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Try Chair Squats at Your Workplace for Stronger and Toned Legs

14 June 2023

Modern technology has brought numerous life conveniences but at there's a major cost that we often don't talk about and that is spending longer hours in a sitting position. Today the nature of the job has changed due to changing technology that requires individuals to spend longer hours at a desk. Moreover, modern-day conveniences like cars and buses also allow for excessive comfort that limits an individual's ability to move the body as required in order to stay fit and healthy.

The result is that we have a workforce that's a lot more productive but has compromised health and well-being as a result of the sedentary lifestyle that comes with modern-day technology. Almost every individual with a desk job has one of the most dangerous health conditions including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal concerns, high blood pressure, and other chronic illnesses, and all of these health conditions can be attributed to too much sitting.

Fortunately, there are several quick and easy ways to move your body while you are at work or on your way to and from work. Walking or riding a bike to and from your workplace to your home is one of them whereas stretching while you're still at work is another one.

And that's what we look at in this spot. While there are many stretches that you can try out at your desk while you are working, one of the stretches that enable you to strengthen and tone your leg muscles is squats.

So the next time you think your desk-bound job is negatively impacting your health and well-being, try incorporating some chair squats into your workday and boost your circulation, avoid injury and stiffness, and gain strength for your leg muscles.

Let's look at some of the benefits your body gets when you try chair squats and how you can do them while you are at your workplace and what are a few things that you may need at your workplace to ensure your health and well-being.

Benefits of Chair Squats

Do you have a desk job that requires you to sit for long hours? Are you looking for a workout regime that you can try while working for toned and stronger legs?

Then chair squats offer you all that you need. It helps strengthen the lifting muscles in your legs such as your quads and brings several other benefits. Let's look at some of the benefits that chair squats offer.

Improved Energy and Well Being

It is common for employees with desk-bound job to experience muscle weakness that over time affects their flexibility and eventually mobility. It is therefore common for employees with a desk job to take sick days from work compared to an individual who is physically fit and incorporates regular physical activity in their schedule.

It happens because regular exercise provides energy to the individuals which lasts all day. The energy produced when a person workout enables them to have renewed focus and concentration which also aids in improving their productivity at the workplace and beyond.

Promotes Aspirational Goal-Setting

Individuals who are working in the corporate sector aspire to set goals for their performance and growth. Any form of physical activity helps individuals better accomplish their professional goals as a workout improves health and well-being and also aids in enhancing performance at work.

If you incorporate chair squats in your workday routine, it makes an excellent physical workout that will also help you accomplish the aspirational professional goals that you have set for yourself.

Get Stronger Legs

Many individuals often believe that chair squats are not as effective as regular squats considering the functional advantages. While the two types of squats are performed slightly differently, they use the same group of muscles. And even though chair squats provide a different range of benefits compared to regular squats, you can still get stronger and more toned leg muscles if you try out chair squats.

The other key benefit that you can enjoy while doing chair squats is that the leg workout technique doesn't require too much balance. Since you are fixed into a position because of the chair, it eliminates the need to stabilize your body weight or maintain balance which makes it a relatively easy-to-perform leg workout that's also proven effective in strengthening and toning your legs.

Boost Deadlift Performance

Now many individuals are aware of the benefit of chair squats. The workout might also translate well to deadlifts and other forms of workouts that involve total-body movement.

If deadlifting makes an integral part of your post-office hours workout routine, performing chair squats at work will enhance your performance while deadlifting large weights as it improves the strength of your posterior muscles, including the glutes and hamstrings, and better prepare them to handle weight and movement.

Can Be a Complement or an Alternative to Regular Squats

If your everyday routine allows you to incorporate physical activity into your routine which also includes squats, then chair squats can complement your outside-work physical activity and help strengthen your leg muscles more.

However, if your routine doesn't allow you enough time and energy to incorporate physical activity following your workday, chair squats make a great alternative to regular squats or leg workouts.

In either case, incorporating chair squats into your physical activity regime makes a great choice.

Ways and Tips to Try Chair Squats at Your Workplace

If you intend to try out chair squats at your workplace, you need to know how to go about it. Before you try out chair squats, make sure you have an ergonomic workstation that allows you to sit comfortably during your working hours. An ergonomic office chair that supports your back and neck throughout the day in your sitting position will also serve as the supporting equipment that will assist you to convenient perform chair squats while you're still at work.

One of the most reliable ergonomic office chairs that can also complement your physical activity at your workplace is the Ergonomic office Mesh chair 3003 Pro. The ergonomic office chair is exclusively designed to provide support to your lumbar spine while featuring a 3D adjustable armrest that allows you to conveniently work at your desk. The high-back ergonomic office chair is made using a breathable mesh that prevents the accumulation of heat and sweat. Moreover, the chair also features a retractable footrest that you can use to ease your position especially if you are taking a break from work and intend to take a quick nap.

Find out more about this reliable ergonomic office chair by FlexiSpot here.

If you have a reliable ergonomic office chair that supports your body while you're seated, it's time to know how you can go about trying out chair squats at your workplace.

Start by sitting right in front of your chair with your back to it,

Ensure that you keep your spine straight with your head and chest raised,

Engage your core as you pull your hips back and down and flex your knees,

Now lift your arms in front as you stoop down to help your balance,

While you do so, lightly tap your hips on the chair instead of sitting down completely,

As your back and hips are in the right position, push your hips up and forward, tighten your glutes and hamstrings.

Repeat the workout 10 times and aim at completing at least three sets with 10 repetitions each time.

Bottom Line

Chair squats make a great workout for improving the strength and tone of your leg muscles. It is particularly helpful for individuals who have a desk job as they are required to spend long hours in a sitting position. However, when you try out chair squats at work, you can offset the negative implications of prolonged sitting as chair squats improve blood circulation and strengthen your leg muscles. While chair squats make a great leg workout, they shouldn't be considered the only leg stretch that you can try out while you are working. There are several other leg stretches that you can try at work and are great for improving the strength of your leg muscles.

If you intend to try out chair squats while you are at work, you need to ensure that you have an ergonomic office chair that can support your position and movement as you try out the workout. With the appropriate support of a reliable ergonomic office chair, you can maximize the gain from this leg workout. Hence we recommend that you check out this ergonomic office chair and the rest of the ergonomic office products by FlexiSpot and learn about the amazing ergonomic office furniture and accessories they offer.