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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Every Person You Love

08 February 2022

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples.

February is Love Month and that doesn’t necessarily mean we just celebrate romantic love. Love can take many forms. It may be love for a passion or a hobby or it may be love for oneself. It may also be love for your friends who are always there to support and cheer you on whatever you are pursuing in life. It may be love for your siblings who you grew up with and knew every little detail about you. It could be love for your parents who gave birth to you and made sure that you have a happy and healthy life. It may be love for your romantic partner who makes you feel butterflies in your stomach and always puts a smile on your face.

No matter what love it is, we’re sure that humans are not isolated beings. We become happier in our lifetimes when we allow ourselves to love and feel loved. This coming Love Month, we sincerely hope you feel the love, whether you’re single or not!

So we have some gift ideas for every person in your life.

 Gaming Chair GC02

For Your Special Someone

An ergonomic gaming chair is a luxury but something that you may want to invest in for your romantic partner. It will give them comfort and luxury at the same time. Flexispot’s Gaming Chair GC02 has an ultra-wide design—21.7 inches in width—with a high seat back—33.5 inches high. The design is ergonomic and will ensure you won’t experience body pain for long hours of playing. The back can be reclined from 90 to 135 degrees. It comes with a lumbar pillow while the headrest is removable. It has a 2D armrest and a 4.3” thick seat cushion. It’s made out of good quality PU leather that will look great on any video streaming screen.

Sit2Go 2-in-1 fitness chair

For A Parent

Moms don’t just stay at home anymore. Women have taken more roles in society other than household caretakers. They are multi-hyphenates who juggle a lot of things on their plate. But even though they are too busy, they still think of others’ welfare first before they take care of themselves. Why not give your mom the gift of fitness while not sacrificing her other commitments and hobbies by buying her the Sit2Go 2-in-1 fitness chair? This has a breathable mesh backrest that is comfortable and stable at the same time. It has a firm seat cushion that ensures an enjoyable sedentary sitting experience. Your mom could adjust the seat easily with a one-touch lever.

Plus it has a calorie tracker that can count the calories for her and customizable resistance levels that she may adjust depending on her fitness goals.

It will keep your mom’s mind alert for all the activities she is juggling while also reaping the benefits of exercise.

For your dad, you may give the perfect electric height adjustable drafting table. Because prolonged sitting could suck one’s creative juices, this drafting table was created to help artists like your dad to stay inspired, motivated, and energized. With this table, your dad would just need to press one button to switch in between standing and sitting positions. It has a height programmable control panel that is equipped with up and down buttons and four memory customizable presets.

The tabletop can be tilted within 0° to 40° to cater to different tasks---whether your dad is working, writing, reading, or drawing. Moreover, this drafting table has an expandable desktop that provides an extra 9.8” space. If not needed, it can easily be folded, especially in a small area where there is not ample space, to begin with. The table has a built-in, spacious pull-out drawer for storage.

ES9W sewing standing desk

For Yourself

With fashion designers, fashion school students, and sewing enthusiasts in mind, the ES9W sewing standing desk was born. Whether or not you are into fashion, this desk will come in handy when you need to do a sewing job on one of your clothes. It can also be used by each seamstress in the family.

A great feature of the ES9W is its sewing platform that can be adjusted separately. It comes with a knob that allows the user to lower or raise its workbench above or below five steps. Its weight capacity reaches up to 26 pounds and is enough to carry the weight of an average electric sewing machine.

The workspace is also very spacious because aside from the sewing machine platform, a detachable side table that measures 9” * 24” can be added to the already 43”*24” table where the sewing platform is attached.

The desk frame is made of high-grade steel so that you don’t need to worry about scratching it. It is guaranteed to be stable even at the highest adjustment point and because of its two-state legs, smooth and fluid-like transitions are possible.

adjustable bed base

For A Friend or a Colleague

This adjustable bed base might just be the best gift you could give to a friend or a colleague, or literally anybody. It ensures its users will have the best luxury sleep ever. It is highly customizable in that it can respond to the different needs of anyone who will be using it. The head adjustment ranges from 0 to 60 degrees so whatever activity that the person is currently doing, this may be adjusted accordingly. The legs are also height adjustable with three options: 3", 6", or 9”. The under-bed storage space measures up to 25 cubic feet. It’s very flexible in use because you may use this bed frame as a standalone support system or you could have it be fitted into a standard-sized bed frame that does not come with any slats. Moreover, it has an easy-to-use wired remote control that can adjust the bed frame to a comfortable sleeping position. It has a durable and quiet motor, delivers a max thrust of 6000N (600kg) at a sound level <50db, for a sound sleep. Last but not least is it has a mattress retainer bar that will protect you and the bed mattress from sliding or falling off the frame. For sure, your friend will thank you for this luxurious gift.