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What Is a Drafting Table & Why You Need It?

16 November 2021

While you can sketch, paint, or do any kind of creative work at any table, a drafting table gives so much more for your workstation than a conventional table. Having a specific drafting table can help artists bring their creativity to life. We tend to concentrate and shift our mentality to 'now I am at my space,' which takes us to the present moment and feeds our creativity when we have a special area to perform our work.

Therefore, a drafting table is the best solution for many artists who work on little or medium-scale projects. It's even better if your drafting table is height adjustable. Read on to learn more about drafting tables and why you need one. See how it can help boost productivity and creativity, and read till the end to discover our top pick and mega sales!

FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Drafting Table

What Is a Drafting Table?

A drafting table is a worktable with a large, changeable surface that varies in size and maybe slanted at various angles. Drafting tables have been around since the 17th century. At the time, they were known as drawing boards and were found in libraries and study rooms.

Draftsmanship became a specialized trade during the Industrial Revolution, and drafting tables progressively migrated out of residential offices and into utilitarian workplaces. Back in the day, architects and engineers used to have exclusive access to drawing tables, but that is no longer the case. Here are some benefits of using a drafting table instead of a conventional tabletop.<

Benefits of a Drafting Table

Some drafting table types allow you to alter the base height to suit your needs, whether you're standing or seated at drawing height. A drafting table's big top allows the user to work on oversized drawings and projects, including mechanical drawings, blueprints, and artwork, with ease. You have plenty of room on the workstation to draw freely.

The advantage of using a drafting table is that it improves your posture and alignment. Unlike a standard table, where the artist may have to stoop over to see their work due to the flattened surface, drafting tables are usually inclined so that the artist can see their work from the front.

This ergonomic solution is crucial if an artist's work takes hours to complete. However, the angle also allows us to perceive the work in its true context. Working at an angle also aids in the correction of these mistakes. Considering all, a drafting table is a great choice for everyone who works with drafts, blueprints, or arts.

However, keep in mind that not all drafting tables are built the same. For maximum benefits, it is best to opt for a height-adjustable drafting table.  

6 Reasons You Need a Height Adjustable Drafting Table

A conventional desk and chair are usually included in a traditional cubicle set up in an office. Every workstation is identical to the one next. Although this arrangement appears to be tidy and well-organized, it poses a difficulty for day-to-day employees, especially if they are required to indulge in creative tasks.

Plus, sitting for long periods is simply taxing on the body. The latest innovation, the adjustable-height table, provides a solution. Learn about the advantages of working at adjustable drafting tables so that you may shine every day.

Productivity & Creativity Boost

Productivity & Creativity Boost

Professionals take significant decisions during the working day. To react fast and creatively, the mind should be attentive and concentrated. Experts claim that standing up enhances human brain activity by up to 20%, resulting in much faster and higher-quality decision-making processes, even at the end of a long, exhausting workday.

This can be especially helpful for creative workers. If you need to work for long periods in a concentrated manner, a stand-up desk can be a tremendous help. Furthermore, by using a height-adjustable workstation, employees become more fit, open-minded, and adaptable.

Stress, frustration, and chronic pain are reduced, which leads to increased job motivation. If employees feel healthier and fitter, they will enjoy working, generate more ideas and concepts, and put them into action with greater zeal. Employee satisfaction and efficiency increase when they get more exercise by standing up regularly.

Good Posture & Healthy Body

Standing and exercising throughout the day are important. The spine's regeneration capacities must be maintained. This happens when the spine and muscles are regularly moved, thanks to the adjustable standing desk.

Because the muscle action in your legs is essentially non-existent when you are sitting, it is critical to change positions regularly and for everyone to stand. Otherwise, there is a risk of muscle breakdown and harmful effects on the musculoskeletal system. In the worst-case scenario, bone deterioration can occur, which is extremely difficult to cure. Furthermore, switching between a sitting and standing position frequently allows the back and neck muscles to relax dramatically.

Productivity & Creativity Boost

No More Spine, Knees, or Ankle Complications

A height-adjustable drafting table is a modern and ergonomic solution for the spine, ankles, and knees. It breaks the length of the sitting period not only keeps the body and mind busy throughout the working day - and beyond - but it also keeps you healthier in the long run, as the spine, ankles, and knees are significantly protected.

With a height-adjustable workstation, complications in the back, neck, and shoulder areas, as well as in the joints, can be avoided or alleviated. Acute back problems, which are becoming more common in art workers, can be caused by stress, mental health issues, or, most commonly, poor posture. Working from a standing position can be beneficial in all scenarios.<

Protection against Unhealthy Weight Gain

The human body burns just approximately 1 kcal per minute while sitting, while leg activity declines and blood levels temporarily drop. However, a lunchtime stroll burns at least three times as many calories as sitting, which is why standing and exercising are strongly recommended regularly.

Stand-up drafting tables are ideal for this because they contribute to your overall health beyond the break time, preventing you from becoming overweight while also allowing you to work more efficiently. It is an easy way to burn calories and adopt a healthier lifestyle to protect against obesity and the negative impacts of sitting for long periods.<

Increased Body Awareness

Increased Body Awareness

The majority of people aren't even aware that they're slouching and neglecting their abdominal muscles while sitting. The ability to modify the height of a height-adjustable drafting table ergonomically makes people more conscious of their bodies. They'll notice whether they're using their abs when they stand up and consciously support their back by tightening their core.

Your core, which consists of your back and abdominals, keeps you healthy and upright. Standing for at least 15 minutes every hour provides your complete body with a sense of alertness and benefits that are lost when you sit all day.

Get Around the Fatigue

Height-adjustable tables can help people feel more alert and less drowsy, especially in the afternoon. As you sit after lunch, tiredness sets in. You'll feel more awake if you switch your adjustable drafting table to a standing posture. Wondering how it works?

Well, moving about causes your cardiovascular system to work harder than usual. The brain receives a dosage of rich blood as oxygen and nutrients rush to your tissues. As a result, you feel energized and ready to take on the next big task at work. Productivity and creativity both rise tremendously.

In the long run, increased efficiency through highly productive work saves time. Height-adjustable desks are said to boost productivity by at least 10%, resulting in a significant amount of extra time throughout the year.  

 FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Drafting Table

FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Drafting Table: Our Top Pick!

Now that you know the benefits of a height-adjustable standing desk, it's time we take a look at our top pick: FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Drafting Table. This sit-stand table can help you create a masterpiece. It's specially designed to handle all your large-scale drafting and painting projects while allowing you to switch from sitting to standing at the touch of a button. Take a look at why we love it.

Tiltable Tabletop Drafting Table: You can tilt the adaptable desktop from 0 to 40 degrees to find the best angle for a variety of applications like working, writing, reading, and drawing.
Ledge Stopper for Safety: No matter which desktop angle you choose, your devices, artwork, and paperwork will not slide off the table surface.
Ledge Stopper for Drafting Tables: The drop leaf design of the Expandable Desktop Tabletop allows it to be stretched for more desk space or folded to fit in tiny places.
Spacious: The standing drafting table extends by 9.8" to give you additional room for your things. It is also foldable to save space when not in use.
Integrated Drawer: Comes with a handy pull-out drawer embedded in the desktop provides seamlessly integrated storage space.  
Programmable Control Panel: Features four memory buttons that can be set with up to four different sit/stand heights, allowing you to quickly move between your chosen positions by merely pressing a button.

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