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Ultimate Guide to using the Height Adjustable Sewing Table

28 December 2021

While many ladies agree that they love to sew from time to time, many admit to avoiding regular sewing because of the fear of aches and pains. Most tailors have to deal with backaches, joint, and waist pain daily due to the passive nature of their work. And although prolonged hours of sitting is the chief cause of backaches, there is an additional factor that makes aches and pains prevalent amongst tailors. That factor is their sewing desk height.

As if it's not enough that they have to sit at a spot for prolonged hours, most tailors also have to work with a sewing desk whose height does not allow for good posture. Working for long hours in the wrong posture ultimately affects the spine, which causes the constant backache, waist, and muscle pain that most tailors experience.

The height-adjustable sewing machine is FlexiSpot's solution to this problem. This new product innovatively combines a thoughtfully designed sewing desk with an electric height adjustable frame. It gives you the most ergonomic and comfortable sewing experience ever.

You enjoy the freedom of setting your desk to the most comfortable height; you can even decide to stand for a while to stretch your muscles. You can finally say goodbye to backache and sore joints and muscles with this desk. Sewing has never been easier and more comfortable.

Asides from sewing comfort, there are also other advantages of getting this height-adjustable sewing desk. Its adjustability makes it suitable for introducing younger family members to sewing. It has four height adjustment settings that range from 28.7" to 48.4", making it ideal for multi-users, and even children can sew comfortably with this desk.

Imagine how excited your children will be when they discover that they can adjust their new sewing desk to suit the height of each of them. We're certain the children will not be the only excited people in your home that day. And what's more! The excitement can inspire their interest in sewing lessons.

Height Adjustable Sewing Table

Pros and Cons of the Height Adjustable Sewing Table

If you're privileged to have a sewing table that's not all that bad, you might be wondering why you need to get the FlexiSpot sewing table. Like what's the guarantee that the sewing table will be as good as it sounds. Your skepticism is very valid. No one wants to spend money on a new product only to have it fall short of expectations, especially if you're spending good money on it. A look at the pros and cons of this sewing table will show you what it has for you.


Adjustable sewing platform
Adjustable height settings
Four programmable height presets
Additional and removable side panels
Spacious work surface
Advanced keyboard with LED display for smooth sit/stand transition
Whisper-quiet operation
High-quality construction
Scratch and stain-resistant frames
Sturdy even at the highest adjustment point
Safety anti-collision function.


No casters

How to Assemble It

How to Assemble It

Assembling the ES9W is never easy. It takes, let's then, ten minutes to put your desk together and get it working. You don't need professional help. Everything you need to install the table (screws and hex keys) is included in the package. As long as you know how to use a screwdriver, you're good to go.

#Important tip: Start with the desktop on the ground. Assemble and screw in all components with the desk upside down. Flip desk to upright position once all components have been securely screwed in.

Assembling Your Sewing Table

#Step 1: With the tabletop on the ground upsidedown, install the lifting columns. Insert the hexagon of the column head along the guide groove with the wired end facing the motor. Rotate after inserting to avoid height difference and then tighten screws with the hex key.

#Step 2: Install the feet to the lifting column with the screws and tighten.

#Step 3: Install the hand switch. Line the screw holes on the hand switch with the pre-drilled holes on the tabletop, insert screws, and tighten.

#Step 4: Install the adjustable desktop. Align the adjustable desktop to the main tabletop and screw in. Then also screw in the adjustment rail.

#Step 5: Install the spliced desktop. First, attach the support plate to the spliced desktop and fix it into the main table. Tighten all screws using the hex key.

#Step 6: Connect cables to the adapter but insert the adapter into the tabletop bracket. Connect the switch cables to the DC port. Connect the motor cable to the M1 port. Fix cables to the table using a cable management system. Connect to wall power only after all cables are connected.

A setup manual detailing these steps with pictures is also included in your package. It will help you install the table easily.

The Adjustability Settings

The Adjustability Settings

One of the unique features of this height-adjustable sewing table is the adjustable sewing platform. The workbench can be adjusted five settings up or down by turning the adjustment knob to accommodate your sewing machine. Instead of just having your sewing machine on a flat tabletop, this adjustable platform provides a secure resting place for your machine and keeps your needlepoint and fabric in line with the main desk.

