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Take a Load Off: Under Desk Hammocks and Footrests

07 July 2021

Exhausted Soles

This is common in most people who walk for a long time or do different things at home and work. This is caused by the weight from the upper and lower torsos that are put on the soles too aside from the neck and spine areas. At times, when people experience these things, they find it difficult to walk around or step on their feet. As a result, they begin to develop different conditions on their feet. They either grow varicose veins or they start to feel the pain from gout or rheumatism. This is because the blood circulation on their feet is not in the proper system. The blood circulation along the feet and leg area must be stimulated. This is because when the blood does not circulate along with those areas, chances are the person might develop large varicose veins. 

You might be one of those individuals who experience these symptoms. These may trigger stress and fatigue. At times, the stress and fatigue may lead to more serious conditions such as:

  • Spine strain
  • Neck pain
  • Soreness along the hips and buttocks

Hence, what is best is to think of ways to avoid the pain and strain on these areas. Your soles are as important as the other parts of your body thus these need sufficient care from you. Taking care of your soles will be easier if you choose the best ergonomic products that you could trust most. The under-desk hammock and footrest. In the next article, you will see why these products are the best to choose from. 

Under Desk Hammocks and Footrest for Your Sole Dilemma

So here you are now on the next part of the discussion. You may think of the problems that you encounter when your feet and soles are in pain. Most of the time, the throbbing pain is simply unbearable. That is because the pain had already become severe. This kind of pain (unless you have an underlying condition) happens when you don't prevent the severity of your condition. It means that you might have ignored such conditions in the past. Thus, severe pain has taken place in the long run. So, how could this pain be lessened or alleviated? There are medications available over the counter however there are other ways to lessen the burden you feel after long hours of wearing high heels or walking to and fro in the office. That's why the Flexispot ergo products are here. 

So what kind of ergo product for your feet concerns would you like to alleviate? At Flexispot, you may choose from the best products such as the under desk hammock and footrest. 

These two products come with other ergonomic equipment. The under-desk hammock is a piece of office supply that you can hook under the standing desk when taking a nap in the office. This is much bigger and could carry weight as heavy 

as 220lbs. This means that you can elevate your feet a bit for stimulated blood circulation while you fully rest your body. 

Meanwhile, the other choice is the footrest. Footrests from Flexispot are attached to the ergonomic office chairs. Footrests are part of the ergo chair that you could simply recline and adjust. If you're a light sleeper and finds it comfortable sleeping while sitting, then this one is much suitable for you. 

If you worry that these products would not last for a long time, you must not worry at all because the Flexispot ergo products, (the under desk hammock and footrest, in particular) are pieces of equipment that are made with precision. They are contoured based on the curves of your spine. 

These pieces of equipment are made to ensure that you have absolute relaxation and freedom to move without having much pain. This is because, with some ordinary pieces of equipment, you might find yourself getting hurt by the sudden jolt or movement. At Flexispot, you won't feel this kind of pain. Instead, you can maximize your time relaxing either by the hammock or with the footrest. 

This accessory and ergo chair part is created with high-quality materials. You can ensure that all these would not easily get damaged or worn out. You may use them for a long time and these would surely not be accumulating too much dust and germs that attract bugs in the long run. The under-desk hammock and footrest are products that would give you more time to relax and find the right angle to raise your feet to stimulate blood circulation in your body. These pieces can ensure that your body weight would be carried well by the equipment that they are attached to. Say, the footrest. The ergo chair that carries it is made from high-grade steel that has a wonderful gas lifting system. This gas lifting system can ensure that you can sit on the chair while it is being lifted. 

Another thing about the footrest from Flexispot is you can ensure that by sitting on it you could stretch your feet and do more exercise routines that will involve your upper torso. By doing so, you could make your lifestyle active despite you working from home or in the office for long hours. 

The footrests on the Flexispot chairs are also attached to ergo chairs that are flexible and have the most superb rocking function. This function could adjust up to one hundred degrees without breaking knobs and screws from the ergo chair. 

So, looking at all these specs and functions of the two products that can help you rest your feet and stimulate blood circulation along the leg area could help you decide now which suits you. Would it be a hammock or a footrest? The choice is yours, just be mindful of your ego needs. 

Final Thoughts

The leg and foot areas are the parts of the body that are ignored at times. This may lead to a serious condition that would need medical attention. So, what you must do is proactively choose the best ergonomic solutions for you and these can be found at Flexispot where sophistication and functionality meet.