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Ways to be Productive as a WFH Worker

22 April 2021

Before I retired from my previous job last year, the covid-19 pandemic was already at its peak with the first virus variant lurking around us.  As there were already cases of death at that time, many companies including ours were helpless and had to decide quickly if it still viable to have employees report to office to work or let them stay at home as work from home employees.  When I was working on my clearance, I could see several employees disassembling their desktop computers to bring them home.  I could glean from their faces that they have mixed emotions.  Some of them were shocked because they still prefer to work in the office as their residence is just a stone’s throw from the work location.  Others seemed to be happy and excited because they could finally go home to unite with their families living in the province or outside the city.   Some did not show any intense emotion as they were still undecided to leave or not leave the company.  There is an option that you could separate from the company if a work from home setup is not your thing.  Consequently, as my clearance was completely signed and processed, I saw only few employees remain to work in the office. Obviously, most of the employees have worked from home since then. This setup has some companies caught up in this pandemic situation.  

The chaotic situation has led many companies all over the world to create a work from home setup for employees who are assets to the company and who are amenable to work in the comfort of their homes.  It is better to be employed than to want.   Others were not lucky enough to retain their jobs and these cases are worldwide.  In the United States, statistics shows that 18 % of people work outside of their offices.  and most likely they are working from home. With a change of work environment, is the productivity of the employed person affected?  Productivity-related surveys show that those who work from home are more productive and happier.  The reasons noted that working at home is less stressful and quieter unlike working in the office where many distractions or disturbances occur that could possibly affect performance and productivity.  Others shared their reasons it is more economical to work from home because there are less expenses and such transportation or gasoline expenses, food and the like.  While there is good news about increasing productivity of teleworkers, some surveys reveal a decrease in productivity because of other reasons such as low salary especially for female workers.

For those whose productivity suffers because of socio-economic reasons, there are some ways we can be productive at home amidst many challenges that we encounter every day.  Here are some suggestions that may help you cope with some awful or unwanted situations that you may be facing.

  • Make some changes on your workstation.  If you feel bored and unmotivated before you start working, it is possible that there are things that you need to alter or move in your work area.  For example, you may do some changes on the lighting that impacts your motivation.  Change the lighting such that you see clearer the space looking brighter and full.

  • The prevailing color of your workstation may have something to do with your energy and enthusiasm.  Make some changes on the color of the wall or pieces of furniture in the work area.  simple and light colors give calmness. Removes stress, and promotes a clearer mind.

  • Try to read some books on motivation and productivity.  There are e-books or podcasts available for free.  Why not take advantage of it?  That could be a great resource to ease boredom and languor. 

  • Try to establish more interaction with family members and have fun with them.  Play and communicate more with them before attending to your workload.  The fun experience may motivate you in some ways.  Family members are an inspiration.

  • Engage in physical fitness once in a while preferably in the morning before the sun shines.  The sun emits positive energy and it is rich in vitamin D that is good for your skin.  Have you not observed that mothers expose their babies under the sun to make them strong and healthier?

  • Organize your desktop.  A neat and clean desk gives you a clearer mind and enthusiasm. Too many objects on your desk may clutter your mind and may affect your productivity

  • Listen to music.  As we all know, music soothes our mind.  It is also capable of reducing stress.  Doctors listen to classical music even while performing surgery.  Fast music will make you more energetic.  

  • Lastly, find time to meditate and do some self-analysis.  Think about your future plans and your latest accomplishments.  Are you on the right track?  Have you performed your tasks much better than before? Think about all of these.  These maybe will motivate you to be productive.

  • Engage yourself in some physical fitness activities such as exercising inside your home, using a treadmill or biking around the neighborhood will make you feel energetic and strong. For products that are fantastic and worth your money, visit the FlexiSpot website.  It is just a click away.  When you visit the website, as an option for you, a Flexibot could respond to your questions quickly so that you will learn more about a wide range of products available and perfectly fits you. 

These are not sure-fire solutions but possibly could inspire you to hit the target.  It is just a matter of applying some things and doing changes on your surroundings and in yourself, too, so you could perform well and feel much better.

Productivity, as Cambridge dictionary defines it as the “ability to do as much work as possible in a particular period.”  With its definition, it implies that productivity involves higher volume of work done in a certain period of time.  Guided by this definition, the output that we produce in our work is the basis of our productivity.  It is an important factor in performing our daily task.  If we are productive, we develop a sense of responsibility and accountability.