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Top Rated Ergonomic Office Chair Designs: 6 picks for 2021

26 August 2021

It’s old news that leading a stationary lifestyle exposes you to a series of harmful health conditions. According to research, sitting for long hours is a harbinger of declining health. 

However, the fact remains that we need to sit for an extended period to execute some tasks. Consequently, you need the best office chair to mitigate the effect of a stationary lifestyle.

Due to the healthy competition in the ergonomics furniture world, you may be in a fix trying to decide which chair would suit you best. 

Nonetheless, there’s no such thing as a one size fit when it comes to ergonomic chairs. Everyone has different body structures and tastes. Hence, this definitive guide to top office chair designs explores all you need to know about buying a quality ergonomic chair.  

In this article, you will find chairs suitable for different people regardless of their budget or tastes. Below is a list of our best office chair designs for 2021. We recommend that you delve into this informative piece and knock yourself out!

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

How long do you spend sitting?

You can launch your search for the best suited ergonomic chair by asking yourself this question: how long do you spend in your seat? 

It may seem irrelevant, but it isn't. The kind of chair that would suit someone who spends the most time on the move will be different from a colleague who works full time in his seat.

Short hours/ part-time

Spending short time at your desk isn’t an excuse for buying a poorly designed chair. You’re still entitled to comfort no matter how fleeting the time is. It doesn’t take long before you get antsy and uncomfortable in a chair with poor ergonomics. Moreover, it encourages terrible sitting postures.

Although you may not need to buy a chair that would cost an arm and a leg, you can get a light budget chair with adequate support.


If you belong to the 9-5 work team, chances are you spend a lot of time in your seat. Hence, you should invest in an ergonomic chair design. They are often intuitive to your body and offer maximum support coupled with easy maneuverability.

These features are essential for a full-time worker to maintain a hitch-free workflow and healthy workplace. 

When you buy an ergonomic chair, you improve more than your comfort. It spikes up your productivity, improves your blood flow, mood, and sitting posture at once.  

Extended hours/ overnight

Working a 24-hour shift has its downsides. But you can’t afford to add a substandard work chair to the list. Consequently, chairs designed for long work shifts are made meticulously with rapt attention to lumbar support, comfort, and durability. 

An everyday office chair can’t do justice to your needs, be deliberate about buying chairs designed to serve this purpose. 

What is your budget?

The price of quality ergo chairs varies. But when you invest in a top-rated and quality chair, you can use it for years, provided you maintain it well. Hence, if you splurge big bucks on a top-notch office chair, it will yield a delectable return.

Nevertheless, your budget affects your investment. Some advanced designs cost up to $2000. But you can get a chair that costs half of that.

You can get a chair one-tenth of that price, but you need to buy from a trusted brand.

Before you buy a chair, have a list of features that are deal-breakers for you. Regardless of how light your budget may be, don’t end up with a chair riddled with such features. Otherwise, you may have to get another one within a short period.

What material do you want?

A chair's construction consists of several features; one of them is the material. We can’t make this decision for you because it depends on personal preferences. 

However, we can help you decide by highlighting the various material options you have and the downsides of each one. 

You know what they say: choose your poison wisely. 


Some people set more store by leather chairs. But for others, it may be one red flag to avoid in an office workstation. If you ask us, we’d say leather is a classic choice, and there’s the timelessness as well. But is that enough?

There’s more to a leather ergonomic chair than the luxurious appearance. Let’s check out other considerations.


  • Soft leather delivers delightful comfort
  • Easy cleaning: maintaining hygiene has never been easier
  • Undoubtedly stylish
  • It could be durable if maintained properly


  • Cracks with time without proper care
  • Not an excellent choice during summer
  • Pricey
  • It's difficult to tell a genuine leather apart from counterfeit designed by unreputable brands.

soutien mesh


This material is the new wave in the ergonomic office chair world. It has proven to be an industry leader in many ways. Mesh navigates the office chair design world with a distinctive approach that the timeless leather material can’t beat. 


  • Cost-effective and accessible
  • It has lightweight, making mesh chairs easily maneuverable
  • Ultra-breathability


  • Durability isn’t like other materials
  • It’s more fictional than luxurious
  • The style option is limited

Knitted Fabric

Occupying the design space between mesh and leather is the famous knitted fabric. It’s a simple design style that many large commercial offices find attractive. 


  • Highly breathable under any weather condition
  • Multi-functional and easily accessible
  • Comfortable
  • Offer attractive color varieties


  • Not as hygienic as mesh
  • It doesn’t appear modern like the other options

Top Six picks for 2021

The six chairs on our list are the best quality ergonomic chairs in 2021. These chairs have comfortable seat paddings, apt body intuition, maximum lumbar support, and other health-improving features. 

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Flexispot’s Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Making it to the best seller’s rank is Soutien ergonomic office chair. It’s not hard to figure out why. This chair has a 3D lumbar support that offers constructive support all day long. 

