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Try These Wall Decors to Spruce Up Your Space

02 November 2020

Refreshing your space need not be a total overhaul. It can be as easy as styling your bare walls and turning them into centerpieces. A few additions can make your house cozier and turn into a canvas that shows your creativity.

There are different ways to amp up your walls and bring more character to any part of your home. There are a variety of ways to go about this wall redesign project, but first, you have to finalize factors such as:

1. What is the budget?

Budget is an important consideration when it comes to any home renovation activity. The good news is that planning and doing intensive research can help you to locate great deals. Part of this is determining if you want to do it yourself or bring in a professional to help you bring to life your dream wall.  

2. What part of your home are you going to decorate?

You might want to do some phasing when it comes to decorating your wall. You can first start with your living room and then work your way to your bedroom. This way, you can customize your surroundings without feeling rushed. You can take your sweet time in planning and executing your design.

3. What is your signature style?

Take a look at your current home’s design. Is it bohemian? Minimalist? Maybe a little rustic? Take note of this so you can have a seamless design plan. By taking stock of your design style, will help you to have a well-thought-of space that you will love!

Wall decor design ideas

After considering all those factors, let’s move on to the design ideas! Be open to new styles and let your creativity and design juices flow as you browse through the list. You are more than welcome to customize everything to keep the design in sync with your preferences.

1. Stylish wall storage -- Raise your hand if you want more storage! There is always more room for storage in any home. If you feel like you don’t have enough closet space, you can turn your wall into stylish storage for your hats or scarves. Hang some hooks or a pegboard where you can hang your things.

2. Wall bookshelf -- Do you have plenty of books but running short on floor space? Take your collection to the wall! Create floating shelves so you can put your books there as well as your odds and ends.

3. Plate wall -- They say that life is short, use the fine china. Even if there is no dinner party, you can go ahead and flaunt your china collection on the wall. This display is a surefire way to add elegance to your dining area.

4. Basket wall -- Want a bohemian element to your home? Why not consider adding baskets to your wall? You can hang an assortment of baskets in different colors, sizes, or textures.

5. Weave wall -- If you want a cozier space, you can explore macrame wall hangings. These weavings are also a great way to add texture to a bland or stark wall. Look for these handcrafted beauties on Etsy.

6. Plant wall -- You can never go wrong with bringing in plants inside your home -- even on your wall. They are known to purify the air, plus they add a bit of life and nature wherever they are placed.

7. Use removable wall decals -- Add aesthetic to your walls with a wall decal! It is a decoration or sticker that you attach to your wall. Also called “wall tattoos” or “wall decor stickers,” wall decals are easy ways to beautify any wall. They come in different designs too -- from florals to leaves to beach scenery. Read this article to know how to apply wall decals.

8. Gallery wall -- Want to make a statement with your walls? Do so with a variety of paintings. The artworks that you hang do not have to be the expensive types -- you can hang things that have sentimental value like a child’s drawing or a portrait of your dogs. Mix and match frames for that touch of personality.

9. Paint a mural -- Are you dreaming of your last vacation to Santorini? With the pandemic, you might not be able to fly back to that place soon. You can, however, paint a mural so you can always transport yourself to your dream vacation spot anytime. For this ambitious project, you might want to look for a professional artist or painter to help you out.

Your home, your style

There are many designs out there, but it would do you well if you stick with one or two themes for your wall decoration. Consider consulting a professional if you are having a hard time deciding on how to start with your project.