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Utilize the Energy of your Office with Feng Shui

06 July 2021

Would you pay top dollar to assure your business’ success? Well, there is a lifestyle concept that has believers recommending it to entrepreneurs. While there are many things you can do to make your workplace more attractive and functional, have you thought about sprucing up the office space with feng shui?

Feng shui is a traditional Chinese technique that entails designing a location that is in tune with its surroundings. It literally translates to "air" and "water". Elements in space are placed as per the direction of helpful energy in feng shui. Hues, furnishings, and the structure of a place are all used to create a comfortable environment.

The tradition began more than three thousand years ago in ancient China and has since spread throughout the whole of Asia. The feng shui system has gained popularity in Western countries in general too.

Numerous Asian entrepreneurs go to considerable efforts to integrate feng shui throughout their workplace. According to the latest survey, 60% of Asian firms respect feng shui, with each firm willing to pay more than $10,000 on appointments, layouts, and building costs.

Continue reading to set up the workplace as per feng shui principles

The advantages of feng shui in new business ventures

You undoubtedly spend plenty of time in your work environment, be it an at-home workstation or a traditional workspace. Practitioners of feng shui think that applying its concepts to your workplace may boost growth, innovation, and most importantly success.

Working may be more rewarding if the workplace is welcoming, well-organized, and visually pleasing.

Although there are testimonial achievement tales from people who have used feng shui, its results have still not been objectively examined.

Feng Shui's five pillars

There are five main components in feng shui that draw vitality and must be harmonized. These are some of them:

Lumber. This component encourages growth and innovation. Wood can be represented by forests, vegetation, or green materials.

Flame. This is perhaps the most crucial component. It inspires ambition, vigor, progress, bravery, and change. Lamps or red-colored things may provide a touch of fire and flames to a room.

Water. Feelings and inventiveness are related to this attribute. This element can be represented by fountains or azure objects.

Earth. The ground element represents balance and durability. Stones, rugs, papers, and brownish or tan-colored items can all be used to represent the soil ingredient.

Steel. Steel brings every one of the components together while also providing emphasis and organization. Aluminum, white, chrome, or grey-colored items are ideal.

How and when to incorporate Feng Shui into your workplace

There have been numerous methods to incorporate feng shui into your business, from using particular colors to arranging your desk in the right spot. Here are a few pointers.

How and when to incorporate feng shui into your workplace. There have been numerous methods to incorporate feng shui into your business, from using particular colors to arranging your desk in the right spot. Here are a few pointers.

Establish a strong foundation

Arrange your seat such that your body would be against a sturdy wall to provide powerful feng shui stability. If that's not feasible, consider lining your working area with a line of plants.

Find the best office seat

Feng shui recommends a comfy chair with a high back like the High Back Office Chair 2191E from FlexiSpot. A high back is said to provide cushioning and support. Remember, unsupportive chairs would only hinder you from performing at your best.

Soil and water components should be included

According to feng shui practitioners, fountains and greenery may generate great energy and enthusiasm at your office. Incorporate a flowing water fountain into your workspace. Potted plants can also assist to enhance the quality of the indoor environment within your home.

Display your creation

Adorn your workspace with encouraging photos and items, such as slogan graphics or imagery that represent what you aspire to achieve.

Select the perfect hue for you

Shades in a feng shui office should generate harmony without being overpowering. The following are some popular options:

a pale yellow

a light gold

a light orange

a light green

greenish blue


Choose natural illumination over the artificial lighting system

Utilize natural daylight from window panes and skylights wherever feasible. Fluorescent lights can cause tiredness. When you're using artificial light, choose full-spectrum incandescent lighting.

Engage a professional

A feng shui advisor can assist you in organizing and decorating your workplace as per the tenets and components of feng shui.

You may discover an expert in your region through the local directory.

How to incorporate Feng Shui into your office

Even just the tiniest rooms may benefit from feng shui concepts. Here are a few easy ways to integrate feng shui into your desk or tiny space:

Having plants or a little fountain display adjacent to your workstation can help.

Use a humidifier to diffuse relaxing essential oils to restore equilibrium.

Maintain a mess-free workspace.

If the cubicle's entrance or door is to your back, consider putting a mirror on your desk so that you can at least see it.

Make an investment in a comfy chair from FlexiSpot

What you need to remember to properly utilize Feng Shui principles.

Several frequent blunders might detract from your desk's feng shui ambiance. Here are ways you can steer clear of these mishaps.

Remove any hard edges.

If possible, stay away from furnishings or items with hard edges. If you already have these objects in your workplace, move these so they aren't in your way while you're functioning.

Never go overboard with the hue.

Shades that are excessively bright and vibrant for a workplace may be overwhelming. Colors that are welcoming rather than overpowering are ideal.

Prevent mess from accumulating

Clear out all of the junk on your desk. This covers the location around your table, the ground, and any bookcases. According to specialists, having a well-organized workplace may boost effectiveness and efficiency while also improving the clarity of mind.

Use Small Barriers between you and your co-worker

Avoid sitting next to each other or in front of your office mate if you must split a workplace with another individual since these configurations might cause tension. To split up the area, try spacing your workstations or establishing a modest boundary with a potted plant or other items in your office.

Final Thoughts

Feng shui is a traditional Chinese technique that may help your workplace achieve equilibrium, order, and serenity.

The smallest steps like putting your equipment in the proper place, introducing certain components, and using the perfect color may make your office flow better.