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Pick the Perfect Ergonomic Chair for Your Home Office

29 July 2021

It is reported that 60% of the employees will resign if they are forced to return to their workplace. This implies that more than half of the employees have other things in mind aside from going back to work. 

It may be that they want to change their work and shift to another occupation or profession or they prefer to work from home for some reasons. Others may leave the city for another adventure and change of lifestyle. Whatever the reasons are, employers may be thinking of ways to attract employees to go back to the fold as soon as possible.

Some employers already have concocted some ideas that could motivate them to work again in the office such as higher salaries and other perks. However, workers are still not buying those offers as they have other alternatives that they thought of while working from home.

I think WFH employees have realized that there are more advantages than disadvantages in working from the comfort of their homes. It is more economical to be at home because you do not have to spend more for gas, commuting, food and other expenses that they may incur while working in the office.

Aside from economics, it is safer and happier to work from home. Being outside the home can expose them to several accidents and risks that could be inevitable to happen. Aside from that, working from home allows you to bond and have fun with your family and loved ones. You can have some exciting activities such as card games, puzzle games, or active games that will create more harmonious relationships with the family.

Working from home is more relaxing and stress free compared to working in the office where sometimes chaos, noise, stress from work and boss may adversely affect them. At home, a worker can take a rest during breaks as he wishes in a cozy surrounding, feeling the refreshing breeze that permeates the colorfully draped large windows of your room.  

Traffic jams will also be avoided when you are working from home. You can be working in a plain shirt while working and do not have to worry about how you look compared to working in the office which forces you to be dressed decently and professionally in the office.

I think even if salaries are increased, there are a lot more benefits to reap working from home than in the office. That is why more employees choose to resign rather than work again in the confines of the office building. 

 Another reason could be that the pandemic is still threatening us and employees are afraid that they may contract the coronavirus disease once they report to work and mingle with other employees that could be asymptomatic. Although, health protocols and other measures are applied on the work spaces.

On the other hand, working from home has its own challenges to overcome. For example, creating an ideal work area or a good location of your home might be something to think about and look into. 

There are factors that you have to consider such as the space available for a good work space, the pieces of furniture that you have to place in the work area, decors that you might consider, and of course the total expenses you might incur when buying a piece of home office furniture perfect for your home office.

When choosing an ergonomic chair for your home office you have to consider these things:

  • Consider the manufacturing companies if they are trustworthy as an ergonomic furniture maker as to durability, cost, availability, etc.
  • An ergonomic chair should be height adjustable so that the worker is able to use it and could also be used by other family members with different heights
  • Depth and width of the office chair should also be considered as they affect the body build of the user and his comfort
  • The home office chair should be tiltable so that the user can recline and relax his body from time to time
  • The ergonomic chair should have a back rest that will fully support the lumbar region or the back of the user
  • Their should also be adjustable armrests for the arms to relax when necessary
  • The chair should be durable enough with higher weight capacity to ensure comfort and safety of the user
  • The cost should reasonable commensurate to the benefits the product could offer
  • The manufacturing company offers warranty and shipping cost is also reasonable (if any)
  • Replacement could be possible when if the product is faulty or inadvertently broken
  • The product should be easy to assemble or delivered already fully assembled
  • Delivery should be fast and done on time 

With these qualities of a home office chair that you have considered before buying one, there is a highly recommendable company that could provide those features perfectly- Flexispot. This company is trusted by millions all over the world for ergonomic products that are guaranteed for durability and stunning features including multifunctionality.

One of the best home office chairs for you is the Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair 5405.  It is height seat and armrests adjustable, It is also tiltable for different angles when reclining or resting is needed. The tension knobs make reclining or rocking easier. 

It also has a breathable mesh back, passive lumbar support, and generously padded and contoured 4” thick mesh seat cushion, promoting air circulation and back support to alleviate back pressure caused by prolonged sitting. 

It could also be easily installed with simple instructions for anyone to put the chair together in simple steps. All office chairs purchased from ICOMOCH come with a 30-day warranty. The company is also willing and happy to assist the customers if they need any part replacement or other issues.

I think this is the most perfect work buddy that you could own for your home office furnishing. With this ergonomic chair packed with awesome features, the cost is reasonable for you to purchase and will not go wrong having it to support your work performance.