, which is also small. It is suitable for very small spaces and will work well for people who want a backyard office pod in a small space. The small size also means it can only take one person and office supplies.

Garden Office Shed

A garden shed is traditionally used to store gardening tools, bikes, and other outdoor furniture. But guess what! We have found another great use for a garden shed; the home office. In addition to storage uses, you can redesign the garden shed to include a home office and space for other purposes like a work-out room. If you own a shed in your garden, you already have the building block for your garden office shed.

Private Backyard Office Shed

Private Backyard Office Shed

An Australian magazine first designed the modern outdoor home office shed outside. The office shed is enclosed in wooden plank siding with glazed doors and small black steel-framed windows. This backyard office shed has a stylish and modern look and ample space for productive work.

Final Words

Productivity no longer has to be a problem for remote workers. Backyard home office pods have seen to that. And what's more, you now know what features to look out for when purchasing one, as well as the best backyard office pod choices. It's now up to you to pick the one that best suits your needs. Good luck as you make your choice of a productivity-boosting home office workspace.