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Why a Standing Desk Converter Is More Affordable Than a Height Adjustable Desk

22 May 2020

A standing desk converter and a height adjustable desk are both ergonomic pieces that heighten the health and wellness aspects in your home office.  

But when it comes to versatility and price points, a standing desk converter will beat the height adjustable desk. A standing desk converter is relatively cheaper and offers more flexibility if you do not want to replace any of your pre-existing home furniture.

Here are more reasons why a standing desk converter is for you:

1. You want to convert your built-in desk into a standing version. You do not need a complete overhaul to have a standing desk. That is the beauty of a standing desk converter: It can work with what you have.

You can still use your countertop even without the help of a handyman but you have to make sure that the space can accommodate a standing desk converter.


The good news is that there are different sizes available in the market today. If you have a small space, you can opt for the smallest FlexiSpot Desk Riser M7. This series features ergonomic desk converters with a shallow footprint. They are perfect for cubicles, countertops, and other small spaces!

Measurement is crucial in this case. Make sure that your preferred desk converter has enough space for your monitors, computer, and keyboard setup. In some cases, you also have to consider your other desk essentials in the whole equation.

2.Your heirloom desk can still be used

We understand that you have a strong attachment to your heirloom desk. The fact that it is a handed down item may mean that it does not bear ergonomic characteristics. But no matter. A desk converter can turn it into a standing unit in a moment’s notice. Just take the standing desk converter from the box and place it on your desk so you can have an ergonomic desk.


Make sure that your standing desk converter has rubberized footing. This way, your desktop’s finish will remain scratch-free. Best if you ask your brand’s customer service for information or you can visit their FAQ page. Hopefully, it’s detailed as this one!

3. You want more desk space than you already have

The standing desk converter can give you that much-needed space. You can put your monitor, keyboard, laptop, and mouse on the standing desk converter and leave the small items on the desk. This will increase your desk’s capacity to a T.

Another space-saving trick is to use a mobile under desk cabinet. These wheeled beauties with lockable cabinets can also double as a stool for your home office visitors or as a table for your quick snack break.