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Finding Your Best Home Office Desk Position

23 August 2021

Many remote employees are unsure of the optimal location for their home office desks. 

People new to working from home may make rash judgments, such as investing money in redecorating, only to discover that their home office desk arrangement is not working out.

Fortunately, merely rearranging the desk may be enough to address the problem. If you are having trouble focusing and working efficiently, read on to learn more about where to place your home office desk setup.

When deciding where to put your home office desk, keep a few things in mind. There are various factors to consider when deciding where to set your desk. 

Some folks desire to be able to enjoy a beautiful view. Others like the absence of several distractions. The size of your desk, the view from your room, and the design of your room can all influence where you put your workstation.

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Desk Dimensions

Comparing the size of the desk to the size of your room might help you decide where it should go. For example, if your desk is extensive, it might be best to put it in the center of the room. 

Meanwhile, if it is a little smaller, you might want to consider acquiring another one and putting them next to each other.

This placement can give the room a sense of balance while giving you more options if you ever need the extra space. It is a good choice for people who have more than one person working at home or for those who home-school multiple children.

Still, consider that various factors, including your height, influence your optimum office desk size, build, budget, and available space can affect your office setup location. 

It is preferable to plan your home office desk layout with that in mind rather than choosing a desk that may be better for the room's design but is less comfortable for you.

If you have not already, a standing desk for a home office is a safe bet, as some are simple to assemble, relocate, and come with various functions.

Room Design

In addition to home office desk design, the room's design may influence the optimum home office desk location for you on occasion. 

The location of the windows, the amount of lighting, and the number of built-in storage options all influence the best desk posture.

If your office has several built-in storage containers in a nook area, placing a corner standing desk there not only complements the overall design but makes the most of these features.

Similarly, if your room has a vast office standing desk, it is a good idea to put it right next to the light fixtures. It brings a sense of balance to your home office and provides proper working light without the use of a lamp.

Additionally, the placement of the room's electrical outlets may considerably impact the overall design. It is critical to have a home office desk layout that favors being near outlets if you have a desktop computer and other devices to connect.

While some workers may use extension cords without good cable management, most offices would look disheveled.

Because the arrangement of a home office desk may not always match the room design of an office, it is a good idea to check through some office design concepts to get some inspiration before setting up your desk.

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The style and quality of your home office lighting can have an impact on your mood and well-being. Stress, eye strain, and weariness can be caused by poor lighting from light fixtures, whether dim or severe.

Furthermore, natural sunshine is the most excellent sort of illumination for your home office. According to some research, natural light and vistas can reduce stress and anxiety while also increasing mood, morale, and focus.

Regular exposure to daylight also aids in the maintenance of your body's internal clock. This affects your sleep, energy levels, and the release of serotonin, a hormone that regulates mood, well-being, and happiness in the brain.

For these reasons, it is a good idea to set up your desk where you will get enough natural light. If anything prevents you from having that home office desk layout, you can always take short steps outside whenever you have a break.

What Are the Best Places to Put a Home Office Desk?

As previously said, creating a distraction-free environment should be your top focus. In a crowded environment, for example, your job can considerably slow down as things soon become chaotic. 

A spare room is great for setting up an office, but your bedroom can be the next best thing if you do not have one.

It is crucial to remember that having a dedicated home office workstation is critical for your mental health. Using your workspace for purposes other than work can harm your attention. 

If you avoid doing so, you will be able to get things done fast and efficiently because your body will be used to working from the time you sit down.

Whether you have a corner standing desk, a vintage table, or a folding desk, it does not matter. You can make them all work if you go to the right area. Here are a few ideas for the ideal home office desk arrangement:

Close to the Bed

In some ways, having your home office desk next to the best is beneficial, but it can be distracting in others. If the desk is close enough to the bed's head, it can also serve as a nightstand in this arrangement.

This home office desk arrangement allows you to work or do anything else as soon as you get out of bed. 

However, two things must be kept in mind: getting enough sleep and avoiding distractions. The convenience of having your desk next to your bed tempts you to take a quick nap, but it can soon disrupt your sleep patterns.

Across from the Bed

To make your bed easy to access, provide at least two feet of room around the sides and foot. If you have enough space, you can put your desk on the opposite side of the bed. 

After all, leaning the desk against the opposite wall opens up many possibilities for home office and workplace décor.

A visually appealing home office desk design can help you stay motivated, focused, and productive. Framed paintings can be hung, floating shelves can be used, and indoor plants can be placed. 

Many studies have shown that they can assist prevent weariness during focus-demanding jobs. Therefore, the latter can be highly beneficial.

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Close to the Window

Because sunshine can boost your well-being, reduce stress, and maintain your circadian rhythm, a desk in front of the window might be a terrific home office desk design option. However, if you live in an area with a lot of foot traffic, it can be distracting.

Fortunately, if you reside in a high-rise apartment, it is no longer a concern. Some people may find the changing weather patterns annoying, but if you do not mind it, it is arguably the ideal home office desk location.

Against the Object

If you are putting your desk against a wall, make sure you look away from it, so you do not feel confined. Also, avoid facing the room entrance with your back to it. Sitting in this position throughout the day might lead to feelings of isolation.

Regardless, this home office desk plan allows you to be creative. You can, for example, lean your desk against the wall to get a better perspective of the rest of the room.

If numerous people need to work side by side, this is the best placement because it makes the most efficient use of space.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous considerations and options for home office desk layouts. They generally concentrate on setting up your workplace in a more comfortable location, having sufficient lighting, and being free of distractions.

Another thing that can work well for you is considering a standing desk option from FlexiSpot. With the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series from FlexiSpot, you can make your desk placement concerns easier and more bearable.

Every choice has advantages and disadvantages, and depending on your desk size and space design, some may be preferable.

Regardless, you can create a location where you can work efficiently with different arrangements, so take a look and see which one is right for you.