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What to Consider When Buying an Office Chair

12 June 2023

When it comes to office furniture, a lot of people are more willing to spend on desks rather than chairs. But when you really think about it, it's the chair that you'd be spending most of your time on! While you do work at your desk, the chair is what supports your body and keeps you comfortable - or uncomfortable!

That's why you have to be careful about what kind of chair you buy. For all the long hours you spend sitting in it, it's important that the chair be a comfortable one that can keep your body safe.

Here are some things to consider when buying an office chair.

What To Look For In An Office Chair

There are a number of factors to keep in mind when you want to buy an office chair. Most people will look at things like appearance and cost first, but while these are also important, the functionality of the chair is what matters most.

Here are the things you should consider.

Height Adjustment

One of the most important aspects of your office chair is whether or not you can adjust the height. Nowadays, almost all office chairs will come with this option, but traditional ones did not. Therefore, it's important that you pick out a chair that allows you to adjust the height.

If your chair doesn't have the right height, you may end up suffering from bad posture because your hands and feet wouldn't be in the right position. Your feet should be resting flat on the floor while you work so as to not put pressure on your thighs and lower back.

Your arms should also be in a position where you're not reaching up, nor should you be reaching down and bending your wrists. That's why, the right chair would be one where your wrists remain in neutral position, and your feet are resting on the floor. For this, the right height is necessary, and a height-adjustable chair is the only way to get this done right.

Adjustable Backrest

Ideally, the chair should also have an adjustable backrest so that you aren't sitting too far back or forward in the chair. When your position isn't correct, it can put a strain on your thighs, back, arms, shoulders, and neck, and you definitely don't want that. The right chair isn't just wide enough for you to fit in comfortably but also has the right depth.

The right height and depth of the chair would depend on your body type and stature, so there is no one set answer on what depth is best. You'll have to try out different chairs to see what's suitable for you.

Lumbar Support

Another very important feature of your office chair is lumbar support. Because you'd be sitting for a long stretch of time, you need to make sure your back has adequate support or you can easily end up in pain. In fact, back pain is a very common problem that a large percentage of the populace complains about.

Your lower back - the lumbar region - is concave in shape because of the natural curvature of your spine. This means that the chair you sit on should be convex in shape to follow that natural curve. If you sit in a chair with a completely straight back, you'd be forcing your body into a position that isn't natural, which will only end in your suffering.

A chair with good lumbar support makes sure you don't end up slumping when you sit, which helps protect your spine and prevents lower back pain. Over time, if your chair is not adequate on this front, you can injure your lumbar disks as well, and a good chair can help prevent that.

Arm Rests

A good chair is one that can support your whole body, including your arms. While armrests aren't a necessity for many chairs and are actually not a part of many of them either, they are quite useful for taking some of the strain off your neck and shoulders. With armrests, you don't have to reach out toward your desk and can keep your arms and wrists in a neutral position.

Armrests are great, but they would ideally also be adjustable. If your chair goes in and out of the desk, the armrests can get in the way and be a nuisance, so having adjustable armrests is helpful. In fact, on top of that, armrests are helpful because it lets you sit comfortably given your body type and make sure you don't put unnecessary strain on your arms.

Head Rest

A good chair would ideally also come with a headrest. This isn't all that necessary since plenty of chairs come without them and do their job just fine - even from an ergonomic perspective. But for a better chair, you want one that can support your head and neck too, especially if you spend long hours at your computer and need the support!


The material of your chair is also important! Even though it may seem like something you can easily brush off, the material is key in determining how comfortable the chair will be for long-term use. Fabric chairs are very popular because they are usually stuffed with soft and comfortable foam, but lately, mesh chairs are also becoming more and more popular. This is because mesh chairs are breathable and allow better circulation - which can be a godsend on a really hot day - but also because it's easy to maintain them.

Harder materials like wood or plastic are terrible ideas for office chairs because they get uncomfortable really fast. You don't want to sit on something like that for 8 hours of the day! A chair with sufficient padding will help keep you comfortable during the long workday.

Swivels & Casters

Moving around freely sounds like a luxury when it comes to chairs but it can actually be good for the body too! When you can move your chair around without problems, you don't strain yourself while reaching out for things around your desk. You are also less limited in your movement which can help you be more efficient with your work.


When looking for chairs, don't forget to consider the size of the chair and the space you'd be putting it in! If your desk is on the smaller side, a large chair would look ridiculously out of place and won't fit into the space.

Aesthetics & Appearance

Of course, for any kind of furniture item, the appearance of the chair really matters. You can find all sorts of chairs with all of the above features in various kinds of designs and finding one that suits you and your indoor decor is also important.

While not necessary, nor as much a requirement from an ergonomic perspective as it's just a personal preference, appearance is still important in making you feel good about being in your workspace.

You can pick from all the various designs available, but make sure you're not compromising on the necessary features for the sake of design!


A major consideration for any kind of purchase is the cost, and an office chair is no different. In fact, office chairs can easily get costly depending on what kind it is. More features will often mean higher costs so you'd want to consider your budget as well. But again, don't go for a cheaper version which lacks the important features!

The Best Chair

The best kind of office chair is obviously one that fits all of the above criteria given your requirements.

FlexiSpot's Ergonomic Office Chair BS2 is your best option when it comes to office chairs. Not only does it have a classy, minimalist design that works for just about every kind of interior, but it also comes with all the requirements of a good office chair. From lumbar support to armrests and a breathable mesh design, this is the perfect chair for any office setup.