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Ways to Know the Kinds of Ergonomic Pain While At Work

12 July 2021

The Sudden Jolt While Sitting at Work:

Your day at the office is very busy. You need to come up with a game plan for the next big project. You are about to turn to your left to check the calendar when suddenly a snapping sound around your waist is heard then your neck gets numb. That is a sudden jolt of pain; that is ergonomic pain. This is dangerous because it would not just make you feel upset or it would not just affect your mood; it could also make your conditions worse and could put you at risk.

Research shows that many of the injury claims made in most companies in the US for the past years involve ergonomic-related injuries. Sadly. A lot of people overlook this problem because most of the time, the condition does not show an immediate effect on the worker. Most of the time, the pain that a work experience starts with a mild numbness around the neck, shoulders, or back. However, the pain escalates to a worse condition because it is being ignored. Hence, if you are one of those who experience this condition, the best thing to do is to be observant and recognize the kind of pain that you feel when you are at work. 

The Ergo Pain of an Office Worker:

So, before we talk about the examples of ergonomic pain that you might experience in the office, we must first identify where these injuries start. In actuality, ergonomic injuries start at the workstation. Your chair could be a culprit and could cause you major harm. Your desk might also incur an injury on you. So, for you to identify the ergonomic pain that you might experience, here are some of the examples: 

  • neck pain:

So you might experience this when you sit on a non-ergonomic chair and work at the computer for a long time. Usually, you could feel the neck pain when you glue yourself very close to the monitor and the weight is placed on your shoulders and back. This could affect the nerves on your neck. You would suddenly feel like the nerves on your neck are twitched and tightly throb. This is an indication that your neck is becoming sore. 

  • Shoulder pain:

The frozen shoulders are common examples of shoulder pain. Usually, there are parts of the shoulders that are affected because of continuous and tedious movements of the arms and hands. After a few hours at the computer, you would notice that the muscles around the shoulders become numb and hard. It indicates that there is something wrong and you might be overusing your arms and hands. 

  • Spine strain:

This is the kind of pain around the back. Usually, you could feel the tightness around the spine; this is called the spine strain. When you have the spine strain, it would not automatically be so painful but you would feel the weight on your back and slight numbness might start to take place. 

  • wrist, hands, and finger pain:

When you type on the keyboard with much force, your movement is not fluid, and you do this for long hours, you might also begin to experience the pain around these areas. The pain is characterized by numbness around the fingers or a tingling sensation on each finger. Then you might see nerves getting swollen around the hand area. This is followed by pain around the wrist. Sometimes, not all areas are affected but usually, all the mentioned areas are affected. At times, the pain could not be relieved with a stress ball, thus it is probably something ergonomic. 

These are just some of the numerous examples of ergonomic pain that you might experience at your workstation. Now, if you take a closer look at it. You might be experiencing these things because of the type of office equipment that you use when working. Yes, the kind of equipment that you use at work affects your posture. So, what is the right equipment for you? In this next part, we will talk about the ergonomic products that could save you from the pain that could affect your work and performance. 

Discovering the Right Ergonomics with Flexispot:

As we move on with the topic, we will discuss the most superb Flexispot ergo products that most patrons rely on. This is because Flexispot knows how to take care of its clients. They ensure that every person is ergonomically protected when working or when staying at home. 

The right ergonomics are found at Flexispot because all the products here are engineered with precision and exact measurements with the Flexispot ergonomic chairs and standing desks.

So, with the examples of ergonomic pain mentioned above, Flexispot could alleviate all those things. For example, the Flexispot ergonomic office chairs. These chairs could prevent further spine injury because of the most incredible materials installed on these products. You can choose between a mesh chair or a leather chair. Both products could ensure a super sitting experience that can help you avoid the neck pain and spine strain that would eventually affect your movement. With the Flexispot mesh chairs or leather chairs, you would don't need to point much liniment on the neck when it becomes sore or apply much hot compress on the affected area. With these products, you would go home with a wide smile like your 5 pm still gives you the 7 am feels.

The ergo chairs from Flexispot also allow you to move freely on the chair without you falling off or losing balance when working. This is because most of the ergonomic chairs from Flexispot have the rocking function that allows you to rock back and forth when you feel so exhausted. This could stimulate the blood circulation in your whole body too. So, if you choose the ergo chairs from Flexispot, you can ensure that you would not feel ergonomic pain when you use them even for long hours. 

Final Thoughts:

Experiencing pain while working in the office is normal because our bodies undergo stress and fatigue. This is also an indication that your muscles are trained and your system is functioning. However, this should be manageable and should not affect your movements and performance at work. It's because once the pain worsens and starts affecting you, then it is already worrisome and needs medical attention. What's good is Flexispot is here to assist you in fighting stress and physical pain. With the right ergonomics, you can ensure a great work outcome.