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Utsukushī Basho: A Simplified Way To Japanese Home and Workstation Aesthetic

19 April 2021

Ah, Japan! A beautiful place (or in Japanese, Utsukushī Basho) that has a deep adoration for anything cute or what they say as “kawaii”. Their advanced technology is also one of the main attractions that make tourists travel all over the world. Japanese cuisine? Outstanding. The discipline and cleanliness of every Japanese? It is something to aspire to. But what the Japanese is really good at is making any thing pleasing to the spectator’s eyes. With that in mind, a lot of people also travel to Japan to buy MUJI inspired trinkets to keep their workstations from looking dull.


However, with travel restrictions set upon different countries,we must find other ways to satiate our Japan wanderlust-- one way or another. One of the easiest way to bring Japan closer to our homes is through changing the interior design of our workstation. This way, working would not feel like a extraordinary chore that you have to begrudgingly do. The Japan-inspired aesthetic will surely put you in a lost-but-happy in Japan mood. Who knows, you might even acquire their work ethics to power you through any task


Clean Lines

Japanese art is known for intricate but clean lines. For their choice of furniture, they tend to keep it a minimal while making sure that the quality and functionality is never compromised.


With FlexiSpot's Vici Duplex Standing Desk, you can easily achieve the Japanese Minimalist aesthetic. The standing desk is made up of a unique and adjustable dual-zone height which allows users to switch between one- and two-tier desktop modes


Switching to a single-tier mode increases the unbroken desk space for tasks that require a larger are like arts and crafts along with writing and space intensive projects. If you are daring enough, you can also use this desk to prepare Japanese meals for your whole family as it is that adaptable.


Meanwhile, with the two-tier mode, the back of the desk can be lifted up, offering more ergonomic placement your monitor and a more comfortable computer or office work experience. If you are a fan of plants and mementos, the second raised tier will look greater than before.


Work at home with your kids is also made possible because of the two tiers that can accommodate an adult and child’s height. Isn’t it exciting to have a desk that has a Japanese-inspired aesthetic while also improving your relationship with your child? Well, that is all made possible by FlexiSpot with the Vici Duplex Standing Desk!


Durable and Dependable

Japan is known for the durability of their absolutely dependable furniture. With that in mind, the perfect product to achieve this is with FlexiSpot's simple yet stunningly beautiful Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair OC5G. Its beauty is really something to be in awe with but what makes it a truly dependable and the best ergonomic office chair is its firm lumbar support. This is an extremely important feature for those with lower back problems who do not want to compromise their dream Japanese aesthetic.


The Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair OC5G does just not stop with its beauty and firm lumbar support. You can also incorporate some fun active sitting to keep up with your healthy lifestyle. The chair also photographs beautifully so your Pinterest goals are easily achieve with this seemingly unassuming piece of art.


Yes to Tech

For anyone with a place to call their home, the toilet room is one of the places where they can be vulnerable. What others do not fully realize is that you can upgrade your toilet experience with something akin to the automatic and hygienic toilets they have in Japan.


Enter the Intelligent Bidet Toilet Seat ESB101/201 by FlexiSpot. This intelligent bidet toilet seat also lessens your tissue consumption because it has a built-in bidet which offers optimal cleaning along side wiping after the water session with as little as possible tissue that you can use.


Intelligent Bidet Toilet Seat ESB101/201 has an inbuilt heater which makes going to the loo a comfortable experience for everyone in your home. The toilet seat’s heater is a thousand times better than the traditional heating system seen in most toilets. This is because a traditional heating system of a toilet wastes too much energy just to keep the warmth and water temperature amenable for the people who use it. However, the Intelligent Bidet Toilet Seat ESB101/201 just does a much better job so you better give this product a try to even save a few extra bucks!


Put It All Away

Search for visually appealing Japanese homes and workstation. Did you nothing anything? Why yes, there are no stray cables seen that make the space seem like an eyesore. Fortunately, FlexiSpot is here to save the day with the Cable Spine CMP017. Simply use it to camouflage unsightly wires and cables for a more streamlined look whether it be on your office or at home.


There is also another way to keep your cables and wires organized with the help of FlexiSpot. Introducing the value for your money Cable Management Kit Organizer Set CMP013. This handy and nifty stuff is jam-packed with 50 PCS cable ties, 5 PCS Velcro ties, 10 PCS cable identifiers, and 10 PCS cable tie bases to you to use whenever you please. The simple plastic packaging can also be used after you have consumed every organizer inside the box to store cute and mini items.


For additional home and office storage that has a striking resemblance to organizers  you see in Japan, the stable and secure Mobile file cabinet 515 would be the perfect addition to your home. Its neutral color perfectly looks good with any kind of style peg that you are going for even those of the Japanese aesthetics. The curved edges also prevent little children from getting hurt if they accidentally hit those. A storage box that offers security and cares for children’s well-being, you can only find the Mobile file cabinet 515 here at FlexiSpot.


With travel restrictions or none, you can definitely bring Japan closer to your home by just keeping a few things that FlexiSpot offers.