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Transitioning to a Standing Desk

27 July 2021

Standing desks are becoming much more popular in the modern office. According to research, they may help minimize harmful health effects such as cancer, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Think about getting a standing desk if you'd like to move about more during the workday. It's great to see a trend of individuals becoming more aware of the consequences of prolonged sitting, but more significantly, they're aggressively striving to do something with it.

So, let's assume your FlexiSpot standing desk has been delivered, and you're excited to start seeing and feeling the benefits of standing and moving more while working. You're also eager to try out all of the new features. We understand how thrilling it is to have a new device to experiment with, but we want this journey to be the best it could be for you, with no injuries. But what are some of the steps you're going to go through before transitioning to using a standing desk while working? 

Do some reading and learn about it

Before you make purchases, do some reading on standing desks. Assess what you require, the overall product quality, and how easy it will be to use regularly.

Give it a shot

After you've finished your research, it's time to try something new. Your goal is to see if standing up while working has many rewards for you. While there are numerous online options, you might want a feel for a standing desk in an office furniture store first, or try using a friend's or someone you know who has one.

Prepare for the transition period

The shift to a standing desk is generally straightforward, although it is not always smooth. Expect some discomfort during the early transition phase, such as sore feet and tired legs. At the onset, alternate sitting and standing hourly. Remember that the discomfort is caused by your body's habit of sitting while working. It takes an average individual around two weeks to gain confidence and the ability to stand for long periods. Your body will get more robust, and the pain will go away.

Little helpers: Comfy shoes and an anti-fatigue mat

Standing for lengthy amounts of time in any style of dress shoe is uncomfortable and inconvenient. You should get a comfy pair of shoes and keep them in your workplace or cubicle. Together with caring for your feet, it would help if you considered your complete comfort. Investing in an anti-fatigue floor mat is critical for standing desk performance. These floor mats are called anti-fatigue for nothing: they provide extra padding to allow you to work longer while standing and help reduce knee discomfort. Most individuals will be fine with a regular half-inch anti-fatigue floor mat, but if you're on your feet for ten or more hours per day, you might need to try a thicker one.

Keep moving

It's about incorporating exercise into your routine. It would be best if you remained moving as you stand. Change your positions, use a footstool to rest your feet, or even explore under-desk bikes. Standing still for long periods can cause back pain and exhaustion. It is preferable to rotate between sitting and standing during the day rather than remaining in one position for most of the day.

Take frequent breaks

If you have meetings or phone calls, these are excellent moments to take a break and sit for a few minutes. Additionally, take a walk away from your desk. Standing still for long periods is almost as bad for your health as sitting for lengthy periods. It doesn't have to be a long stroll; aim for five minutes of walking per hour spent standing.

Recognize the significance of ergonomics

Workplace ergonomics design considerations that aim to enhance productivity by reducing employee fatigue and stress. When working, it is critical to use suitable techniques.

  • The computer monitor must be at eye level.
  • When typing and mousing, your arms should be at a proper 90-degree angle and wrists neutral and comfortable.
  • Try to ensure that your computer monitor is at least an arm's distance away from you.

Consider your entire posture

When standing, try concentrating on your entire posture. It's easy to revert to the unhealthy habits that led you to purchase a standing desk. Maybe you can imagine your head hitting the ceiling. This will assist you in standing tall by keeping your shoulders back. Place your feet shoulder-length off from each other, but try crossing your legs to change things up. You'll soon discover what feels right for you.

The Transition

Start carefully and gradually while shifting to a standing desk and progressively increase your standing hours. Keep in mind not to stand all of the time, but to build on what you're already doing every day, whatever works best for both you and your body.

What to Expect

If you're used to spending 8+ hours a day sitting behind your desk and in travel, you'll likely experience soreness in your legs, feet, and possibly your back during the first 2-3 weeks. This improves with time, but don't push yourself too aggressively before you've had a chance to acclimate. However, you will experience many good benefits, such as a better mood, better breathing, more energy, and greater mental clarity.

Hours of Standing

The quantity of standing time you can handle every day can largely depend on characteristics such as age, strength, fitness, physique, and past injuries. If you're standing and feeling tired or uncomfortable, it's time to stretch, walk, or sit. However, if your body is in good shape, you might begin by including 1 hour of standing throughout your workday and gradually increase to 4-5 hours every day. This should be split into smaller intervals on a routine basis. We strongly advise against standing for 5 hours statically.

Your Standing Desk

A height-adjustable desk, such as FlexiSpot's Seiffen, is the ideal solution to include more standing and exercise into your day. The ability to freely go from sitting to standing and vice versa at the touch of a button will improve your standing experience significantly. FlexiSpot also sells standing desk converters, including the AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters. They attach to your existing desk, transforming it into a height-adjustable desk. FlexiSpot makes changing the height of your workspace entirely straightforward, whether you're in the middle of a match or engaged on a project at work.

Introducing FlexiSpot's Best-Selling Model: Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

Combining advanced functionality with a low price, this standing desk is not only cost-effective but it has also been proven for its standard of quality and quantity of efficiency. You now can stand and work for as little as $247 without having to worry about spinal health complications.

Advanced Stable Desk Frames

Eco (2-Stage): The Eco frame can meet the needs of the vast majority of consumers. You may be confident that the surface will never collapse under the load of your computer and other devices. It is a low-cost solution that offers excellent value for money.

Pro (2-Stage): The dual-motor lifting system provides a higher weight capability, faster-lifting speed, and improved stability. It is the best option for setting up bigger and broader desktops as well as heavier devices. Suitable for dedicated players and people looking for higher performance and quality.

Pro (3-Stage): Engineered to provide the best standing desk experience possible, it has a broad height-adjustable span and a speedier lifting speed. It is the ideal choice for folks who need greater adaptability for their body height, such as kids and basketball players. The frame is well-suited to more varied applications such as kid learning, live streaming, and intricate crafting.

Two Keypad Options

Basic: With a quick button press, you can instantly go from sitting to standing position.

Advanced All-in-One: You can effortlessly save your chosen standing, sitting, and under-desk cycling heights with three programmable settings. You can also view your actual desk height on the energy-efficient LED display, which intelligently enters sleep mode to save power while the desk is immobile. You may also set up useful activity notifications to alert you to sit or stand at periodic intervals or turn the alerts off entirely when appropriate.

See more of it and get your own Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) here!

It is beneficial to your mental clarity, productivity, and overall wellness to break up extended periods of sitting. An electric height-adjustable workstation, such as FlexiSpot's, is the best approach to get started with standing. Assemble your workspace today and make a stand for your health.