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What makes a comfortable ergonomic office chair?

15 April 2021

If desk-bound office workers were to calculate how much time they spend in their office chairs, they would be flabbergasted. In a normal 40 work hours a week, they would spend around 1900 hours in the course of a year. Multiply that by the number of years a person works, then you would see how much a large part of one’s life is spent in an office chair.


Despite this figure, the priority in purchasing office is more often on the desk than the office chair. The same too goes to the home office setups. People today are mostly in front of a computer than they are sleeping. It only shows that having an office chair for both the office and the home is a must. It should also be comfortable and supportive.


Many studies have been done on ergonomics.  It shows that a supportive office chair increases productivity and enhances the efficiency of the person occupying it.  A bad office chair can lead to back strain, leg problems, and carpal tunnel, all of which cause loss of productivity and waste at work.


To prevent profit losses due to employee absences, it is better to invest in good office chairs that encourage back health and prevent injuries due to poor office chairs.


What are the criteria for a Good Office Chair?


Office chairs form part of the aesthetics of any office which why so many executives try to make sure they look good without taking into account the health of the workers using them. The ergonomics of the chair should be its main concern.


  1. Lumbar Support:

A good office chair should have support for the lower back. The better office chair has adjustable lumbar support that fits the chair to the user’s lower back. This is to prevent back strain that can worsen and become sciatica, which can be debilitating.


  1. Adjustability:

 Most office chairs have a height and arm adjustment. But these are just secondary when shopping for an office chair. The best office chairs must have at least five adjustments while some having up to 14 different adjustments.


Important functions to look for are the lumbar support, arm width and height, seat back width and height, seat and back angle, and tension control. The supports are electronically controlled while a few are controlled with a hand-held bulb pump like that of a blood pressure cuff pump.


  1. Wheel Base:

Many office chairs have a wheelbase. But if the office is carpeted, get an office chair with wheels specifically designed for carpet. Rolling or sliding around can prevent strain due to reaching across to retrieve items that are out of reach.


  1. Swivel Base:

Office chairs must swivel around freely for easy access to various parts of the desk. If the chair doesn’t have swivel functions, arm fatigue will set in from overreaching various items.


  1. Fabric:

The fabric is breathable to keep the chair from becoming hot and uncomfortable due to hours of sitting. Also cushion cover is important to support the person sitting in it without feeling the base of the chair.




Why Is a Good Chair So Important?


There are many benefits to having a good office chair in addition to having less back strain. A good, supportive office chair prevents fatigue and discomfort that can come from sitting in the same chair for hours on end.


Studies have shown that comfortable employees are more productive and contribute to a more positive work environment than uncomfortable employees. Finally, having the correct, comfortable office chair reduces the number of breaks the employee will need to take due to being uncomfortable.


Trying on a Chair


Office executives should encourage their employees to try on the chair before buying it. This is to ensure that the employee is comfortable with it. It is imperative to know how comfortable the chair feels should so it wouldn’t be wasted when no one is using it.

Many office supply sellers will bring various office chairs to the office to see which the employees prefer. The Flexispot website offers a great selections of comfortable ergonomic office chairs at a very affordable price. Their ergonomic office chairs are the best in the world.


Prospective chair buyers should look for these criteria when purchasing new chairs:


  • The backrest must be adjustable and follow the shape of the spine. It must support the curve in the lower back.


  • The feet should lay flat on the floor comfortably. If not, lower the chair height or add a footrest.


  • Armrests must be installed closer to the body and allow the shoulder to relax.


  • Arm height must be adjusted to match the height of the desk. In order to prevent strain to the shoulders.


  •  In a sitting position looking forward, the center of the computer screen should be easily seen.


  •  The back of the chair intersects to the middle of the shoulder blades. This is to provide adequate support. Placing it above the shoulders is ideal.


  •  The seat of the chair should extend enough to put two or three finger lengths between it and the knee.


  •  Whenever it is possible, the cushion should be memory foam. Other cushions wear out quickly and eventually make the chair uncomfortable.






Getting the right chair that is comfortable and eliminates strain and injury from appearing is imperative to having happy, healthy, productive employees who aren’t always absent due to back injuries.

Ensure the chairs in the office are helping to increase productivity by encouraging employees to try out the various chair types before buying them.

 A good ergonomic chair that is a perfect fit for you and will give you the best chance of maintaining your good posture. Make sure that the chair is used on a regular basis.

Just remember having an ergonomic chair does not guarantee that your posture is perfect. You will still need to work on your posture!