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Top Professions That Require a Flexible Workstation

04 November 2021

Whether you are working from the office or from your home, having the right workstation could be the difference between delivering and running behind schedule. Every professional requires a good chair and a desk that not only helps them handle their work without a hitch but is kind to their bodies. Sitting down for hours on end is not an easy thing to pull off.

We are going to look at the top professionals who require a proper workstation that helps them to bring out their best. These are people who handle different kinds of work that affect our daily lives in different capacities. But first, we have to define what a flexible workstation is.

What is a Flexible Workstation?

A flexible workstation is simply a combination of a desk and a chair that can be adjusted in a number of ways that make it easy for an individual to work without straining too much. There are a number of desks, chairs, converters, and desk bikes that are slowly changing how people work from the office, and they are briefly discussed below.

Adjustable Standing Desk Pros Series

Standing Desks

Standing desks are a special type of working desk that allows the user to adjust the height, making it possible for the individual to work while sitting and standing. They are basically designed to enhance convenience at the office as they are generally smaller than regular desks but pack so many functionalities that will put any other kind to shame. 

The Adjustable Standing Desk Pros Series is one good example of a sit-stand desk that is designed with the following amazing features.

An advanced all-in-one keypad with adjustment buttons for quick and automated calibrations.
A dual motor lifting system that does the work for you in seconds.
A durable and stable construction that can accommodate huge loads

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomic Chair

This feature-rich office chair is built to ensure the user doesn’t experience any pain or discomfort when using them. They come laden with all kinds of adjustments possibilities that give more control to the user, no matter their body size.

One good option under this category would be the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair that comes with the following features.

Good lumbar support that keeps your back well supported and comfortable.
A breathable mesh that ensures your back gets exposed to air to stop you from sweating up your clothes.
An adjustable seat depth.
High-quality construction.

Standing Desk Converter

Standing Desk Converter

This is a structure that is added on top of a regular desk to allow the user to stand while working. It is portable and stable enough to be placed on any flat surface and is ideal for people who have no money to get a full standing desk.

A good example of this would be the AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters, and it comes with the following features.

Spacious desktop surface for holding your working tools.
Flexible height adjustments.
Portable enough to be moved around easily.
A removable keyboard tray

Professions that Must Use Flexible Workstations

Having defined what a flexible workstation looks like and functions, we now need to look at some of the professions that may benefit the most from this. They include the following.

Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers spend a lot of time hunched over desks staring at screens for most of their day as they try to come up with designs for their clients. It is a time-consuming job that must have comfortable workstations that reduce the strain on their bodies.

A graphic designer should go for a desk that can be adjusted to suit their height or one that they can switch to working while standing if sitting for too long starts to have an effect on them. It should also have a wide working surface that can accommodate a sizable screen.


Programmers and coders are another groups of professionals that spend a lot of time using computers to create their work. Spending over 8hrs typing away and looking at the screen can cause you some issues with your back.

The best counter to this would be to get a good and adjustable working chair that is built for comfort and can be adjusted to any setting that suits your needs. The biggest issue for coders is the pain they feel in their wrists, and this can be countered by an adjustable desk that can be raised to make the elbows level to ease the pressure.



Pro gaming is slowly becoming a very widespread and viable way for people to make money. However, the amount of time that a pro gamer spends seated is way too long for anyone to escape without developing some serious back problems.

There are specific gaming stations that one can use to make things a little bit easier. They come in the form of adjustable gaming chairs and desks that are able to accommodate a number of screens. The chairs are also large and have wheels that allow them to shift from one end to the other quickly.

Customer Care

Customer care representatives in call centers spend long hours answering calls from customers, some even doing it all night. This can be exhausting, both mentally and physically, and without the proper workstation, you could find yourself in the ER before you know it.

Considering how much they use their hands and elbows to deal with calls and type on computers, a customer care professional should find a good chair and standing desk combination that allows them to switch from sitting to standing when they start feeling some pressure on their backs and neck. 



Painting and other artistic works require a lot of space and sparse furniture since the artist has to move around a lot. But at the same time, they need a platform that they can use to create their work while sitting or standing. This demands for a highly flexible workstation combination of an adjustable standing desk and a chair that require less effort to use.

If you are a painter, you probably work best while sitting and standing, and for this reason, a good drafting table that comes with a tiltable top for making your sketching easier without leaning over too much at the detriment of your neck. 

Online Tutors

The pandemic has changed the dynamic of learning as many students had to switch to virtual learning to keep up with school work. This meant that teachers and tutors had to switch to working from home. Setting up the ideal workstation that makes it easy for them to teach their students without straining.

A good standing desk and an ergonomic chair combination are all it would take for a comfortable setup that can accommodate all the teaching tools that one would need. If they get tired, then switching to standing and back by a simple press of a button is the convenience that would make teaching seamless and fun for them during this time.

Sound Engineers

Sound Engineers

Sound engineering is another demanding job that requires people to sit down for hours trying to get that perfect sound. This requires a lot of concentration and this means spending a lot of hours in the studio. Most lose track of time, and this can have devastating effects on their backs and necks if they keep using the wrong chair.

A sound engineer must invest in a good and flexible chair that allows them to change their depth as they feel like it. The chair should also be well padded to hold their weight for hours without any feeling of discomfort. It should also come with a good backrest with a breathable mesh that can hold their backs when they lean back.


Writers come in very many shapes and types. There are novelists, blog writers, content creators, copywriters, and so many more who spend a good amount of their day writing up texts that end up being used online as reading material. Without a proper workstation, the body may experience all kinds of discomfort that may interfere with the creative process and affect the quality of writing.

For a writer, getting both an adjustable desk and chair that allows you to calibrate them to your exact height could be the difference between turning in that killer novel or very disjointed work. Think of your comfort first, then do all in your power to find the best one that money can buy.


Everybody is required to sit down when working and using the right furniture is very important. Comfort and convenience are the two things that should drive your search for a good workstation that suits all your needs. Consider checking out Flexispot and go through the wide array of options that may just be what you are looking for. Feel free to ask any questions and have all of them addressed by a team of experts.