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What are the Benefits of Adjustable Desks?

14 April 2021

Ergonomics and healthy choices have been quite the rage for the past few years. While many still hasn’t fully grasped the advantages and benefits that these can bring people, the good it can bring will always definitely outweigh the doubts that might be on your mind. Let’s take the revolutionary adjustable desks for example.


We’ve all been accustomed to the idea that a work desk should stand roughly below the hip and can only be comfortably used with the help of a chair. Therefore, if you need to work a lot then that will also mean you’ll have to stay sitting for hours and hours each day. But why should you stay in this old-fashioned and non-ergonomic setup when there’s a whole world of difference with just a simple table switch. 


What are Adjustable Desks exactly?


These are exactly what it sounds like. These are tables or workspaces that can be adjusted to a certain height of your liking. This allows users to keep it low like a traditional table or high enough to convert it to a standing desk. Some of these are manually adjusted while others are pneumatic or even electronic. Imagine a table that will automatically adjust its height to your liking with just a simple press of a button. Talk about high tech, right?


What are the Benefits of a Standing Desk?


We’ve all heard it before. Get up and stretch. We are not supposed to stay seated for extended periods, and it’s not good. Possible health issues that may arise for constantly sitting for a long time include weight gain, obesity, muscle weakness to muscle atrophy, stress, anxiety, depression, diabetes, heart disease, and even spinal problems as a result of poor posture. The thing is, this list is not meant to scare anyone off, it’s true, and nobody really wants to admit that it’s a real threat. And why not, sitting comfortably does sound much better than standing. But let’s take a look at the benefits of an adjustable table. 

Improve your Mood

As mentioned earlier, constantly sitting can eventually lead to anxiety and depression. Your mental state can be negatively affected by long seat times. But the idea of being able to continue working on your tasks while staying on your feet can in fact, improve your overall mood and disposition. And as you know, having a good outlook will also result in good results and productivity. 

Boost your Energy

Ironic, right? Considering it sounds more tiring to stay on your feet than be comfortably seated. It sounds like it doesn’t make any sense. This is actually related to improving your mood. When a person is constantly overshadowed by the feeling of stress and anxiety, energy levels will tend to decline as well. And you won’t even really realize this, even after sleeping a good number of hours at night, you still feel tired while just an hour of sitting in front of your desk. 

Decrease the risk of Heart Disease

According to a study conducted using bus drivers and bus conductors as subjects, conductors who were always on their feet only had half the risk of developing heart disease as compared to their bus driver counterparts who are literally sitting on the job all day long. Imagine your body like a garden hose filled with water. If you’re sitting, you’ll have parts of your limbs folded and sedentary for a long time. And that will limit good flow as opposed to standing where your blood is freely circulating around your body without obstruction. Using a standing desk will give your body a good blood flow that will benefit your overall health.

Lower the risk of Obesity or Weight Gain

Did you know that you actually burn more calories while standing than if you were sitting? It’s true! Even if you’re not exactly moving, the idea of standing will require your leg muscles to work in order to support your full weight, therefore allowing your body to burn more calories in the process. Besides, if you like to play music while you’re working, put on your favorite jam and start dancing while you work. You get a good workout without even knowing it. 

Improve your Productivity

Now how could that be possible? You’re standing while working and you expect to be more productive than you are while sitting? Here’s the thing. When you use adjustable desks, you’ll have a different perspective and disposition while you do your work. Ideas will come easier, and you’ll tend to work so much faster. And because you have a better disposition, you’ll likely feel happier as you go about your tasks. Be careful though, you might end up going through all your tasks so quickly that you’ll need to start listing your plans of other things that you can or want to do after you’re done.


These might sound like it’s a lot to take in, and of course, one thing may immediately come to mind: doesn’t standing for too long possibly also cause leg or foot pain? And maybe even open the doors to developing varicose veins? Don’t worry so much about this part. If comfortable shoes won’t cut it for you, then use an ergonomic anti fatigue mat. These mats are like miracle clouds for the feet. You’d be surprised at how long you can stay standing and be productive without your feet and legs feeling the stress of having to support your entire body for long periods. 


If you’d like to learn more about different types of adjustable standing desks, it’s strongly encouraged that you check out provider websites such as loktek.us to see the different kinds, settings, height adjustments, materials, and even functions of standing desks. And why stop there? While you’re at it, might as well check out ergonomic chairs, anti fatigue mats, and other accessories that will not only help you improve your health and productivity, but will also improve your life in general.