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Using your FSA or HSA to Purchase a Standing Desk

01 April 2021

While most of the world is staying home to stay safe from the effects of the pandemic, a lot of us are working from home in order to earn a living. Working from home has provided some ups and downs for people in the last year, affecting their physical and mental health.

While this is happening, it’s no surprise that people are often overlooking the funds that are remaining in their Flexible Savings Account (FSA)/Health Spending Account (HSA). Interestingly enough, if you or anyone you know has an FSA and doesn’t use the funds, you will end up losing that hard-earned money that has been saved up. Thankfully the good news is if you’re caught up with any doctor visits or any other medically related issues, you do have some money available to spend.

Instead of using that extra money for a potential illness, you could put it towards the prevention of further or future health issues. With that being said, we suggest using those funds towards an ergonomic standing desk. Ergonomic standing desks are a great investment, especially when it comes to your physical and mental health. This will be a proactive way that will go towards improving your health, but could potentially save your life.

If you do have an FSA/HSA account, you most likely work in the corporate world. We all know that working in a corporate world, you are very likely to be working at an office desk, or since you may be working from home you are using a standard office desk to get by. While we work, we are sitting at a desk for long periods of the day. On average an office worker will spend 8-10 hours a day or more, depending on how demanding their job is.

Enjoyment in our job and the work we provide is very important to anyone wanting to advance in their career, it’s not worth causing damage to your overall health. The biggest issue with using a standard desk or makeshift desk while working is the unnecessary pressure you’re putting on your spine. This can lead to discomfort and sometimes unfortunate injuries.

A non-ergonomic workstation can cause poor blood circulation, trouble maintaining a healthy weight, and also more hip pressure while you sit than your body can withstand over time.

Getting rid of your standard desk an moving towards a much more comfortable ergonomic standing desk will help you have a well-deserved start to living a happier, healthier life. When it comes down to it, we all want more time on this Earth to spend with loved ones. Something as simple as changing your sitting habits while you work will make you feel better in the long run. Imagine looking at your life years from now and realizing that just by changing one little thing, you had a better life. Makes you think right?

Whether you are new to ergonomic standing desks or a bit knowledgeable, keeping your options open to different kinds is key. You want to look at options within each desk. Of course, sitting all day is not good for your body. Then again, neither is standing all day. Standing all day tends to bring on its own issues such as swelling, joint pain, and fatigue.

Having an ergonomic standing desk that gives you the perfect balance between getting up to move around, standing and sitting is key to a prestigious standing desk. You also want to make sure that an important element is also included with an ergonomic standing desk.

You will want to make sure that the ergonomic standing desk allows you to adjust the height of your desk so it aligns with your body. Having this feature will encourage better posture and spine alignment.

Some benefits you will get from investing in an ergonomic desk will include:

  • Strengthening your muscles throughout the day. When you use the ergonomic standing desk at the standing height, you are providing your core and leg muscles to build more strength.
  • Reducing any neck pain you may occur while using a standard desk. When you are seated at your ergonomic standing desk, you can adjust the desk to prevent any slouching. Slouching can lead to neck and back pain that will eventually cause more problems down the road.
  • Helping to provide quick pain relief in your back and other areas. After using an ergonomic standing desk you may see the effects of this as early as four weeks. As you use a standard desk over time with an existing issue, you will cause more stress and pain by not letting your body properly heal. This is also helpful if you have a pre-existing injury and need as much comfort as you can get.

Pain management and building stronger muscles are great benefits, it isn’t the only ones you will get with an ergonomic standing desk. If you are like many people, there is a struggle when it comes to losing weight. If you’re battling weight loss and still using a standard desk for long hours a day, switching to an ergonomic standing desk may be the first step to a better battle towards your weight loss. Be sure to check out the connections between weight loss and ergonomic desks here.


With all these great things now in mind, you may be asking yourself how you can use your FSA/HSA to purchase an ergonomic standing desk and where you can buy one from.

When you look into your flexible spending account, you will see that ergonomic items are eligible with a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN). Because these items are specifically designed to help limit limited physical stress on your body, relieve the pain of an existing injury, your doctor will be happy to provide you with an LMN. This is especially true if you halve back pain associated with spinal problems.

