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Top Designer Office Desks You'll Love in 2021

25 November 2021

Working from home is becoming the norm. Even before COVID-19 changed the way we approached work, a home office was a common concept. For any workspace, you need the right equipment to make your work easy and efficient while keeping your health and wellbeing in mind, and this applies to your home office as well.

Let's look at some of the best designer office desks that would help not just make your work easier but also make your home office look stylish.

Best Designer Desks

The best desks come in different styles and different price ranges, but there is an option out there for everybody. Choosing the right desk requires careful thought because you don't want to pick out something that doesn't work for you.

Types of Office Desks

Not all office desks are the same. There are plenty of options with various features that you should consider.

Adjustable Height Desks

Adjustable Height Desks

Perfect for ergonomics, these desks are designed so you can set them at a position that works best for you given your height and frame. On these desks, you can work standing or sitting and make your workspace as comfortable as possible. Most standing desks now have electronic motors but some cheaper options come with manual adjustments.

Computer Desks

Computer Desks

Computer desks are designed to place computers and laptops. They usually have a tray for your keyboard and mouse and have electricals in mind, so you can hide your wires and cords to keep your desk looking neat and clean.

Writing Desks

Writing Desks

Writing desks are smaller than your average desk because they are meant for writing. Though they were more common before, they are slowly going out of style since most writing desks can't hold computers or laptops.

L-shaped Desks

L-shaped Desks

L-shaped desks are designed to fit into the corners of your room with a lot of space so you can spread out your work items. They often come with storage options like shelves, cabinets, drawers, etc.

So what kind of desk do you want for your workspace? Making the decision with so many options can be tough. Here's a list of the best designer office desks for your workplace.

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk

A multi-functional desk designed to handle all your needs, the Comhar All-One-Desk is a great addition to your office. As an adjustable desk, it lets you work while standing if you get too tired of sitting in the same place or need some stretching. There is a robust motor that allows the height transition to go through smoothly, and the height can go from 28.3" to 47.6" which is also perfect for children.

It also has a USB charging port embedded into it to connect your devices without your cords and wires getting entangled under your desk.

The embedded pull-out drawer is also useful for storing your office supplies when not in use so you can keep your desk space neat and clean. The design blends with the rest of the desk structure and avoids making the desk look too clunky.

The control panel can also be locked to keep accidental touches from bothering you while you work.

The desk is easy to set up, requiring only 3 basic steps and is excellent for when you have limited space. It takes up a minimal amount of floor space while still providing a wide desktop, so if you're looking for a desk that can fit into a small space, this is the perfect desk for you!

The Comhar stand-up desk is constructed with a steel tubing coated with powder which prevents scratches and stains and keeps the desk stable. Even at the highest height setting, you can be sure your desk remains steady.

It also comes with the desk-leveling feature in case the desk legs are placed unevenly. You can level the desk with a glider along the bottom which can fix the problem for you.

The desk has an anti-collision function as well, which keeps your desktop from causing or facing any damage while in motion

The desk comes with three options: the wooden top, glass top, and bamboo top. Catch it this Black Friday at a discount of 20%!

IKEA Thyge Desk

If you're looking for a designer desk for your office but you have a very strict budget, your best bet is the Ikea Thyge Desk.

A stylish desk, it comes with a small footprint that lets you keep it in any room you like. It has adjustable legs that suit users of all heights and even works well for kids. The desk offers a wide working space to keep your laptop computers and any other office supplies you may need without the desk cluttering too much. The tabletop is made of melamine which means you don't have to maintain it too much. It is also durable and stain-resistant.

Salina Desk with Hutch

If you want a desk that helps you with staying organized, the Salina Desk is the right option for you. The desk's hutch has open shelves where you can keep any books and folders that you need on hand.

It has a built-in cabinet where you can keep important files that shouldn't be left out in the open, and there's a sliding tray where you can keep your keyboard.

It has a simple design so you can set it up in any room without being too concerned about whether the desk will go well with the furniture or not. You can also get it in different colors if you want to coordinate it with a color scheme.

The desk also has a small drawer which you can use for storing office supplies and other materials to avoid cluttering the desk.

This desk does have a more complex assembly process which can be a bit tricky to figure out and having it assembled can cost you extra. The desk design also makes it a little less suited for smaller rooms since it can look bulky. The desk may also be a bit small for bigger people.

ZINUS Jennifer Black Frame Desk

This desk has a minimalistic design which can be perfect if you want your office to have a clean and modern look. The desk is built with solid steel that makes it very sturdy. The tabletop is thick and can withstand weight up to 100 pounds.

It comes at different lengths - from 47, 55, or 63 inches - so you can choose what works for you based on your height.

The desk also has different color options: black, brown, and natural wood.

One downside to this desk is that it takes some time to assemble. There are also no options for storage since there's no drawer or cabinet.

Casaottima L-Shaped Desk

L-shaped desks are perfect for office setups since they provide a lot of space with all your things in arm's reach.

The Casaottima desk has a steel frame with an MDF desktop which gives the desk a great level of stability. There are also leveling studs on the feet which helps you adjust the desk if you place it on unleveled ground.

The desk is also very easy to assemble, and takes very little floor space, while still giving a good amount of working space on the tabletop.

It also comes with a small shelf which you can attack the left or right sides, and place your items on it, such as your computer monitors or speakers, or even a cup of tea.

Monarch Specialties Corner Desk

Another L-shaped desk, the Monarch Specialties corner desk is excellent for storage, not just in the cabinets for storage but also in its layout which allows you to keep your things arranged efficiently and make maximum use of the space available to you.

There are also two medium-sized storage drawers for storing supplies with one larger file drawer. The other side of the desk is hollow and has two long shelves for further storage, with three smaller shelves facing out. With so many options for storage, you can keep all your things organized and arranged in a way that lets you work efficiently.

Besides its excellent functionality regarding storage, the desk also has a sleek, contemporary design that will make it fit into any room and complement it. Though this desk is rather large and takes up space, it also provides a lot of space for working. You can also choose if you want a white finish or dark, taupe to fit your workspace.

Your work environment can affect your work style too, so it's best to invest some time into your workstation and make it so that you can work as efficiently as possible without compromising on the style aspect!