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What Makes a Great Home Office Standing Desk

15 May 2020

Working from home is now the most ideal setup now that we are still reeling from the uncertainties of COVID-19. In this case, it is essential to sustain a workplace with a healthy environment.

But you start to realize that you want to upgrade your desk so that you can also move around while working. In this case, the perfect product for you is a standing desk. This is one of the most talked-about office accessories in the market now that more people are staying at home and want to retain that work and wellness balance.

It is important to have highly functional office accessories because they are part and parcel of a comfortable working environment. A standing desk might just be the newest thing to spruce your workspace and make working a pleasant experience.

Consider These Factors Before Buying That Standing Desk

The internet is filled with all types of standing desks. But not all standing desks are created equal. It would be good to do your research before buying a standing desk so that you get the best of deals.

Have you considered the smell of the material?

If the table gives off a certain odor, it might mean that the materials used are not environmentally-friendly. Which leads to another concern: This particular smell has a bad effect on your health and it might put a risk on your family's health too. Your kids might suffer from the toxic smell triggered by the chemicals used in substandard materials.

Best to stick with a product that uses top quality materials like this .

Single or Dual Motor? Which is Better?

While you're scouring the Internet you might have stumbled on two options: Single or dual motor standing desks. Let us break down the difference for you.

A single motor desk might look alluring at first because of its cheaper price tag. But sorry to say, it might not be the best option. It is not bound to stand up to too much wear and tear because of its frame and machine.

Going for the dual motor standing desk is your best bet if you want to get more bang for your buck. Why so? It has a more dynamic load rating which means that it could support multiple monitors and other desktop accessories.

If you are a cost-conscious shopper, opt for the dual motor standing desk. The weight is evenly distributed across two motors and both sides of the desk, unlike a single motor which has to compensate for the absence of another working machine. That said, a dual motor standing desk can support up to hundreds of pounds and do so for long periods.

Does it have certificates?

Some people look past the certifications of home office products but these are specifications that ought to be recognized by buyers. Most companies work hard to meet the requirements set by the health industry. This is to ensure that both material and structure are safe and sturdy for mass production.

In the case of FlexiSpot, its standing desk has the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certificate which proves two things: It does not emit high doses of high radio frequency and it was approved to be marketed and sold in the US.

Likewise, the FlexiSpot standing desk is also certified by UL, a century-old global safety certification company.

These certifications prove that the products are safe and of the highest quality and are geared to win over the trust of clients.

Is it stable?

This is somewhat connected to the single motor and dual motor question. A desk must be able to hold your things and do so without shaking or wobbling. A standing desk with two motors is much more stable as it has a machine that functions on both ends. Check its frame and support system performance before checking out.

What is Its Speed Capacity?

Adjustment speed plays an important role in standing desks. It sets apart other products from the rest. A desk with higher speed could improve work efficiency because downtime is minimized. You can test this out with a product demo to check if the standing desk can adjust not slower than 20 mm per second. This way you can easily transition from sitting to standing in a jiffy.

Do You Hear Noise?

Choose a standing desk which does not produce too much noise while adjusting. Otherwise, the noise could disrupt you while you are working. The max should be 50 decibels; over that, the noise will be too distracting. Again, this is a feature that must be examined for both lifting and descending motions.

What is Its Weight Capacity?

This pertains to the lift capacity of a standing desk. It determines the strength of the desk's motors. As a rule of thumb, a sturdy standing desk must at least have a weight rating of 130 lbs. But more, of course, will always be better. For example, this FlexiSpot product can carry about 154 lbs of weight.

FlexiSpot Is the Way To Go

All the things listed above are found in FlexiSpot's standing desk. A reliable product, the standing desk boasts of the features mentioned above and even more. But you know what? Do not just listen to us! Find out why this product is making waves in the home office product market.

Take It Home

If you have finally decided and made up your mind about the FlexiSpot standing desk, go ahead and put it in your shopping cart! A standing desk will elevate the way you work and just give you the support that you need whether you choose to stand or sit.