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Want to have fun while studying or working? Get a loft bed with a desk!

10 May 2021

The world pandemic has forced people to stay in their homes to work and study for the children. Although this may be temporary, it doesn’t change the fact people suffering from cabin fever for staying in one place for too long. To relieve the boredom, they can take up some hobbies to keep busy. So why not renovate the house? There are some fun ways to change the interior of the home.

Putting a loft bed with a desk is an excellent way to make the room more fun. It can be used by adults and children whether playing or working. It can maximize the size of the bedroom. Whether to simply free up some floor space for games, create a study area, or provide additional storage, there's a loft bed for everyone.

Loft beds are a very popular furniture item and can be a play area and office space. But with so many designs of loft beds available, choosing the right one can be challenging.

Here are some top insider tips to help you pick the perfect loft bed with a desk:

● For safety reasons, standard loft beds are not suitable for children under the age of five or six years old. 

● Find a junior loft bed for the young children. They are lower than standard loft beds. Thus, they are safer for the young ones. It is also easier to put them into bed and tuck them in.

● Also, loft beds should be fun and match your child's favorite cartoons and interests. 

Here are some tips in choosing a loft bed:


● Active child - If the child is active, try finding a loft bed with plenty of space underneath so they can move around with wider floor space.


● Small bedroom - find a model with storage space and remove the bulky chest for more room to play.


● Booklover - get a model with built-in shelves.


● Too many toys/clutter - Tent models can tidy up a cluttered room in minutes and they are also ideal for imaginative play.


● Study space - Have a desk and chair built-in suited for their height with a combination loft bed. Even small children will enjoy drawing at their very own elder kids’ desk, it will inspire them to learn more from a young age.

Selecting a Loft Bed for Older Children & Teenagers

Younger children are easier to please when it comes to loft beds with beds. With teenage children, it’s a whole other different ballgame. They have their ideas on what they want in a loft bed setup and should be encouraged and consulted.

Teenagers will not need a lower loft bed for safety reasons, but consider the room’s ceiling height once they get taller when sitting up. Mattress height is important. Make a clearance of Allow at least 33 inches between the mattress top and the ceiling.

It's essential to match the loft bed style to the older child's likes, interests, and available space:


● Socializing – more likely, your teenager will invite friends for a sleepover, design a loft bed with an open space underneath with bean bags, cushions, or chairs. It makes it a cool hang-out area that truly suits their taste and makes choosing the loft bed design a lot easier in itself.


● Studying - If the studying area in the loft bedroom is too cramped for a desk and their books, shop for a combination loft bed complete with a desk, shelves, and drawers. It will keep their projects organized and help them focus their time more efficiently when getting their homework and revision done.


● Room Size – free up more space with a loft bed that has some storage bins for their overflowing wardrobe. Freeing up floor space will give the room a less cluttered look and lend more focus to the decor.

Features to Look for in a Loft Bed

Here are the features to look for and get the right model for your child:

● Ladder. Most loft beds come complete with a ladder. Check the ladder it is appropriate for your child's age. Younger children can easily climb with ladders that have wide, flat rungs, eliminating the likelihood of slipping. 


● Staircase. Instead of a ladder, a staircase will give a more stable way to get into bed. It provides additional storage as well. The steps can become drawers, shelves, or cupboards. It can even put a small desk under the staircase.


● Slide. They are fun with younger children and a great way to get out of bed in the morning. Make sure there is plenty of space for the slide on either side of the bed.


● Tent. Some loft beds have a fabric tent area under them. Great for playing, as well as looking nice and tidy for the room. Use a tent that goes with your child's likes or room them. You can choose from, such as castles or cottages, camouflage or underwater, or other themes available.


● Desk. A desk is not just for school work, it can be used to bring out your child's creativity. Drawing, jigsaw puzzles, even a place to use their laptop or tablet, a desk is a multi-purpose must-have. 


● Storage. Drawers, shelves, cupboards -- loft beds are an excellent place to have more bedroom storage space. A loft bed with drawers and cupboards is a great way to a more harmonious room with a better-organized storage system.

Loft Bed Safety Guidelines

When shopping for a loft bed, check if it meets the children's furniture safety standards, developed by ASTM International (ASTM).

● They should have at least two guardrails on the upper bunk on each side to prevent falling.


● On the side opposite the ladder, guardrails must follow from one end of the bed to the other, or have a clearance of fewer than 0.22 inches.

● The guardrail gap for ladder access must not be greater than 15 inches in width.


● Guardrails must have firmer fastenings.


● The top of each set of guardrails must be at least 5 inches above the mattress top.


● There must not be sufficient space for a child to get trapped between rails either at the edge, head, or foot of the bed once the mattress is in place.


● Loft beds should not have any sharp edges.


● Loft beds paints must not have a lead content exceeding 0.009% and no other accessible components that have greater than 0.01% lead.


● Loft beds are free from harmful plasticized phthalate components which can lead to sickness.


● All loft beds need to be certified and accredited for sale by a CPSC accepted third party body which approves compliance with the required regulations.


Now you acquired some guidelines in finding the right loft bed with a desk. It’s time to make your child happy and remove boredom by creating a unique bed experience.