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Use Your Standing Desk Like a Chill Expert

13 July 2021

Inactive work can make you feel uncomfortable, restless, and irritable. Sitting for an extended amount of time can lead to muscle atrophy, depression, and decreased blood flow, all of which can result in blood vessel obstruction. Discomfort indicates that something is amiss with your body. An ergonomic workstation can help you get back on your feet after the emotional and physical effects of awkward postures. Standing desks have been shown in studies to boost workplace efficiency.

Standing desks have been steadily gaining popularity in recent years. And it's easy to see why: using a standing desk has numerous benefits for your overall health, as well as your work effectiveness. Standing throughout the workday has been found in studies to improve employee focus, efficiency, and energy. Standing also lowers your chance of several common chronic conditions, such as lower back pain, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, dementia, and even cancer.

Sitting is responsible for about 4% of ALL fatalities. Fortunately, more and more companies are providing standing desks not to harm their employees slowly. Using a standing desk is a no-brainer for individuals who want to live as long as possible, which is most people. Standing at work isn't just a whim; it's a solid new way of life, and it comes with great responsibility... to avoid being arrogant because it's a commonly known fact that a man or woman with a standing desk risks appearing to be pompous.

In this post, we'll show you how to get the most out of your standing desk while avoiding the annoyance of your coworkers.

Use it for your productivity

Work overload can make you preoccupied, and taking pauses to exercise may put your task in jeopardy. Electric height-adjustable standing desks can assist you in resolving this issue. You could either stand or sit to work and rapidly transition between seated and standing positions by pushing a button on the desk. A standing desk may even assist you in selecting the optimal work style for you, completing the task at hand, and improving your creative problem-solving talents. When you stand while working, your brain multitasks, allowing you to be more effective than sitting solely.

Practice good posture

Utilizing a standing desk is essentially pointless if you're still slumped over your keyboard; standing, on its own, does not alleviate the stress on the spine. To preserve your neck and back, maintain your display or laptop propped up at eye level and minimize the need to lean your arms and elbows on your desk. If you're getting tired while standing, take a short stroll around the office.

Aim for health benefits

According to a study, ergonomic standing desks can lower the risk of heart disease, obesity, blood sugar levels, and back pain. Based on another research, standing can enhance your attitude and activity levels and increase longevity. Many jobs that need you to sit for long periods every day will put you at an increased risk of getting back discomfort later in life. Sitting for an extended amount of time is the most significant cause of back discomfort in the workplace. Alternating between sitting and standing can help ease back and shoulder tension in the long run. In this scenario, the standing desk doubles as office workout equipment. Pair it up with a desk bike, and you have got yourself not just a workstation but a mini-workout station as well!

Refrain from being too puffed up about it

You know you're extending your life by several months and preventing irreparable damage to your back and posture. But it's possible that those around you aren't as knowledgeable as you are or that they simply don't care. In any case, don't flaunt your unlimited health awareness and life knowledge in their faces; be confident, but don't look down on anyone and force lectures or sermons.


Many motorized standing desk frames currently on the market are height adjustable and can be modified with a customizable desktop. Standing desks can be used in a little or large space at home, with the height of the desk adjusting depending on how you wish to work. With the addition of a monitor mount, your configuration is ready. You may customize the desktop to complement your décor and personality. 

If you are a tech genius or a gamer with many PCs, you may create a great working or gaming space by installing a suitable home office setup. Delight yourself while working or playing computer games in a comfortable spot.

Master smooth transitioning

With the pull of a crank or knob, there are desktop devices that raise your computer from a sitting to a standing level. However, they may be delicate, and elevating and lowering them without too much distraction is challenging. If possible, practice on your workspace after work, so you don't have to raise, descend, and maybe topple items over during the workday.

The kids aren't left out

An electric standing desk can replace your child's school desk. FlexiSpot has its Kids Series, specially designed for growing kids and teenagers. You can teach your kids in any manner you like; enabling them to stand can bring physical gratification rather than having them seated for long periods while learning. To help students focus, they may choose to sit or stand while attending an online lesson. Your kids will like learning and concentrating on their academics if you can build a unique and enticing study place.

MOVE, so you don't pass out

The science behind why clenching your knees leads you to faint is still unknown; this could be due to a restriction in blood supply to the brain, or it could be due to being overworked and dehydrated. In any case, there appears to be a link for everyone who has stood in military formations or sung in a high school choir. Don't take that risk. Shift your standing position by bending your knees. This isn't ROTC; you won't be required to stand rigid and upright for hours on end.

Standing desks are a good step in the right direction, but don't get too proud about that as well. Nobody wants to be the one who brags about how much healthier and stronger they are. A standing desk can help you relieve discomfort in your neck, shoulder, and back, improve your blood circulation, and improve your skills, abilities, and maybe attitude too. It allows you to work longer, boost your efficiency, lift your mood and energy levels, and relieve workplace stress and fatigue.