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Why a Folding Treadmill is a Smart Purchase

23 September 2021

The deadline after the deadline is sucking the life out of you. Your plan to work out this week has been postponed to next month. Your trip to visit some friends in New York has been canceled five times in a row. You spend late nights in the office until the clock strikes midnight, with your husband even having to switch the lights off just for you to shut down from work and go to bed. 

You take pride in your work life but outside of it, there’s really nothing much left other than your family begging precious minutes from you. This has to stop. While you dream of greener pastures, you just can’t get a promotion by sacrificing your mental and physical health. This doesn’t mean you have to give a lackluster performance at work or give up your dreams. In fact, it means the opposite. You are going to get that dough and life outside of it by becoming more efficient and productive with your time. All these begin by incorporating small changes in your workspace such as buying a desk bike and pedaling while you work on your laptop. It has become a breakthrough in helping people to stay active and alert even while working. 

This time, Flexispot gives another active work offer, the WP01 or the Under-Desk Folding Treadmill Walking Pad. For Flexispot, “busy” is not an excuse because, with this new walking pad, it’ll be easy to walk and work at the same time. You just have to spread the folding treadmill open under your height adjustable standing desk. Walk or jog lightly at the treadmill pad while you type away on your keyboard or review a presentation on your monitor. 

Under-Desk Folding Treadmill Walking Pad

Practical Health Benefits of Having a WP01

You can save money by investing $699.99 on a folding treadmill than enrolling in a gym for $3600 a year. 
You may exercise privately without having to worry about being judged by others for your form and physique. 
You may maximize your time by working while exercising. 
It gives you another option to hit a cardiovascular exercise that is good for the heart because it improves blood pressure and blood rate. 
Other health benefits of walking through the WP01 include improved management of underlying conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, joint, and muscular pain or stiffness, and diabetes. 
According to Penn Medicine, studies have shown that walking can improve mood, stimulate creativity and enhance focus. 

Outstanding Features of the WP01


Five-Layer Buffer Design

It may be thin but the pad has a five-layer buffer design that helps reduce noise and give a comfortable foot feeling. These five layers include a high-density fiber layer, smooth low resistance layer, non-slip wear-resistant running belt, aviation aluminum alloy structure, and inert sound-absorbing rubber. 

Powerful LED display

Powerful LED Display

The built-in display of the WP01 shows five kinds of information: time, speed, mileage, steps, calories burned, and more. It will help you keep track of your fitness progress that you may challenge anytime. Your biggest competitor is you. 

Safety Protection Function

Safety Protection Function

The WP01 can detect your location with its ultrasonic sensors in real-time. It will stop or slow down when the user gets too far back. It also comes with a childproof lock to prevent any accidents happening to your little ones should they wind up using this equipment. It also provides better protection on your knees because of the Flexispot pad’s 2° slope, a feature not found in other folding treadmills. 

Multiple Customizable Buttons/ Options

Multiple Customizable Buttons / Options 

You may customize speed according to your preference by using the acceleration button when you want to speed up and the deceleration buttons when you want to slow down. You may also shift from one mode to another, from Fixed Speed to Standby, by using the Mode Switch button. 

Aside from the buttons, the pad of the WP01 can determine what speed you want depending on your standing area. If you want to speed up, stay in the uppermost part; if you want constant speed, walk in the middle, and; if you want to slow down, stay in the lower part. 

Transport Wheels

Transport Wheels 

It’s easy to move around and change areas even during exercise because the treadmill comes with transport wheels. 



The WP01 is just 6.7 inches thick. You don’t have to worry about the extra space it’ll take up in your work area when not in use because it can be tucked under a sofa, bed, or desk or maybe leaned into a wall. 

Spacious Runway

Spacious Runway 

Even though it’s relatively thin, the WP01 can carry up to 220 pounds thanks to its high-torque brushless motor. The runway is spacious, 18” by width and 47.2” by length. The spaciousness allows the user to walk with ease. 

Make the most out of your WP01 by subscribing to free YouTube exercises. What’s great is that there is already a wide variety of exercises on YouTube such as yoga, pilates, HIIT, Zumba, and more. 30 minutes a day for a dedicated workout session is enough to improve your overall health. You may also opt to exercise during lunch or afternoon breaks with your colleagues on a Zoom call. 


Final Thoughts 

You don’t have to sacrifice your hobbies and healthy habits to have a stellar work performance and vice versa. Having time for both is possible, in this day and age, by being smart with your purchases. 

What does that mean? Instead of enrolling in the gym for thousands of dollars a year, invest in a Flexispot folding treadmill that you may use to exercise even while you work. You don’t need to have extra time for hitting the gym and you can save money while staying active and efficient at work. It’s the perfect solution. 

For maximum fitness results, feel free to go to the gym once reopened.