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Walk While You Work: A Great Way to Work and Work Out Simultaneously

10 October 2023

For people who live in big cities with large highways and great distances, it is rare to see people walking on the road. Most people prefer to drive or take public transport. People in smaller cities and towns typically walk to places because everything is nearby. They don't end up requiring cars and just walk everywhere. Walking is a habit that should never be given up, no matter how old you are, and everyone should try to make time to go for a walk.

What Is A Walking Pad? How Is It Different From A Treadmill?

A walking pad is a walking machine similar to a treadmill but has certain differences. Its speed is not controlled by the user manually, but rather it is controlled by the user's footsteps. The walking pad has high-precision sensors placed within it that can increase or decrease the speed at which the belt moves depending on the user's pace. It is smart and can understand your pace and adjust it according to your preference.

1. It is more compact and portable compared to a treadmill. Due to its thin shape, it can be folded and kept away under the bed or couch or even your office desk. It is not bulky like a treadmill and can easily carry it from the office and back.

2. It does not go as fast as a treadmill does and can be used primarily for a brisk walk or a jog whereas treadmills can go to higher speeds and can be used for running as well.

3. Unlike treadmills, they do not have an incline feature and only remain flat. Treadmills, on the other hand, do have an incline feature and allow a more intense workout experience

4. It is quieter than a treadmill as it has a noise reduction feature. It will not disturb other family members at home or your colleagues if you use it at the workplace.

5. Treadmills have a heart monitor feature that can monitor your heart rate, whereas the walking pad doe not come built-in with that feature. You would have to install an additional application if you wanted to monitor your heart rate while using the walking pad

6. The walking pad is safer and more secure because it does not require a socket or a plug to be switched off. It works by sensing the user's footsteps. Therefore it is a safer machine to have in a house with small children.

7. Treadmills come with built-in workout programs that the user can choose between. Walking pads do not have preset programs, so they need additional applications if the user wants to perform a particular workout.

8. Treadmills are more versatile and can be used for running, jogging, and climbing on an incline. They can be used for more intense workouts, whereas walking pads can only be used for walking.

9. Treadmills have handles in the front and on the side. This gives the user a good grip and holds on to the handles while using the treadmill. Walking pads do not have this feature and are not as stable as treadmills. But this is not usually considered a drawback since walking pads stop immediately when your footsteps stop moving and do not go as fast as treadmills do.

What Are Its Features?

Walking pads have the following features:


They are compact; hence they can easily be tucked and stored away under the bed, under the couch, or even under your office work desk. They are not bulky, can easily be folded, and do not take up too much space.


They are portable, which means that they are lightweight and easy to carry. They can be moved from one room to another and can also be taken to different locations with you. You can travel with them as well.

Safe And Secure

They are safe and secure as they have specialized motion sensors that stop as soon as the foot movement stops.


They are smart and have an in-built automatic speed system that operates with the movement of the feet. The faster the feet move, the faster will the belt on the walking pad move.


It can easily be placed under a standing desk and the user can continue working on their laptop while walking on the walking pad. They can slow down or even stop if needed without having to push any buttons as they would on a treadmill


they have a noise reduction feature, which makes them peaceful and quiet machines. They can be used in the house as well as in the workplace and will not cause disturbance or distraction due to the noise.

Where Can It Be Used?

Walking pads are super convenient machines that are a smart and more efficient alternative to treadmills. They are ideal for people who like to walk and jog and are not suited for people who run. They are ideal for use by people who work from home and those who have to work desk jobs all day long.

Walking pads are extremely convenient and can be used under standing desks while working on laptops, conducting meetings, taking calls, and typing.

People can use walking pads while they are watching tv or just spending time with the family in the lounge at home

They can be used in the kitchen and kept under a countertop while preparing a meal while walking slowly.

They can be used while performing any standing activity that a person does for an extended period of time and wishes to move their muscles while they do it.

What Are The Advantages Of Physical Activity?

Physical activity is extremely important for the body as it helps maintain good physical and mental health. as we age thirty, our bodies begin to lose muscle mass, our bone density decreases, our skin loses elasticity, and the risk of osteoporosis increases. Exercising every day can help delay the signs of aging, reduce the chances of osteoporosis in individuals, and slow down the rate of bone density reduction.

Other health issues can be caused due to being physically inactive, such as:


People who don't indulge in physical exercise do not burn enough calories, and their metabolism slows down. Due to this reason, they continue to gain more weight and risk becoming obese. Obesity is an unhealthy disease and can be an underlying cause of many other health problems.

Heart Disease

Heart disease can be caused due to high cholesterol in the blood, which results from obesity and unhealthy habits. Regular physical exercise keeps the heart muscles healthy, the blood circulation going, and fewer chances of cholesterol build-up


Unhealthy eating habits, obesity, and stress cause hypertension or high blood pressure. Regular physical activity keeps the weight in check, burns extra calories, strengthens the heart muscles, and keeps the systolic blood pressure low.

Joint Pain And Muscle Stiffness

People who do not exercise regularly end up with stiff and painful joints and muscles as they tense up due to inactivity. Regular physical activity helps to keep the bones and muscles moving and prevent joint stiffness.

Neck And Back Pain

Those who sit all day long and do not watch their posture end up with spinal problems, back and shoulder pain, and neck pain. Sometimes it can be more serious and can result in injuries as well. It is very important to address any pain and discomfort in the spinal region and be aware of your posture at all times. It is not recommended to sit for extended periods, and you are advised to take frequent standing breaks, stretch, and walk around


People with sedentary lifestyles and no physical activity can become lazy and inactive in life. They feel tired all the time and perform poorly in the workplace. Physical activity releases adrenaline and serotonin, which are feel-good hormones that uplift you and make you feel refreshed and energized.


People who are inactive end up feeling depressed and lazy, as mentioned above. They cannot perform at school or work and always feel tired. Being physically active not only improves your mood but also helps distract you from your thoughts, reduce anxiety and help improve your sleep.

The Final Word

Everyone is aware of the innumerable advantages of physical activity in our lives. Those who work long hours, work from home, and are unable to make time to go outdoors for a jog must invest in a walking pad. Walking pads are extremely convenient and make a great investment for such people. They can be used daily for a few minutes between work or even during work. FlexiSpot has the best walking pad for people who want one for their home or for their office.