It ticks all the ergonomic boxes you can imagine with comfy armrests, an airy mesh back, a rebound system, etc.

The back of this ergo chairs curves structurally and conforms to your spines, delivering maximum support and headrest.

It also has an armrest that’s adjustable to four different heights. Each one is a perfect fit for any body shape or size and ensuring your elbow and arms rest comfortably.

Additionally, the tilting ability goes as far as 45-degree reclination. You can recline your seat to a suitable position with ease. Moreover, the overall sitting experience is intensely delightful. You even get a chance to customize the seat depth to suit your body and needs.

As a high-quality chair, Soutien is undoubtedly suitable for intense office work.

Steelcase Gesture

Simplicity and compactness single out Steelcase gesture. But after the first use, you’d be convinced there’s more. Of course, there is. 

Despite the excessive investment of up to $1000, it’s worth every dime spent on it. This chair employs a back that is flexible and highly supportive.

The laundry lists of intuitive adjustments that riddles this chair is incredible. From the lumbar height, the seat height, armrest, and tilt control. One of the highlights is the synchronous tilt that lifts the seat mildly when you recline. This movement ensures you keep your feet on the ground for blood circulation.

It also boasts of a seat shell equipped with giving, hence the ability to shift and move each time you change your sitting position.

And the icing on the cake is the variations of colors, fabrics, and material options. This customization affords you the ability to make a detailed decision on your chair.

Herman Miller Aeron

Mesh material is reputable for adjusting to temperature, and it’s one of the distinctive features of the Herman Miller Aeron chair. This chair remains iconic and unmoved in the modern ergonomic chair era.

This chair has served a futuristic purpose since its first release in 1994. And it has stayed relevant with its ability to contour to your spines. 

When you need a chair to prop you up with an ergonomic structure, Herman miller is one of your best bets.

Besides sharpening good sitting postures, it’s not bulky and can absorb multiple movements and maneuverability. Similarly, it’s durable enough to last for about a decade-- this is dependent on how well you care for it.

This ergonomic chair has three sizes that tend to different body types, so check out the fitting guide before purchasing one. With 94% recyclability, this chair is years ahead of its time. Little wonder it holds a fort in the ergonomics industry with ease.

Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 1388

An issue that’s common to office workers is spine fatigue. Luckily, Ergonomic office mesh chair 1388 by Flexispot has a solution to it. This chair dispenses comfort through its highly functional backrest, 3D armrest, and multi-functional headrest.

But that’s like grazing the surface of what this ergonomic office mesh chair has to offer. 

The multi-dimensional headrest has a rotary motion that allows you to pick the most suitable position for your neck. With this feature, you can kiss neck ache goodbye. 

Furthermore, this ergo office chair has lumbar support that exterminates any form of back pain and enhances your spine’s natural curve. Hence you can work with ease and maximize your productivity without sacrificing your health. 

Ultimately, the mesh back support prevents any heat build-up on your back as it offers ultra-breathability features. The double mesh pad cushion is an impressive addition that further highlights its unrivaled quality. Trust it to work its wonders as a modern ergonomic chair suitable for extended sitting.

Autonomous ErgoChair 2

Far from being a rookie in the office chair space, Autonomous remains one of the brands that create clever and affordable office chairs. The ergo chair 2 is a product that depicts the value placed on customer's comfort.

This chair boasts massive adjustability as all its parts move. The seat pan, armrests, the seat cushion, and even the lumbar supports make their turn up and down the chair's spine. 

It has a mesh back that ensures breathability, and it has five reclining positions. The flexibility embedded in ergo chair two is laudable. However, it does have a few trade-offs that you can pass on. 

Besides that, there’s a variety of colors that makes it a suitable blend in almost any office setting. Gunning for a classic office look? Try the black, black/white, or gray/white. Or do you intend to make a statement? There are bolder colors like blue, vibrant red, and green for this purpose. 

Hon Exposure

Hon exposure has several features that tend to a tight budget. Two things stand this chair in its class of chairs. It offers dependability and affordability all in one mix. 

However, it may be functional, but it isn’t the flashiest of chairs. It features rangy adjustable features like the armrest, seat height, and movable lumbar supports. 

All these features extend support to your lower back.

Hon exposure has a comfortable all-day use that’s uncommon for similar ergo chairs within that price range. Although the build isn’t as sturdy as some other expensive picks, it offers excellent support that enhances your sitting experience.

You can’t go wrong with this ergo chair, but the appearance may not suit your taste-- depending on what your taste entails. In the long run, it’s all about your budget and needs.

Final Words

Comfort is personal in many ways. Similarly, the comfortability of a chair is hinged on your personality and what you consider comfortable. 

You’d find it worthwhile to try out options and find one that appeals to your taste and cuts it for you. Because eventually, you’d be stuck with any choice you make. Ensure it’s a choice you can proudly own.