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Capricorn: Office Décor that Matches Your Zodiac

07 July 2021

What are some of the things that influence your home decorating style? Many fail to realize that their zodiac sign plays in their preferences when they’re first decorating their homes. You might not know it yet, but your star sign determines some of the things you prefer, even when it comes to home décor.

If you were born between December 22nd – January 19th, you are a Capricorn. Do you know some of Capricorn’s traits that define you? First up, Capricorns are very ambitious, which makes them winners. They amass awards and accolades in the things they put their mind to.

When it comes to home décor, a Capricorn will go for traditional themed décor ideas. You know the grandfather clocks, wooden cabinets, and earthy colors like hunter green, navy, and brown. They are also pulled towards flowers since Capricorn is another earth sign.

Bright pieces of art also quite appeal to Capricorns. When we say you love traditional décor, this does not translate to bland home décor; it means that you love a classic look that combines the best of the past within modern spaces.

Usually, Capricorns will want to have a work area, especially bookcases and a sturdy desk for their work materials. The Capricorn sign is the horned goat, represents their ambition and realism. They do exceptionally well in leadership positions.

Getting to Know Capricorns

The Boss season, the time when Capricorns are born is characterized by their strong personalities. They have a standard of excellence that they hold themselves to and apply in every aspect of their lives. This is why Capricorns excel in leadership positions and areas that require a lot of attention to detail.

Looking at some of their other personality traits, Capricorns are incredibly realistic. It very closely borders pessimism. They are realistic about what it takes to succeed and are willing to put in the work to achieve the same. This, therefore, makes them relentless and driven. They also boast of a strong work ethic and near perfection in their delivery.

Away from their work lives, Capricorns know how to switch it up for different settings. They are some of the most sarcastic and hilarious people. They know when to put down their business attires and let loose, especially around peers.

There is an apparent inclination towards perfection, mainly because the Capricorn sign is ruled by Saturn, also known as the planet of rules, restrictions, and time. You can see where their attention to detail and need for excellence stems. It is good to know that when you have a Capricorn around you, they will push you to make sure you don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. A Capricorn will tell you as it is and give grounded advice. This makes them some of the most honest friends to have around you as they’ll encourage you to be your best self at all times.

The Capricorn Décor Style

Given what you know about Capricorns so far, it comes as no surprise that they do not compromise when it comes to their space. They don’t settle in any aspect of their lives. Therefore, their décor style is timeless and classy, influenced mainly by traditional and classic themes. Even when they go for a more modern touch, Capricorns remain true to their love for timeless décor pieces.

One thing to note is how trends do not quickly move Capricorns. They stick to their guns and what they prefer. They are more drawn towards high-quality décor that will stand the test of time. The ever-changing trends are not appealing to Capricorns as they grow an attachment of sorts with their property.

Capricorns tend to go for neutral earth tones, classic styles, and statement pieces that are unique and timeless. Capricorns love their workspaces, especially being so dedicated to their ambitions. They will always go for décor that works together to create a seamlessly inviting space.

Knowing their ambitions and their positions most likely go for at work, you will see their many awards and achievements on their walls. They are happy to showcase their diplomas and certificates.

Features that Define the Capricorn Home

  • Cool and retro

Capricorns have a refined taste in décor and will therefore go for the cool and retro décor pieces that are reminiscent of their favorite times. Capricorns have fun putting together pieces that will make space feel like home and reflect their personality in their décor style.

  • Permanence

Permanence is another feature that you will note in a Capricorn's home. They are not afraid to commit to the things they want, and since trends do not easily sway them, they mostly favor décor pieces that will be permanent fixtures in their homes.

  • Structure

There is a lot of method to everything a Capricorn does in their home. It is evident for all to see, which is one of the grounding things that Capricorns crave. They want a structured space that reflects their personality and ambitions.

  • Workspace

As mentioned before, Capricorns will always want to have space where they have their work materials. Even if it’s not a home office, they have a dedicated corner. You’ll likely find bookcases and desks tucked away in their space.

  • Arts and Ornaments

The Capricorn soul loves fine things, and you can see their adoration for art and ornaments in their choice of décor pieces that go into their homes. A Capricorn's home will most likely feature stone sculptures, porcelain pieces that are priceless and timeless, art pieces, and collections of rare historical figures. You might even find the Capricorn sign, the horned goat, in their house.

  • Flowers and Plants

Capricorn is an earth sign which makes Capricorns very connected to nature. However, they don’t just go for any plants; they pick flowers and plants that thrive in darker and colder places. Plants such as the Pansy, ornamental Ivies, and even Amaranthus do well in a Capricorn's home. The Bonsai tree is an excellent plant and ornament in a Capricorn home since it is already present in its nature.

A Room-by-Room Guide:

The Home

The overall Capricorn home will feature ageless materials and furnishings that complement their preference for darker tones like green, grey and brown. They also go for leather furniture and fixtures that reflect reliability and tradition in their space. A rustic exposed wall, large stone mantle, and fireplace, chandeliers from historical eras, and table lamps with candlestick bases are some of the things you expect to find in a Capricorn home.

The Bedroom

Winter colors dominate, with the dark and rich theme taking centerstage. Shades of brown, green, grey, and burgundy enhance the elegance that Capricorns want in their bedroom space. It is a conservative approach that gives a sense of stability, especially considering the sturdy mahogany bed choice and sturdy headboard. Their dresser and side tables will be made of dark wood, and their choice of carpet is high quality but not too flashy.

The Home Office

Capricorns love wood and leather elements in their homes. The standing desk is perhaps one of the modern and trendy features Capricorns has given thought to. This is mainly because of the permanence and functionality of the standing desk. Take the Flexispot Comhar all-in-one standing desk, for example. It fits right into the Capricorn space with its tempered glassy top that guarantees longevity and spacious storage drawers. The Flexispot Comhar standing desk has features like programmable height presets to adjust the desk; the anti-collision function is also a desirable feature of the desk. When it comes to incorporating technology into your workspace, the Flexispot Comhar standing desk also features one type C and two type-A USB charging ports. It is affordable, durable, and plays right into the Capricorn's desired desk for their workspace. Their office space will also feature sturdy bookshelves to showcase their variety of literary interests and their awards and accolades.

The Kitchen

It doesn’t matter where Capricorns live; they always go for the traditional country kitchen, especially English kitchens. This appeals to their conservative soul and is especially accentuated with mahogany, aged oak, or walnut cabinets. If circumstances allow, Capricorns will opt for stone, dark marble, or granite tiled floors and have a few exposed ceiling beams to complete the décor. The old-fashioned ceramic sinks and faucets provide a traditional and historical feel to their home. This is not to say Capricorns will forego appliances. They opt for durable appliances that will sit well in their traditional styled kitchen. 

Final Thoughts

The overall design in a Capricorn home must consider efficiency as a top priority. While the Capricorn is very particular about the décor items they want in their space, they will carefully select items that enhance their efficiency.

Capricorns are also not big on clutter and too many unnecessary things in their space. They want to have enough space left over to entertain friends and family. This is partly to showcase their carefully crafted home and partly because they love having a lot of space to themselves.

As demonstrated by their preference for the Flexispot Comhar standing desk, their taste for traditionally styled décor does not stop them from incorporating modern décor items in their space, provided these items meet their needs.