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What's Stopping You From Buying Ergonomic Furniture?

29 December 2022

You've probably attempted to upgrade your workstation a million times. You kept on saying that your cables and wires will be out of sight by next week. You kept bragging about the standing desk you can afford and what would happen to your work performance once it was set up. You kept saying you'll get an ergonomic chair and sharing how excited you are for the gift of luxury.

In short, you have become a walking ergonomic magazine ad, who knows all things ergonomic and would love to have an actual ergonomic workspace.

But the months passed by and you still haven't upgraded your workstation. At one time, you had too much work to deal with. Then in another month, you exceeded your budget already. In the next month, you were sent to the office more often. The month after that, you were having second thoughts about upgrading the home office. There was just always an excuse until it's December now, the year is about to end, and you're still stuck with a regular desk and chair.

Nothing bad about that because they might still be working for you. But what you haven't noticed is your complaints growing by the minute and still, you haven't done anything to address them. You feel that tension in your back. Your muscles get strained after the longest overtime. You're getting headaches because of your eyes. You keep feeling drowsy at work. You forget to stand up for a break. You are not smashing out tasks given to you by your superiors. Your performance is definitely lagging but you still haven't done much in your routine to change the ugly work ethic.

And upgrading your workstation is one effective solution to protect your health and your work.

What can you do differently now so that you can finally make your dream workspace alive? Well, this is cliche, but JUST DO IT.

If money is your problem, there are multiple payment terms you can tick off that are most suited for your financial state at the moment. You can loan from family and give them monthly payments. If you are working a desk job and aren't supporting anyone in your family, then money back should be the least of your concerns.

So if you think you don't have the time to check out, stop thinking about losing the minutes and just list it as part of your to-do activities for the day. To tick it off, have 30 minutes to one hour and start checking out. The items will be delivered to your doorstep and once they're in front of you, you would feel a rush of excitement that will compel you to set them up as soon as they arrive to you.

If you're having second thoughts about buying, well, there's always a 30-day return policy that can take effect if in case you are not satisfied with the product upon use. Just make sure to go more into the detailed rules so that everything is clear to you. If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact customer service.

So yes, to make your dream workspace happen for next year, stop overthinking and just move the damn glass for you and your life to move forward.

Anyhow, here are dream pieces for your workspace this 2023:

Ergonomic Anti Fatigue Mat DM1

This anti-fatigue ergonomic mat is sized 32.3" x 20.5" which allows ample space for dynamic movements. Shifting positions throughout the day won't be an issue plus I can wear shoes, socks, or slippers at home—it doesn't matter. This mat also features multiple massage points and mounds that stimulate a constant foot massage to wake up tired feet, promote healthy circulation of the blood and enhance physical and mental relaxation. Worth noting as well is the thickness of its mat which is 0.98 inches which helps distribute the force of gravity while standing which reduces the pressure on the feet. Another problem of mat users is that it tends to make someone slip or skid. This one has a no-skid design with a grooved skid-proof bottom that will prevent accidents from happening.

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

It's so easy to pedal away in the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair while attending client meetings and making presentations. The big brains in the FlexiSpot HQ also made the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair work in synergy with all the standing desks offered on the FlexiSpot site. The Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair and a standing desk combination will provide me with health benefits enjoyed by people who are dedicated to standing regularly and biking simultaneously when working.

What people love as well is that they're able to use this product even if they share their workspace with others. This FlexiSpot product is whisper-quiet for every pedal stroke. My office mates or family members won't even know that I am working out while I'm working because it really hardly makes any sound.

The FlexiSpot customers love it for a reason. There are some who say that they lost weight from continuously using their desk bike while there are others who are just happy that they are consistent with their workout routine, thanks to this bike.

Pro Standing Desk (E5)

The FlexiSpot E5 uses improved motor technology to be more user-friendly. Basically, its dual-motor lifting system is combined with the double crossbeam structure which ensures a smoother operation and a stable experience.

No need to worry about its stability because with a loading capacity of up to 220 pounds, it remains sturdy and wobble-free at its highest point and even during movement.

It features an advanced keypad panel featuring three height presets, a sit-stand reminder that allows you to set a timer from 0 to 99 minutes, and an anti-collision feature that automatically stops movement when obstacles are encountered. The height range of this desk is from 24.4 to 50 inches and can be easily used by people from 4'6" to 6'7".

A1 Pro WalkingPad A1 Pro

I have heard all about my friends' experiences using a walking pad in their work-from-home setup. We don't blame you because this is probably one of the best purchases anyone can add to your ergonomic setup before the year ends. This has a minimum height of only 2.2 inches, and a length of only 32.3 inches I can store it anywhere, and easy to move around. And the speed is entirely up to me, how fast or slow you move. Moreover, the machine is designed with a tabletop of a large surface area covering 42.2" x 16.4". It's made of high-quality steel and can easily carry about 220 pounds of weight.