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What are the Benefits and Shortcomings of Using a Fixed Height Table?

23 March 2023

The question of whether or not to use a fixed-height table is still one of contention. The reality is that there is no one definitive answer because every situation is different and the right approach may vary based on the needs of your home or business. A fixed-height table may be the best option if you're looking for a low-cost table that is easy to set up and move around. While it can also be ideal for small spaces or areas where you want to keep things simple, there are some things about this type of furniture that should be considered before purchasing one.

What is a Fixed Height Table, and How Does it Work?

A fixed-height table is a table that is designed to maintain a set height. This means the table will not raise or lower in height but will stay at a set level. The benefits of these tables are that they can be used for numerous purposes and are often more economical than adjustable tables.

We may also term fixed height tables as static tables. They are often used in restaurants, school cafeterias, and other public spaces where people eat together on the same level. This can help ensure that everyone has enough space to eat their meal comfortably or interact at the same level. Fixed height tables can also be used at work.

Benefits of Fixed Height Tables:

Fixed height tables are convenient. They are versatile enough to be used anywhere, and the cleanup is a breeze. You also do not have to stress about getting the wrong height for your needs. They are also a great pick if you are looking for a table that doubles as a dining area and a workstation.

Fixed-height tables are durable. They don't require electric cords or batteries, which means that there's less chance of them breaking down mid-game than some other types of furniture. In particular, the benefits of fixed-height tables include the following:

Convenience and Cost Savings

When it comes to convenience, Fixed height tables take the win over their adjustable counterparts. An adjustable table may need some time to assemble and set up, while a fixed-height table can be used in minutes. This is especially important if you're using a portable or temporary table that will be moved around frequently. Also, since the table top is at a fixed height, it can be used as a desk or workstation during the day. The surface space is generous enough for working on laptops, writing or drawing on paper, or using a whiteboard.

Fixed height tables are cheaper than adjustable tables because they don't require any tooling or hardware required for assembly or disassembly, which means less waste during production runs and lower costs overall! In addition, there's no need for specialized equipment like slide-in tray systems (which add extra expense) when installing onto existing floors/walls due to their simplicity of design (no additional tools needed).

Clean design

A clean design is a benefit of fixed-height tables. Fixed-height tables are more aesthetically pleasing than height-adjustable tables, and they can be used in any space regardless of the size or shape of your room.

If you have a small space, it may be best to choose an adjustable table since it will fit into any corner or wall space you want to use. If you want something that will work well with large spaces (like apartments), having a fixed-height table makes sense because it won't take up valuable flooring space when not used!

Easy to clean and maintain

There are many benefits to using a fixed-height table. For one thing, it's easy to clean and maintain. You don't need cleaning staff, which makes sense if you're trying to save money by not paying for the labor that isn't needed anyway!

Another positive aspect of using a fixed-height table is that it's easy to disinfect after use. If one, say, a client, needs their area disinfected after using your tabletop, all they have to do is spray some soap/water/ surface sanitizer on it and wipe off any dirt with a damp cloth before returning everything back into place again. This also helps prevent bacterial build-up on the surface area, which could lead to disease transmission between users over time - something we want to avoid since we want everyone involved with our business relationships to be happy and healthy!

Durable and long-lasting

A fixed-height table is durable and long-lasting. It can withstand heavy use, so you don't have to worry about replacing it every few years. You can use your table in various spaces, such as the office or classroom, but it's also great for home use if you need extra space for your kids' games or homework.

Shortcomings of Fixed Height Tables:

As you've probably gathered by now, using a fixed-height table can be an excellent way to ensure your guests are comfortable during meals. But there are also some disadvantages to this approach:

Only one height is available. If you have limited space and need to accommodate more than one group at a time, this might not be ideal for your needs.

Not always suitable for all spaces. For instance, if your dining room is particularly small or has limited seating, having only one height option may not be enough space for everyone in attendance.

Only one height to choose from

A fixed-height table is only suitable for a specific height. If you want the table to be lower, you will have to buy another fixed-height table. And if you want the table to be higher, then it will take a lot of money and effort on your part and possibly some special equipment.

Not always suitable for all spaces

The main drawback of fixed-height tables is that they may not be suitable for all spaces. If you have a small space, an adjustable height table would be the better option to fit in the corner of your room. Some people may also find that fixed-height tables are less versatile than other types of tables, such as adjustable-height or pedestal tables.

Costly upfront cost compared to adjustable height tables.

A fixed-height table is not as versatile as an adjustable one. You can't adjust the height of a fixed table to accommodate different users, which means you may have to purchase additional tables in order to meet the needs of all potential users.

In addition, the installation of fixed tables takes up more room than adjustable ones, which could be an issue if your business is too small to accommodate a large number of clients or staff or even more so if their office needs differ from yours.

Fixed height tables offer a number of advantages, but they aren't the right choice for every scenario:

Fixed height tables are better for some applications than others. A fixed-height table can be ideal if you're looking to maximize your seating area and make the largest possible impact on your space.

Fixed height tables aren't suitable for all spaces. If you have limited room to work, consider an adjustable-height table instead of a fixed-height one.

Fixed-height desks can be more expensive than their adjustable counterparts, though budget options are now available. If money is an issue, however, you'll want to consider other factors, such as convenience or flexibility, before deciding which type of desk will work best for your needs and budgeting priorities!

Reasons to Pick a Fixed Height Table Over an Adjustable One:

As affirmed earlier, It is a misconception to assume that adjustable height tables are better than fixed height tables as different strokes for different folks. However, one may pick a fixed-height table over an adjustable one because:

Fixed Height Tables Look Better

Fixed-height tables are more aesthetically pleasing because they don't have any protruding parts that can take away from the table's beauty.

Fixed Height Tables Are More Stable

Adjustable tables can be wobbly and unstable, which can be dangerous if you happen to have heavy objects on top of them or if you're using them in high-traffic areas like a kitchen or office space.

Fixed Height Tables Cost Less to Ship and Install

The cost of shipping and installation is much lower with fixed-height tables because they don't require special equipment to set up like


As you can see, there are many benefits to using a fixed-height table. This is the best option if you need a table that will serve your needs for years to come. However, not all spaces are suited for these types of tables and if cost is an issue, consider investing in other furniture pieces, such as chairs.

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