You can raise the platform to align with the main tabletop for cutting and designing fabric before sewing and then lowered for sewing. If you're using the table as an office desk, the adjustable platform can function as a keyboard tray.

The tabletop rests on high-quality steel frames, which are also adjustable. You can smoothly convert the sewing table from a sitting to a standing table at the push of a button. Its advanced keyboard has four memory height presets, which allows you to save your favorite heights (and that of other users). The desk will raise or lower to your favorite height at the push of the reset button. The LED display shows the current height setting.

Desktop Size: Can it fit into a Small Space?

Desktop Size: Can it fit into a Small Space?

Yes, it can. Considering the spacious work surface it provides, this sewing table takes up minimal floor space. Its 22.8"×10.4" adjustable platform and 9.1"×23.6" spliced desktop fits into the main table within a 43"×24" footprint providing a compact yet spacious work surface for maximum efficiency.

If your home has limited floor space, this table can double as a sewing table and a home office desk. This enables you efficiently maximize your space for better productivity. And you also get to save yourself the cost of getting two tables.

Health benefits of a Height Adjustable Sewing Table

Health benefits of a Height Adjustable Sewing Table

Even if you love to sew, the pains and aches resulting from long hours of sewing can discourage you from doing so as often as you would love to. Except you're in the fashion industry, and sewing is your job. In that case, you can't run away from sewing despite the pains.

It doesn't have to be that way, though. Sewing is a fun activity that you should enjoy whether you sew as a hobby or work in the fashion industry. FlexiSpot's height adjustable sewing table helps eliminate most of the health issues associated with sewing. Some of the health benefits of a height-adjustable sewing table include:

1. Improves Posture and Reduces Back Problems.

A height-adjustable sewing table enables you to set the table to the most comfortable height for you to work without having to bend to attend to work. This enables you to maintain a good working posture and reduces the chances of back problems.

2. Prevents Chronic Diseases.

Time slips by so quickly when you're busy sewing that you might not realize you've been sitting for seven hours straight. Because of this, tailors are considered sedentary workers. With the height-adjustable sewing table, you can work sitting and standing at intervals. That way, you'll maintain some activity and prevent chronic health issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

3. Improved Comfort and Productivity.

The height-adjustable sewing machine provides the most ergonomic and comfortable sewing experience. And productivity is higher when you're comfortable. A comfortable workspace is in itself a motivator and a driver of productivity.

4. Improved Muscle Activity.

Sitting in one position for a long time often results in cramped and sore muscles. Alternating between sitting and standing while working improves muscle activity and prevents cramped muscles and joints and the end of the working day. It also significantly reduces worker fatigue.



The ES9W sewing table is constructed with premium quality materials and has been fully tested and certified to be durable. Plus it comes with a 5-year warranty. As with every other electrical appliance, however, there are basic maintenance guidelines that the user must follow to ensure the table functions efficiently for a long time. Some of these guidelines are given bow.

1. Ensure the product is installed correctly before use.

2. Unplug the power cable supply before cleaning. Keep all electrical components away from liquids. Clean with a slightly damp cloth for wiping away surface dust. Ensure the plug is always kept in a safe position.

3. Avoid cleaning this product with corrosive or abrasive materials. And please ensure cleaning solutions are disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.

4. In the case of sticky and messy specks of dirt, use very mild soap and a damp microfiber cloth for cleaning. Ensure the desk is dry after cleaning. Keep water away from the table as much as possible.

5. Keep children away from the electrical height adjustable sewing table and control units. Children should not be allowed to use this table without supervision.

Closing thoughts

If you're one of those that love to sew, then, by all means, you should be able to enjoy sewing any day for as long as you want without fear of aches and pains. That's, however, not always the case because of the hours of sitting involved in sewing and the use of non-ergonomic furniture. FlexiSpot's height adjustable sewing table ES9W is the perfect solution to all your sewing fears and worries.

Get this desk from the FlexiSpot store and enjoy the most comfortable sewing experience you didn't know existed. You'll be more than glad you did. And we can't wait to see your glowing reviews.