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Untangle the Tangled Wire with Workstation S1W

19 April 2021

“Over one million Americans suffer a slip, trip, and fall injury and over 17, 000 people die in the U.S. annually because of these injuries.”

-      an excerpt from a research article 

The statistic shows that more people get injured from slipping, falling, or the simplest yet the most common injury that a worker incurs not just the in the office but also at the workplace where a lot of clutters- from tools that were left on the floor to the wires that are not kept organized and are left dangling near the wall- and that is the tripping over. Imagine the scenario: You’re carrying piles of folders and envelope for the profiling of some documents. You’re preoccupied thinking of the errand you need to run on that day. You would suddenly get shocked with the next things that would happen. The folders and envelopes would suddenly fall off and scatter on the floor with you losing balance as you trip over the tangled wires next to the photocopying machine. The next thing you know, things turn dark and you already hit your forehead on the floor. When worse comes to worst the scenario mentioned is just a minor accident which frequently happens to some workers. However other cases include fatal accidents which just started with a simple tripping. Surprisingly, injuries on the spine, the hips, and buttocks are what an individual experience at work depending on how he has tripped over; there are times that he trips over forward where the injuries occur on the knee caps or on the front side of his body while injuries around the hips or lower torso are what a person experience when he trips over on a slippery surface which would make him incur bruises or a traumatic head injury. Some perceive it as a funny mistake and shrugs their shoulders off but some take it differently; at times if it happens at the workplace, they file an injury case against their company.

Fatal accidents caused by tripping over wires take place not just in workplaces but also in houses or nursing homes. In the same article, statistics on the number of elders who die from slip and fall; a whopping 15,000 people aged 65 and above die annually because of these accidents. This shows that they are the most vulnerable when it comes to these accidents. What’s really dangerous is this kind of accident must have been avoided should one be able to organize and put the things that cause tripping off the walkway. It is highly dangerous for children who might not just trip over the wires but also get exposed to the danger of electrocution. With these, what are the possible ways to prevent such an accident in both work places and home? In this blog, we would see the effective prevention on tripping over and how could a product such as the Workstation S1W  help a worker organize his nook and make it a safer place to work in. So here goes the first part.

In a checklist ( posted by Health and Safety Executive, a safe workplace should be free of:

         a.  The Office: holes on the flooring, curling edges on the floor, damaged anti-slip floor coating, spillages or raised carpet edges and holes

All the enumerated things are just some of the common parts of a workplace that cause tripping or falling but in some cases, the wirings of the devices or machinery in the work area are also the cause of accidents from slipping and tripping. These cable hazards would be prevented in more ways like:

         b.   making sure that no wires would be dangling and are stapled so the accident or fire risk would be avoided.

These days, people do some alternatives. Some simply squeeze the wires tightly on one corner then secure them with packaging tape. On the other hand, that would make the office floor look untidy and the adhesive would leave a mark that is really difficult to get rid of; in the long run, it might leave scratches on the top surface of the floor. Eventually that might lead to a future damage on the flooring which might be a potential hazard at the workplace.

So looking at the examples above, what could be the best solution to this problem. As a customer, would you solely rely on DIYs or some cheaper alternatives? It is indeed economical especially these days that everyone is facing challenges especially when it comes to finances but have we considered other alternatives that are of reasonable price and would not compromise your budget? With just an amount of 79.9$, you could have a storage organizer DIY drawer that could help you manage the cable wires and organize your work place and avoid potential cable hazards. Thus, we have the Monitor Stand workstation with Storage Organizer DIY Drawer S1W  can make the work space look spacious. With this product, you wouldn’t have to worry about clutters in your nook that will block you from clearly coming up with fresh ideas for a project that you’re working with. This product will aid you to work with safety whether you’re in a hurry to make pancakes while preparing for your next meeting or walking back and forth while putting the old boxes in the storage room. With the Workstation S1W, you don’t have to worry about the possible accidents like falling, slipping or tripping over the wires. Its Ergonomic view design could also ease your viewing, letting you maintain the proper posture when in front of the computer. As we all know, we lose proper posture when we sit for a long time in front of the computer hence it’s great to consider this product which will assure you of an above and beyond quality. Once you consider buying this, you don’t have to worry about rolling some wires and putting some tapes on it which may look untidy and disorganized, scraping adhesives off the floor is a tiring thing to do. So, switch now to Workstation S1W, to avoid the hassles.