Once you have the LMN, you will need to find the best to buy one. FlexiSpot provides amazing service, high-quality designed ergonomic items at reasonable prices. Once there, follow these easy four simple steps to purchase an ergonomic standing desk:

  1. The first thing you will want to do is remember the benefits of an ergonomic standing desk and finding one that is right for you. Knowing that you also will be required to provide an LMN, you will look at ones on FlexiSpot.com that will qualify and satisfy your needs.
  2. After weighing your options with the multiple and amazing selections found on Flexispot.com, you will need to reach out to your primary care physician or chiropractor for the features of your choice in an ergonomic standing desk and obtain your LMN.
  3. Once you have obtained the LMN and have the exact ergonomic Products from FlexiSpot in mind, you would purchase your new desk. Make sure the item is in stock before proceeding to payment to avoid any delays. FlexiSpot provides expected deliveries within 2-5 business days, depending on where you live. They also provide free shipment, which is a huge plus on a big purchase item such as your new desk.
  4. Once you have completed your purchase, be sure to keep your proof of purchase or online receipt handy to get reimbursed.

A few things to keep in mind after you have purchased your ergonomic products are:

  • Make sure you have both your receipt and LMN printed out and ready for review.
  • You may need to get an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company. This will show that your purchase was not covered under your insurance.
  • You also will need to fill out a claim form. When you signed up for your FSA/HSA you may have received a welcome packet. If not, you could contact your plan administrator or the FSA/HSA provider website to obtain claim forms.
  • Once you have that form available, you will need to completely fill it out and submit all the paperwork for the claim you are making on the form for the ergonomic standing desk.

Keep in mind that reimbursement methods may vary between providers. Some FSA administrators may allow online submissions, while others will only allow mail-in options. It is possible that you will receive a reimbursement check via the mail, or direct deposit depending on how your account was set up. Reimbursement usually will occur within 10-14 days after submission. You may even get lucky and have the mileage to your doctor visits reimbursed to you as well. Be sure to double check with your providers for all these options.


There are some common questions that come with purchasing an ergonomic standing desk, especially if it is your first time doing so.

Here are a couple of common examples of frequently asked question by customers:

1) Can I use my flexible spending account debit card to purchase?

If you have a debit card linked to your FSA or HSA account, you can use your card for an eligible medical expenses such as pharmacies and grocery stores. However, it can only be used at approved establishments. Be sure to check with your card issuer for an approved list. In regards to purchasing your stand-desk with your FSA/HSA debit card, you will need to purchase your ergonomic stand desk out of pocket, then submit it for reimbursement from your FSA/HSA administrator. Anytime you use your FSA/HSA card, be sure to save all your receipts. This is very important should any of your purchases ever come into any questions regarding eligibility.

2) What are other FSA/HSA eligible products I can buy?

If you are in need of other eligible products, such as ergonomic chairs or etc, we suggest reaching out to your FSA/HSA administrator to further assist you. To find the contact number for them, check the back of your FSA/HSA card. Some services such as acupuncture and chiropractor visits may be eligible.



One of the biggest reasons why ergonomically designed products are much more popular these days is because they are providing results for the people that use them. Many corporations that have employees work in their offices also want to provide a healthy work environment, and prolong the life of their hard-working staff.

There is a lot of interesting science behind human abilities and limitations. This is also true when it comes to how to improve the relationship between people and the products they use every day.

With being healthier, the end goal is to improve the quality of our lives and reduce harm or injury. One of the best things about changing to an ergonomic standing desk is that you will notice almost immediately a difference. You will start to see a change in your overall mood, your productivity towards work improving and your feeling your best, able to get more accomplished.

FlexiSpot’s mission is to help people just like you. To transform the workstations of the past into an environment that provides wellness and productivity to anyone using their ergonomic desks. FlexiSpot is truly invested in the well-being of all their customers, which is why their designs are carefully made with each desk. FlexiSpot provides many types of healthy ergonomic alternatives, such as:

  • Height adjustable desks
  • Standing desk converters
  • Desk exercise bikes
  • Standing desk accessories

Everyone feels their career is their top priority during the weekdays. To be honest your health should be at a higher priority, even while at work. You shouldn’t spend five days a week huddled over a desk, vigorously working through the back pain the average work desk gives you.

If you truly are looking for the first step to be healthy, why not invest in yourself by getting an ergonomic workstation that can stop you from continuing to work harder than it should? Ergonomic desks work fantastically for anyone who is in a huge office area, all the way to someone working from home or at a smaller studio space. It is also a great way to spend your FSA/HSA before you lose it.

Taking the next step towards being healthy can be hard, but starting small like having an ergonomic desk will make it much easier on you. FlexiSpot will be a great resource to slowly build every piece you need for the perfect ergonomically controlled work environment.

Before your desk arrives, take some time to learn more about how you can reduce back pain. This article will help you learn the benefits of good posture and how you can implement it. Being aware of your posture and how you can correct it will be a great jumpstart to living your best ergonomic life. When your ergonomic standing desk arrives, FlexiSpot will be your guiding light towards any ergonomic needs you will have.

To learn more about the great products FlexiSpot has to offer, visit www.FlexiSpot.com