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WFH Couples: Ideas For Your Shared Workspace

14 July 2021

As the internet grows more prevalent in our lives, more people are opting to work from home. While there are numerous benefits to working from home, perhaps the most significant is designing a comfortable, practical, and stimulating space tailored to your specific requirements and preferences. When the appropriate office furniture items are put out in the perfect arrangement, not only would the ambiance improve, but so will your overall well-being and the effectiveness of your workspace. While it is relatively simple to locate the appropriate setup for an individual home office, the real issue arises when a partner or whole family must also share the space.

Most people have to make do with a corner of the dining room table or a desk jammed next to a bed because not every couple has space or income to set up a spacious dual workstation in a home office. Living in such confined spaces has taken a toll on some couples. Research on the influence of COVID-19 on marriage stability found that 54 percent of respondents agreed that their relationship was put to the test. If you're having trouble properly sharing a workspace with your significant other, you may need to change your setup.

Let's look at some home office arrangement ideas for couples, and you may decide on the most pleasing design for your own home workstation.

Home Office Arrangement Ideas for Couples

Next To Each Other

Setting up two laptops side by side is perhaps the most logical design and the most straightforward approach to rapidly discuss ideas while working alongside. It allows you to take a fast glimpse at your partner's display to review each other's performance. It's also an excellent technique to save space because it just takes up one wall in any room.


If you can see what your partner is doing on the computer is too disturbing, positioning your laptops with their backs to each other may help you focus better. Even though you are now sitting face to face, you may be oblivious to the fact that another person is working directly across from you because you are both behind computer displays.

Corner Desks

Using L-shape desks like L-Shaped Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desks by FlexiSpot in your home office setup can help you enhance valuable working space. When your task isn't on the computer, or when members of the family compete for a spot in a home office, you'll have an empty desk to utilize instead of having to relocate your monitor and keyboard to create room.

The innovative FlexiSpot has the Vici Duplex Standing Desk that comes with a dual-zone height-adjustable standing desk feature that lets users convert between one- and two-tier desktop modes, providing additional mobility. You and your spouse can work face to face at the same standing desk, taking turns sitting or standing for the next few hours.

Individual Workstations

Suppose both you and your partner work from home every day; setting up a room just for work will benefit your productivity and well-being in the long run. Rather than just settling for something not intended for the office, think about investing in office furniture pieces such as ergonomic chairs and standing desks — they may not be the most beautiful things you've ever seen. Still, they will motivate you to sit upright and keep moving more instead of just hunching over computer monitors all day. Your back and neck will appreciate it.

Working From Home Together Tips

Sure, there are several general guidelines to follow if you and your partner both work remotely and want to be efficient while also maintaining the positive aspects of your relationship. The goal is to avoid going mad. If you work from home with your partner in the next room, or if you share a home office, and you spend the entire day together, we have a few tips and tricks for you.

Home Office Products

If you want to establish a home office for two in a tiny space, you'll need to find the correct solutions to avoid poor posture and the consequent soreness.

  • If you use a laptop and want to boost your energy level, we advise the Height Adjustable Mobile Desk MT3. This flexible sit-stand desk may be elevated and lowered to suit your working necessity. For couples coworking in small areas, the mobility allows them to quickly move from room to room when privacy is required.
  • The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair is a good choice for couples who work together because it is affordable and has a high level of ergonomic adjustability. Its 3D lumbar support system, 135° lounge tilt, and 4D adjustable armrests provide you with the ultimate seated pleasure behind your desk.
  • Office headphones allow you to manage calls in a much more effective and ergonomic manner, liberating both hands so you wouldn't have to fumble for your handset repeatedly and providing clear, sharp audio that blocks out background noise. There are numerous advantages to utilizing a wired or wireless headset, but the main feature for couples sharing an office is the privacy they provide.

Agree on Guidelines

Conflict can emerge when you share a workspace, whether it is with coworkers or your significant other. Because we are all unique and have various requirements at different times, maintaining clear, honest communication is critical for preventing conflict. First, come together and go over each of your expectations. You wouldn't have to create a formalized workplace policy, but working together to develop guidelines can help you keep order during stressful times.

Design and Plan Out

Before you continue creating and relocating furniture, it can be beneficial to arrange your two-person home office space on paper meticulously. Here are some helpful hints to remember:

  • Draw a layout of the chosen room after measuring it.
  • Sketch the general outline of the furniture you wish to put up on a separate piece of paper and cut it out so you may position it in several ways on the design.
  • Take into account: light sources, furniture positions, exit/entrance routes, power outlet accessibility.

Aesthetics must also be considered. You may each have specific tools and equipment depending on your anatomy and tastes, but can you choose textures and colors that are similar? Establishing an aesthetically beautiful atmosphere in which you and your partner enjoy spending time working can significantly impact your performance.

One may consider working from home as a couple as a task or challenge, such as staying active when working together. Working remotely as a couple may not hinder your relationship or profession if you both have an optimistic outlook.