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Vibration Plates – How Effective Are They?

28 July 2023

It's unclear whether whole-body vibration is as healthy for you as regular exercise, although it can provide some health and fitness benefits. You lie, sit, or stand on a machine with a vibrating stand when you use whole-body vibration. Your body receives energy from the machine's vibrations, which causes different muscle groups in your body to relax and contract several times every second. You can feel like you're exerting yourself during the activity. A full-body vibration plate might be available at your neighborhood gym, or you might buy one to use at home.

Whole-body vibration therapy has been shown to help with weight loss, fat burning, improving flexibility, increasing blood flow, reducing muscular stiffness after exercise, increasing strength, and lowering cortisol levels, according to proponents.

But there is a dearth of thorough study on whole-body vibration. It's not yet known whether whole-body vibration offers the same variety of health advantages as an exercise that requires active participation, like walking, riding, or swimming. Whole-body vibration may assist increase muscle strength and aid in weight loss when combined with calorie restriction, according to some research.

According to several studies, when done appropriately and when medical supervision is required, whole-body vibration can:

1. Lower backache

2. Improve strength and balance

3. Minimize bone loss

However, if you want to slim down and get more fit, eat a nutritious diet and get some exercise every day. If you opt for whole-body vibration, don't forget to combine it with cardio and strength training exercises. Additionally, if you have certain health issues or are pregnant, make sure that you speak with your doctor before using a vibration plate.

The use of whole-body vibrations in vibration machines, also known as vibration plates or shaking machines causes your muscles to contract in a reflexive manner. They are sold for use at home and are offered at some gyms. Vibration machines are advocated as a way to reduce weight, gain muscle, and improve strength because they force your muscles to work harder. Users typically exercise by doing pushups, crunches, or squats while they vibrate.

There is currently a dearth of high-caliber studies examining the efficacy of these devices. There is some evidence that they may promote muscle growth and weight loss, but further studies are required to determine how successful they are in comparison to conventional exercise.

A vibration plate can boost your likelihood of losing weight by enabling you to burn at least 150 or more calories within five minutes. In addition to stimulating your muscles, the vibration plate enhances lymphatic flow, lowers blood pressure, and improves oxygenation and blood circulation.

Vibration Plates – How Do They Work?

Pilates and yoga classes make use of the vibration plate. Holding a number of poses in a standing position on the vibrating plate is a necessary part of vibration plate training. The plate's vibrations significantly increase the amount of muscular contraction. Additionally, they make your muscles contract repeatedly and alternately, which enhances your muscle strength, coordination, and balance. Bones and muscles are strengthened with vibration plate training.

Muscle contraction takes place about once or twice every day when you engage in typical forms of exercise. Muscle contractions on a vibration plate range from 30 to 50 times per second. Vibration plate training helps you strengthen muscles and build more muscular tissue by working on 90% of your strength fibers, in contrast to other forms of exercise that only target about 40% of your muscle fibers. Strength gains and an increase in muscle mass are the results. You'll benefit from enhanced posture, balance, and coordination as well as greater bone density.

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of using a vibration plate, you may be curious about how it supports fitness and wellness. Here are some of the benefits of using a vibration plate:

Training on a vibration plate stimulates the production of beneficial hormones

Your body will create more human growth hormone when you use a vibration plate, and this hormone aids in the recognition and repair of worn-out bones, muscles, and other tissues. Additionally, your body will create less cortisol, the hormone that causes emotions of tension and worry, and more serotonin, the hormone that promotes feelings of well-being and happiness.

Training on a Vibration Plate Boosts Immune Performance

Vibration plate training will cause you to feel intense muscle contractions that will activate your lymph glands, resulting in a more robust immune system and an improved lymph surge throughout the body. Additionally, engaging your muscles will result in improved blood circulation. Your blood will deliver more oxygen to your body's cells and your blood pressure will decrease. You'll have more energy as a result

Training using a vibration plate increases metabolism

Vibration plate training increases your metabolism similar to any other form of exercise. Your blood circulation will increase as your muscles become stronger and use fuel more effectively, giving you more energy. Your metabolism will accelerate as a result of these factors encouraging your body to expend calories and fat from food more quickly. You will burn more fat as your metabolism picks up, even if you aren't exercising.

