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Ways to Beat the Deadline

29 October 2021

For remote workers who have deadlines and are struggling to meet them, you are not alone. Getting rid of distractions and focusing at work are both easier said than done. So we’re not here to castigate you but to help you manage your time to meet those deadlines of yours, especially if someone relies on your output in order to do their part of the work process. Be a team player and don’t miss your deadlines by following these tips: 

Create the perfect home office space.

1. Create the perfect home office space. 

Or okay, a workspace that is at least close to perfect. The first is to choose a location at your home that is far from the bed or the sofa and an area with good lighting. Next is to invest in ergonomic furniture so that you won’t suffer from body aches while working. FlexiSpot is one ergonomic furniture company that has standing desks and standing desk converters that can curb the risks of prolonged sitting, improve your posture, and make you work more efficiently. The brand also carries ergonomic office and gaming chairs that provide a luxurious sitting experience that supports the neck, back, arms, and butt. It may need initial investment but something worth spending your money on because it will help improve your work and meet deadlines in the long run. 

A clean, clutter-free workstation also helps clear the mind, saves you the hassle of looking for a lost item and makes you focus on the task at hand. Storage solutions from FlexiSpot help make the desk clutter-free such as having standing desks with their pull-out drawers, mobile file cabinets that can be locked and moved around the room from one corner to the next, and a mesh desk organizer to organize desk items and make them easy to reach. 

Break down your tasks into small, manageable ones.

2. Break down your tasks into small, manageable ones. 

Follow a to-do list every day that breaks down assignments into actionable steps. It makes tasks feel less overwhelming and easier to tick off in the list. The action of crossing something out of that list is fulfilling and makes one motivated to check off everything before the day ends. You may use a Lockways Magnetic Dry-Erase Board from FlexiSpot. It can be mounted on the wall so that you can see everything you have to do before the day starts. It’s spacious so you won’t run out of room to write. Make the most out of this product and make sure you finish all those tasks! 

To meet deadlines, you may use the ABCDE method by putting a priority marker on each of your tasks. A is for work that must be completed within the next day, B is for work that you have to do but isn’t necessarily time-sensitive, C is for work that will make you feel fulfilled even though it’s not urgent and D is for work that you can delegate for others to do. 

A simpler method to beat the deadline is to pick two things to do a day, one big and one small. This is more manageable especially that we’ve established you are someone who struggles to manage time properly. 

Schedule your day.

3. Schedule your day. 

Provide time blocks for each activity you will do for the day. You must already have an idea of how long it takes you to finish a particular task after you’ve been doing it every day for three months. Take this into account when you’re writing a schedule. Do not forget to add work breaks because you would be needing those to have a clearer head and a recharged mindset to finish other tasks before the workday ends. 

Allot time for a crisis.

4. Allot time for a crisis. 

Accept that you can’t control everything and not all of it will go along your way. In order to keep your composure, make sure that you’ve been taught about the worst-case scenarios even before you fail to meet another deadline. There are just many emergencies that may happen and you would have to attend to them. This is another reason why working before deadlines is a much better option for a stress-free life. But since we’re already here, you should always prepare for the worst and allot time if ever, God forbid, a crisis occurs. In this way, you will still be able to meet your precious deadline without burning any strings. 

Just do the worst one first.

5. Just do the worst one first. 

Avoiding that one big task and letting it pull you down throughout the day. Get it off your chest and tackle it first. Think of the productive day you will have as you finish this big task you’ve been trying to avoid. Get it done and then the rest of the day will hopefully feel easy for you. 

Avoid multitasking.

6. Avoid multitasking. 

There are some people who pride themselves on being multitaskers but this can actually worsen a situation than help you beat a deadline. If you are working on too many things at a time, the tendency is that you’ll lose focus and kill productivity. A better way to go about finishing tasks and meeting deadlines is to focus on one activity at a time and make sure that you don’t do your work in a sloppy manner.

Delegate tasks.

7. Delegate tasks. 

If tasks are too overwhelming already, it’s time to take a stand and ask for your supervisor to take a load off your chest. If you’re a superior, distribute tasks equally, tasks that are based on each person’s skill level. If working from home and trying to beat a deadline, let people in your household know so they wouldn’t bother you to cook breakfast or sweep the floor.