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Two is better than one: Flexispot double offerings

03 June 2021

Having many choices is a great way to weigh the pros and cons of each option. With FlexiSpot you have the double offerings with theVici. While both bit standing desks provide ergonomic solutions and beauty to any home and office, there are just a few differences that would make or break it for you.

But fret not because both alternatives are still great options for any discerning tastes. It all will boil down to what you need and want which this article will highlight, all for you.

Let us start with the simplest which is the Vici Quick Assembling Standing Desk.

The easy and quick 5-minute assembly is innovative and convenient for any busy day that you have. The Vici Quick Assembling Standing Desk is delivered to you in one package in a matter of days. The short assembly time could also not be easier as you simply insert the columns used to lift into the factory-installed crossbeams. After inserting, you can go ahead and attach the feet! It really is that simple.

Aside from the quick and easy assembly, the Vici Quick Assembling Standing Desk comes equipped with advanced functions designed to make your life easier. Following the ergonomic demands of the North American standards, this quick assembling desk features the best quality that you could look for in dual motors. In addition, the high-grade steel desk frame prevents teetering as you utilize the highest adjustment point. This desk also ensures smooth as butter transitions all workday with its powerful motor partnered with two-stage legs.

Now that you have a stable and motor-powered desk frame, FlexiSpot never forgets that you need a spacious work surface. Folks who care about the environment are also on FlexiSpot’s top priority as the Vici Quick Assembling Standing Desktop is environmentally sourced. Aside from a spacious desktop, your space down under can also be utilized for your storage cabinets. The desk legs are set towards the quick assembly Vici to free up more space for anything that you need. There is also an included adjustable desk feet to simply use whenever your desk is uneven.

Erma, one of our earth-friendly customers, says that FlexiSpot is a brand that also cares about the environment.

“This brand not only cares about their customers but about the environment as well. I immediately bought this when I read about how the desk surface is environmentally friendly.”

Anh believes that the Vici Quick Assembling Standing Desktop is worth the investment.

“It's the best computer desk I have ever had. My husband and I share the same computer. With the difference in our height, having an adjustable desk is a must. I love how well packed it came. It was very easy to assemble with clear instructions. Most importantly, adjusting the desk height is easy too. I can also set up the height we want for next time. The quality is actually very good. Overall, I love it and recommend it.”

“Starting with the building, it was very simple and only took around 20 minutes to complete. The instructions were easy to understand and there wasn't much hardware which made it easy. The complete desk looks very appealing to the eye and provides good workspace. The desk is for my girlfriend because she needed a desk for school. She absolutely loved it, she can now stand or sit when doing homework which helps a lot because she used to sit only on a bed. Learning how to adjust the desk is very self-explanatory and if you have any problems the instruction states it clearly. The desk motorized system moves up and down as it makes zero to no noise and moves faster than I expected. Overall I was very satisfied with my purchase. My girlfriend now finally has a school workspace and now I have a solid desk.”

Chloe H. dubs this desk as a gamechanger

“I have been looking for a standing desk for a long time. Recommended by a friend, I decided to give this desk a try. I was a little skeptical about it at first because standing desks out on the market can range from 400 to 1000 dollars. But when the package came, I was surprised by the high quality of the parts and the solid wooden desktop. The pa

Read more about review stating Game changer for working remotely

rts are heavy and steady so you might want to ask a friend to help assemble if possible but the process is not too complicated. I previously purchased a partial manual standing desk elevator but it became a little tiring as I will have to lift it up manually every time I wish to stand up to work. The greatest thing about this desk is that it has a memory function that allows the desk to memorize different height options based on your needs. I can't be happier with my purchase.”

Double the fun work with the Vici Duplex Standing Desk

FlexiSpot's revolutionary new twin height-adjustable standing desk enables customers to convert to one-tier and two-tier modes, enhancing adaptability.

In single mode, the workstation provides more quiet office space for activities that needs a broader area, such as art projects, writing, and so on.

The rear of the desk may be raised in two-tier mode, allowing for more ergonomically and convenient monitor arrangement for a pleasant computer or desk work. Additionally, this second elevated deck is ideal for storing photographs, greenery, books, and other office items.

Work from home if you have children is even easier with this desk. Studying and working together using a parent-child desk can promote parent-child connection and foster a kid's freedom and fairness while accommodating the parents' and children's difference in height.

Jack H, cannot believe how fast they receive the Vici Duplex Standing Desk but he is not complaining about the above and beyond customer service of FlexiSpot.

“I was shopping online at around 11:45 pm and it was just past midnight when my order was actually placed. By noon, I received an email that my order had shipped. By noon the next day, my new desk was on my front porch. Less than 48 hrs since the order was placed! I'm blown away with the outstanding turn time. The desk is fantastic. It took about an hour to put together and I love the split level of the desk, where my 3 monitors are eye level. It looks great and has everything I was looking for in functionality.”

 Two is definitely better than one so if you cannot choose which of the two Vici’s two get, go ahead and treat yourself! Both offer different functionalities that are all worth your buck anytime that you use it.