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Traditional Style of Interior Design for Your Home Office

30 March 2021

Home offices come in all kinds of sizes and designs. They also come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Getting your home office design just right is not really difficult. Start with the purpose of your home office – whether it will serve as a work-from-home space or for business meetings. Also, keep in mind the needs and requirements of the other people who live in your house. Then, move on to making it feel different from the rest of the house as this can help you focus.

Tips on Home Office Design

It doesn’t matter if you spend only a few hours in your home office or have to be there the whole day – customization is key. Creating a productive office space that brings out the best in you should be the aim. Here are a few tips to remember when designing your home office.

  • Suitable location – If your work requires you to work in solitude and undisturbed for extended periods, then a spare room or the garage might be a suitable spot. But if you need to multi-task such as watching kids or doing laundry, then it might be a good idea to set up your workspace close to the laundry room or the family room.
  • Identify needs – Think about the items you will need in your home office. From laptops to furniture and everything in between! Make a list in order of priority and set it up gradually.
  • Choose a theme – You could go with a traditional style or more formal type of workspace. Or, you could just turn it into a sleek, modern office or go the informal way with a casual work setting. The type of work you do will to some extent play a role in this. For instance, a lawyer’s home office needs to show clients that they take their work seriously. So, kitschy souvenirs or a beach vibe might work well for an interior decorator more than a lawyer.
  • Stay in character – At the same time, the home office should reflect your personality. If you’re a cheery and vibrant person, then a neutral color scheme is definitely not for you. Include a couple of brightly-colored walls and strategically placed accessories in eye-catching hues to liven up the space.
  • Go ergonomic - Do not compromise on your health even while at work. For this, ensure that you have ergonomic furniture that provides adequate spine and back support. Accessories that encourage active sitting such as specially designed office chairs and stools are some things you might want to look at.
  • Keep it uncluttered – Organizing your workspace will help you focus on the task at hand instead of rummaging around for a usable pen or paper clips. It also boosts your client’s confidence in you. Being well-prepared for even the most mundane of chores send across the message that you are truly serious about anything you do!


Why go the Traditional Way?

The adage ‘old is gold’ definitely holds true for home office design ideas. Over the years, design fads have come and gone. However, the traditional style of interior design continues to hold its sway over the years. While it may be temporarily eclipsed by newer fads, a lot of people eventually choose the timeless appeal of traditional signs. One reason to opt for traditional designs is the flexibility it offers you. Some words that you would associate with tradition include rich, handsome, and vibrant to name a few. Furniture made of dark wood, a rich color palette, fabrics such as silk and velvet are what you are likely to find in traditional designs. Traditional designs are known for the harmony and order that they usher in, an absolute essential when it comes to being effective at work. Symmetry and consistency are additional benefits of this style of design. Sturdy furniture, carved moldings, and exquisite woodwork are some of the features you could look at incorporating in this type of design. These would seem innocuous in other design styles such as industrial or modern. However, there are no strict rules when it comes to designing a home office you love. So, given the nature of the everchanging world, you can also choose to include designs from other styles to make for a truly unique workspace. It will still be considered a traditional setting!


Ideas for a Traditional Setting

A traditional home office design is preferred by many because it tends to turn the area into a welcoming space. Some characteristics of a traditional design style include wood desks, rich colors, plush upholstery, and subtly placed accent pieces. However, traditional does not have to mean boring. So, feel free to mix and match as well as experiment with a merger of different styles to get exactly what you want.

  1. A classic photo wall – Put up a photo wall with some dated photos or artwork. To enhance the traditional style of design, choose photo frames that are ornate.
  1. Put up enough storage options - If there is not enough place for putting up shelves or a cupboard, then opt for furniture that lets you keep your things within easy reach. A versatile desk with appropriate drawers and charging points might help here.
  1. Liven it up – Even when your job profile requires your home office to appear staid and dignified, you could strategically place unique showpieces to liven it up. This will brighten up the space without compromising on your picture of seriousness and focus.
  1. Choose a desk with decorative and utility value - The classic and elegant FlexiSpot Theodore Standing Desk will fit in perfectly with your traditional home office design. A perfect blend of the old and new, this sleek standing desk has a timeless design offset by the latest in ergonomic technology. This solid wood desk has a walnut veneer and offers new age features such as built-in USB ports, adjustable height, and an integrated storage drawer to keep you organized. It can be easily integrated into your workspace with ease, be it a nook, corner, or an empty wall.
  1. Sit right – Pick an ergonomically superior office chair for your use. If you require additional seating arrangements, you could opt for classic high back chairs or upholstered pieces with a firm seat.
  1. Keep it classy – Understated elegance is the key to getting the traditional home office design right. Solid colors offset by a vibrant piece here and there can create a dramatic impact. Rich leather, golden undertones, and bright brocades can all come together seamlessly to give you the look you seek.
  1. Unique fixtures – Keep an eye out for unique fixtures that stand out. This can add a tiny bit if *rustic* charm and appeal to the space.
  1. A touch of gold – Golden accents when used in moderation can add to the classy feel of your traditional interior design theme. A desk lamp with a gold outline or a photo frame can help create a striking contrast.
  1. Aim for muted lighting – Unless your work requires that you use bright lights all the time, you could look at muted lighting as an option. This is especially during downtime hours and can have a calming effect.
  1. Include vintage accessories – While there is no harm in blending different design elements, sticking to traditionality has its own charm. Including vintage accessories can lend a more authentic feel to your guest house.
  1. Roll out the carpet – Carpeting can instantly transform your home office and tie together the varied design elements. Give some thought to the color when choosing a carpet. Neutral shades are always a good choice given their versatility.
  1. Create a focal point - Traditional interior design projects are normally centered around a focal point, This could be a fireplace or an eye catching painting. Just make sure that it does not end up looking too ostentatious or overpowering, especially if your home office is a compact one.


Irrespective of the office design style you opt for, it is essential to make it a space that lets you be at your productive best. Apart from the tools of your trade, your home office should be comfortable enough for you even when you have to put in long hours of work. The aim here is to create a homely space that lets you work at your own pace without being overwhelmed in any way. Reading up a little on the fundamentals of design and style will help you do a good job. So, what are you waiting for? Start now and set up that home office that you have always longed for.