Exercise with a vibration plate strengthens joints and reduces pain

Your hip flexor and core muscles, as well as the muscles that stabilize and strengthen your spine, are all strengthened by the vibration plate's movements. The vibrations increase joint function and flexibility by strengthening the muscles that stabilize your joints. Vibration plate exercise improves blood flow to all of your joints, which helps to remove toxins and lessen joint and back discomfort.

Vibration plate exercises help to enhance strength

According to a study, the maximum leg flex strength of women who engaged in vibration training increased by 8.2 kilograms compared to the control group in the same study that did not use vibration plates.

Another 2012 study evaluated the potential advantages of vibration training for non-obese women in their 20s. Eight weeks of twice-weekly training were completed by the women. The results significantly improved in the 36 women who finished the study, according to the researchers.

Standing, sitting, or even sleeping down on a vibration plate is part of whole-body vibration training. While the user engages in various balance or strength exercises, the machine vibrates at various frequencies, typically between 10 and 40 Hz.

The platform vibrates, stimulating the muscle fibers, which can result in up to 60 contractions and relaxations per second. This increases the effectiveness of the workout the person is doing.

Full-body vibration exercise is becoming more popular since it is simpler to perform than traditional exercise. This means that even those who are unable to typically work out can still benefit from it comparably. Additionally, it may offer extra health advantages for those who exercise regularly, such as increased strength and stability.

For many of the same reasons that exercise improves physical function, whole-body vibration training may accomplish the same. According to research, it can enhance the quality of our muscles and bones, boost bone mineral density, and even enhance muscle connection and neurological system. Together, these modifications strengthen and improve the functionality of bones and muscles. This may lower the incidence of fractures and falls, and it might even stop the onset of disorders like sarcopenia.

Vibration plate exercises enhance physical performance

Whole-body vibration training is now being investigated by researchers to enhance physical function in a number of situations. Research demonstrates, for instance, that incorporating full-body vibration plate training into your exercise regimen can help you regain physical function that has deteriorated with aging.

People with neurological disorders that impair mobility, such as spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson's disease may potentially benefit from whole-body vibration training.

Vibration plate exercises improve muscle recovery

Whole-body vibration has been shown in numerous studies to increase blood flow. After a challenging workout, healthy blood flow helps muscles recuperate. This is accomplished by allowing more nutrients and oxygen to get to the injured tissue. Not to mention the need for healthy blood circulation for good health.

Vibration plate exercises improve muscle power

Additionally, studies indicate that utilizing a vibration plate to increase muscle strength is successful. This effect is noted notably for seniors in a 2020 meta-analysis. Daily tasks are simpler to do with increased strength. It is also beneficial for athletes who play sports that require strength.

Vibration plate exercises decrease bone loss

In order to lower the chances of fractures and breaks, bone density is crucial. One method to slow down bone loss is strength training. Another is employing a vibration machine. According to the study, it works by boosting bone production and reducing bone absorption. Everything works together to strengthen the skeletal structure.

Vibration plate exercises improve equilibrium

Our likelihood of experiencing balance problems rises with age. Decreased muscle strength and flexibility frequently cause these problems. Whole-body vibration therapy may help elders maintain better postural control, according to research. It also suggests that, for those in this cohort, it is just as beneficial as regular exercise for boosting lower-body strength.

Final Thoughts

Vibration therapy is becoming more and better known for its exceptional efficacy in treating a wide variety of medical ailments. Whole-body vibration therapy may be just as beneficial as exercise in treating conditions including obesity and diabetes. A quick workout on a vibration plate can strengthen cells, aid in weight loss, and help the body get ready for genuine exercise.