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Transform Your Room with Flexispot Floating Shelves

02 September 2021

You’ve probably spent too much of last year stuck at your home while in quarantine. You wake up and sleep every day in the same room with the same plain walls and the same old furniture. You get up and go to the kitchen you’ve traveled to a thousand times this year. You go to the living room and everything looks the same as it did when you were still ten years old, only now you’ve spent countless nights binge-watching every new series on Netflix. While it’ll be great to travel outside for a much-needed change of scenery, you can always redecorate your house for a visual refresh. 

It doesn’t have to be drastic; it doesn’t even have to be expensive either. With Flexispot’s Floating Shelves, you can easily spruce up every nook and corner in your house without breaking the bank and taking up precious floor space. What’s great about floating shelves is that you can rearrange the items they hold anytime you get bored and want to work on something. While you may not wake up in a brand new place, something will feel different and hopefully spice up even a minute of your day. 

Floating Shelves WSF1

The WSF1 

Available in Maple (WSF1N) and Mahogany (WSF1M), Flexispot’s floating shelves can easily blend in any room aesthetic without it becoming an eyesore or taking the center of attention. It’s a versatile piece wherein you can attach two fixed hooks to the wood for more space to hang room intricacies and daily necessities. 

Each shelf guarantees to hold up to 44 pounds or 20 kilograms of items. Installing is easy peasy with five steps to follow: first, mark the area where the brackets will be placed; second, drill a hole on each of the marked positions; third, align the brackets with the holes; fourth, screw them in tightly; five, insert both ends of the wooden piece into the installed brackets. 

Each order of the WSF1 comes in three pieces with each shelf being 17.7" long, 0.98" thick, and 6.67" wide. This just means there’s ample room for books, plants, photos, toys, kitchen essentials, and more. Below we listed down the eight ways on how to make use of your floating shelf from Flexispot. Of course, it’ll be up to you how and where to place it. Inject some creativity and make sure it goes with the room’s overall design while also serving its functional purpose. 

Floating Shelves WSF1

Kitchenware/ Pantry Essentials 

Open shelves have long been used for a kitchen and pantry space. After all, when you’re in the kitchen, you want to be able to see what is available that you can grab to complete your recipe or a nifty tool to finish mixing your dry or wet ingredients. 

You may adapt a labeling system; for example, putting condiments inside jars and labeling each one for easy identification. Plates, mugs, and cutlery that are frequently used can also be up for display. Just make sure everyone in the household is informed and disciplined enough to return it to the right place after use. There are also tons of pantry organization ideas such as putting together all junk food in one corner and healthy snacks in another. 


Nowadays, most people use Kindle, their iPads, laptops, and phones to read books. But there was a time that you used to be in love with paperback and hardbound covers. Display your most favorite books, books that everyone needs (such as a dictionary or Bible)nor those that you haven’t read yet and want to be forced to read sometime in the near future. 

Books can be arranged by dominant color, author, year, genre. There is really no one way to go about it. Just guarantee that the arrangement makes it easy for you to pick up a read and return it. 


You may have your own vertical garden inside your house with floating shelves. Place indoor plants according to what pleases you as you get to play with size, color, texture, and kind. Make it even more fun by buying ceramic pots and vases that you deem will be interesting conversation pieces. 


You have probably been contemplating where to put your newly bought photo frames. Fret not because once you install the floating shelves, you’ll have extra space to display photo frames. This can definitely serve as the focal point of your living room or bedroom. 

Floating Shelves WSF1

Bathroom Storage

Bathrooms don’t usually have the space for an extra cabinet. Enter floating shelves which are great options to place your bath essentials and also breathe new life to your bathroom by sprucing it up with candles, diffusers, plants, etc. 

Media Center

Even though streaming platforms are at their peak, we sometimes still reach out for our favorite DVDs. Have them on display beside vinyl records, CD albums, recording tapes, or whatever media form you want to be seen on top of a Flexispot floating shelf. 

Trophies / Medals / Plaques of Recognition

You’re probably on top of the class and your brother’s a decorated quarterback. Whatever it is, line up those achievements on top of Flexispot’s floating wooden shelves. It’ll be something you will always be proud to look at and can spark motivation within you to always work at your best and hardest. 


Maybe it’s your daughter’s hand painting or your framed calligraphy piece---feel free to make use of floating shelves to showcase those works of art and could add color to an otherwise dull space. 

Floating Shelves WSF1

Home Office Storage

Add your personal flavor to your home office by installing floating shelves right behind or beside your workstation. It can improve workflow and efficiency when you get rid of office clutter because of additional storage and don’t have to walk far from your station just to get extra pencils or paper clips. 

Final Thoughts

Anyone can easily transform a space with creative and mindful design. Take into account the purpose of the decor, whether it’s just for display or meant to function as more than that. Placement is also a very important consideration in terms of the decor serving its purpose. You don’t want it to be an eyesore or be too far from reach; say, for example, it was made to store some of your desk items so place it near your desk for convenience. 

Changing or adding one detail can transform a space if and when done right.