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What home decorating style is right for Aries?

09 April 2021

Your star sign says much about your character, preferences and pet peeves. Your zodiac sign is determined by your birth date and where the stars were in the sky when you were born. A lot in your life is inadvertently affected by your zodiac.

For a lot of people, reading their horoscope is a way of getting guidance on their day-to-day life. Each star sign has distinct qualities that define you. Take Aries, for instance; they are loud, strong, brave and proud. This is evident in how they carry themselves and do their day-to-day.

Born between March 21st and April 20th, Aries are the first-star sign, which means they command your total attention. They constantly want to get entertained and get bored quite easily.

This translates to their homes too. Oftentimes, Aries will find themselves itching to redecorate their homes to achieve that perfect décor. It also stems from their need to bring out something exciting and fun.

If you’re an Aries, it is essential that you know what décor styles will appeal to you most. Your home décor should reflect your warm and passionate nature, not forgetting competitive too.

Aries characteristics

In addition to everything else, Aries have a palpable presence and genuinely care about other people. Once you get into competition with an Aries, you best be prepared; as we mentioned, they’re competitive.

These character traits come in handy for Aries because they have the audacity to go after what they want. Some of the most famous Aries include Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga to give you an idea. It’s a boldness that only they get to revel in, especially when faced with challenging situations.

Aries is a leader, a fire sign, just like Leo and Sagittarius. Aries people's most prominent characteristic is how frustrated they get by exhaustive details. Are you an Aries? Do you identify with any of these attributes? Before we lose you by getting too deep into characteristics, let’s get right into the Aries style of home décor.


Aries style of home décor

There is a lot of knowledge online on some of Aries' best home décor ideas. The information can be quite overwhelming, especially since there’s a lot of it. Fortunately, Aries are quite decisive and can immediately pick out what they like.

The Aries style of decorating is very distinct, and you can see it in the colors they choose, accessories, designs and general feel of a room. There is a lot of personality in everything that you pick for your home as an Aries. It is especially important for Aries to put their own stamp on their homes.


Contemporary style

The contemporary interior style is very attractive to Aries and resonates with their personalities. You agree with this now as you read through this if your star sign is Aries. Think white and black, beige and strong, forward colors, combined with modern textures.

As we’ve established, as an Aries, you can be quite impulsive and get bored with your home design quite often, prompting you to change things around often. The thing about this is, somehow, you’ll do a couple of rounds around the contemporary style as it just pulls you into it. The contemporary interior style is conveniently fluid; it allows you to combine various trends to achieve the look you want for your home.


DIY Décor

When it comes to DIY home décor, Aries people go for having the basics that are comfortable in their space. Their approach generally leaves room for the stuff that matters to them. Walls lined with photos from some of your adventures and accessories that hold a lot of importance to you will accentuate your home.

An Aries home will definitely have dedicated spaces for their various interests like a home gym, an art corner, a home office and more. You will ultimately be more satisfied if your home displays your personality and interests while still pleasing guests' eyes.

For the DIY décor, pale colors take center stage, mostly pale muted tones and hues. Crimson, orange and other bold colors often appeal to Aries people. You’ll definitely identify with picking colors that others would be hesitant to pick.


What design elements define Aries?

The buzzwords when it comes to Aries and their home décor include contemporary design and minimalist design style. It has to be sleek, and they encompass aspects of the latest fad. Aries people will not want to be left behind by a trend happening.

The color buzzwords are bold and powerful, fiery colors that speak to their character traits. And finally, leather is quite attractive to Aries, especially when it comes in a bold color, like a white or red leather.

Even as they bring together aspects of classic design styles very minimally, you’ll agree that Aries people often lean towards everything modern.


Special features an Aries will consider

There are many small features that accentuate a home and for Aries people, which are visible in everything they choose for their home.

  • Accessories

If you’re an Aries, you definitely agree that you prefer to leave a bit more room in your home for things that interest you. Therefore, during a remodel or redecoration, you’ll definitely go for minimal accessories for your space. You don’t want to fill up your space with things you might not like in the long run.

Some of the most appealing accessories for Aries people are extremely unique items, like throw pillows in unique shapes, minimal flower vases, art and other collectibles. Your walls, however, will remain largely bare so that your bold choice of wall paint is clear for all to see.

The scent is important to you, and you will go for scented candles to have your home smelling like your favorite scent. It is highly likely that you’ll have fire bowls, crystals and other modern prints in your home. If not fire bowls, you’ll definitely go for a firepit or some fiery aspect.

As a leader, you find yourself drawn to things that communicate leadership and fearlessness; Japanese weapons are a great example of this.


The gallery wall

We mentioned that Aries like to display their choice of bold wall paint. However, they will want to display their accomplishments and other things, hence the gallery wall. It is much like a recreational center where you have your books, trophies, awards and certificates

  • Furniture

The furniture of choice will always display a strong personality. It is bold and stylish, something you can’t miss. Aries people will go from bold colored furniture that blends perfectly into their wall paint styles they have adorned.

A home office is extremely important for Aries people, especially considering they are very artistic. The recreational corner always carries a lot of personalities, especially fitted with personal items like art and photographs.


The home office

In their home office, you will often find modern equipment. Standing desks and ergonomic chairs are all the rage now, and Aries will definitely go for them. Rightly so, as these items have proved to modernize a home office and light up a space.

- Standing desks

Standing desks have a modern edge to them, they are modern, and some feature technological features that are quite eye-catching. As an Aries, being stuck to one spot for long periods can become a bore, the standing desk offers a change, which is why they are so popular with Aries.

The standing desk allows you to work while sitting and when you need to, adjust it, so you’re standing. Most Aries home offices now have this new and valuable addition.

- Memorabilia

A photograph you took on a trip, something you collected during an adventure or an art piece you made, an Aries office space will also feature memorabilia. It is vital for Aries people to feel connected to their space, and by bringing in these items, it feels more inviting.

- Ergonomic chair

Comfort over anything else, Aries people will want to be comfortable in their home office space. An ergonomic chair offers excellent back support and helps you improve your posture. If your star sign is Aries, you definitely know that you’ll invest time to look for furniture that is not only fashionable but comfortable.

- The home gym

When it comes to sports, Aries people prefer individual sports. This is most likely due to their competitive nature. In a home gym, they’ll want to have workout equipment that allows them to work out and be comfortable.

One of the newest workout items that are quite multipurpose, just how Aries people like it, is the Flexispot Sit2Go fitness chair. It is a 2 in 1 chair that combines all the features of a good chair and a bicycle's workout capabilities. You get to cycle your sit while working.

The Sit2Go fitness chair is incredibly effective at keeping you productive and active. It also doubles as a standing desk as you can cycle while standing and adjust the chair. Most office work requires that you’re sedentary for long periods; the Sit2Go chair is a welcome addition to an Aries home space.


Every Aries person will agree that you are impulsive and prone to changing your mind, especially about home décor quite often despite being decisive. One of the things that seem to sit perfectly in Aries homes is the Flexispot standing desk that caters to all the quality of being Aries. Ranging from bold, modern and quite functional. Revitalize your space with décor that speaks to your personality, and now you have a guide to help you through it.